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Optimal Training – How To Build Optimal Strength for Hardgainers


Optimal Training For Hardgainers

You are going to learn about optimal training, what it is, and more importantly, how to build optimal strength particularly for hardgainers in today's article.

Now here's the all important point before I even proceed, because I know that there are fake trainers out there with fake testimonies, I intend to show you that I lead by example...

Clientele Achieved Optimal Results

I showed Jason optimal strength training and he lost weight because muscle burns fat

This is to show you that I trained at Anytime Fitness. Look at my homepage, Jason is one of my testimonies. 

Emily (even though I talk to guys on this blog) she lost 20 pounds and dropped her weight in her mid-section. 

This is to show you that I have trained men and women. Heck Joshua Schorr you'll see on my homepage covered in tattoos look at his transformation, I'll put it later in this article. 

Again, I'm not some idiotic personal trainer that just makes big promises that you can get abs in less than 6 months! 

It's bullshit, and it will never happen. Go through my HIIT article, you'll know how long it took me to see results.

It's because I found out earlier in my life how to lose weight with optimal training.

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What is Optimal Training?

It's very simple my friend, it is positive training adaptations. Ever heard of GAS? 

No, it's not the gas in your gut, its general adaptation syndrome. 

Here's what that means, it means you are adapting to the stress that you are applying to your body through physical activity. 

Now this definition of optimal training is courtesy of NESTA...

"The proper form of overload (stress/exercises) importance, but also the proper amount of recovery time between training."

And here's why it's important to know this...

It's important, because as you know if you've read my health and fitness articles, detraining is too much recovery, and overtraining is not enough recovery.

What is Optimal Strength Training? 

Optimal strength training according to Healthline, "Involves using a load of 80% performing 1 through 8 repetitions." [R]

And here's how I'm going to tell you about optimal strength training from what I've learned through several bodybuilders and world-wide trainers...

Optimal strength training involves starting from high repetitions with very light weight...

Then you drop the weight as you go and increase the weight as the repetitions decrease. 

I'm going to give you a FREE chest workout in this article so stay tuned 😉

Optimal Strength Training for Hardgainers

As you know, I have a german volume training protocol for hardgainers, however, in this article, this is a different approach. This is essentially push pull legs three day split. I encourage German Volume Training starting out. Work your way up to this style of training.

This is ideal for hardgainers:

  • Monday - Push
  • Tuesday - Pull 
  • Wednesday - Legs
  • Thursday - Push 
  • Friday - Pull 
  • Saturdays - Legs
  • Sunday - Off

Here's what I want to suggest to you brother. Regardless of the FREE chest workout I give you...

The major key point here is your recovery time. More importantly, it's really about how much you eat, so let's get in to that real quick.

Eat Like Your Life Depends on It

Here are some important foods for bulking that I really want you to consume:

  • Steak 
  • Ground Turkey
  • Chicken Breast
  • Eggs
  • Canned Chicken
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Brown Rice
  • Quinoa

This is the number one thing you must be focusing on my friend. Without the right foods for bulking, optimal training is great, but you won't maximize results.

You see, here's something most people don't think about, they don't think about the foods they eat. 

And it's easy to say, "That's expensive." Here's my response to that weak comment...

You know what's pricey? Paying for the fucking health bills that come in the mail because you cannot control what you put in your fucking mouth!

Free Chest Workout for Hardgainers

Optimal training got me a massive difference in my chest!

Here's what I want you to do my friend, just do this...

Incline Bench - 5 Sets

  • Set 1 - 20 Reps
  • Set 2 - 15 Reps
  • Set 3 - 10 Reps
  • Set 4 - 8 Reps
  • Set 5 - 8 Reps

Start out light and start increasing as the sets go on. Recovery time is 90 seconds. 

Standard BB or DB Bench Press

  • Set 1 - 10 Reps 
  • Set 2 - 8 Reps 
  • Set 3 - 8 Reps

Do this my friend, the recovery time is 60 seconds. 

Last exercise are parallel bar dips. 

Parallel Bar Dips 

  • Set 1 - Find Your Maximum Rep You Fail On
  • Set 2 - Same strategy as first set

You train till failure my friend. You are hitting your entire chest. Upper chest with incline, lower chest with dips. And of course, classic bench press.

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein

Brother, you cannot forget this if you want to bulk up and gain muscle, it's not going to happen.

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein is one of the best seller's on Amazon and for damn good reason. You don't build muscle when you lift. This helps you recover and build muscle my friend.

Optimal training includes the other 23 hours of the day you spend outside of the gym. This is not just something you overlook. 

In fact, I encourage you to buy this and make a protein smoothie in your blender, it's worth the money to get way more jacked. 

More importantly, you'll find that this is how you recover that much more. Protein is fucking key to getting the results you want. 

Don't neglect this as you can and you will get a shit ton of results making a good protein shake.

Marathon Not a Sprint

This is my last and most important point to this entire article my friend. This is a marathon not a sprint. 

It takes time to see results. Don't get frustrated. Be patient. More importantly, make this a life long habit. 

Without making this a life long habit, you might as well stop. Because fitness is meant to be a lifestyle. 

In case you didn't know, there's a science behind lifting, and there is also biomechanics which is extremely complex. 

But here's the most important point. You gotta understand that this takes time. People get unrealistic in the time frames they want their goals achieved, 

And that's why they fall out and get pissed off on why they aren't seeing results.

The Bottom Line

There's a lot more to say on how to optimize a strength program for hardgainers, in fact, I'm working on a full exercise program to be released in the near future. However, just understand that this is a good starting point to the right path. 

Don't neglect getting a good powerful pre-workout because that can and will maximize your results and strength. 

I will say this before I ditch out and that is you gotta follow everything in this article, do the free workout on top of what you already do for chest.

The most important part is the nutrition and the protein as it's the building blocks for your muscles. I'm telling you, don't ignore it. 

The last point I want to make is optimal training requires you sacrifice the foods you love to eat that you know are no good for you.

I mean that, if you want maximum results, you gotta stop eating sugary crap. Just fucking do it, your fitness goals requires some type of sacrifice. 

Fee comfortable to comment down below if you have any questions and send me an email if you have more private questions. See you next time! 

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