After 6 months of working with me, you'll date more women - develop a masculine mindset, and maximize your looks.

You are about to discover how to become a superior man by becoming higher status and expand your mindset to new heights you've never thought possible. You will unlock your potential by achieving your fitness goals and get the women of your dreams

Why work with Adam Skoda?

Adam has changed over 100 lives in Northeast, Ohio getting more people physically fit and mentally healthy. More importantly, Adam is the author of Become The Alpha Women Want endorsed by Marni of the Wing Girl Method.

77 Ways to Develop a Masculine Mindset is RELEASED!!

What's Covered in This Book:

-Discovering Your Inner Bad Boy

-Self Actualizing Your Dark Side

-Mindset Tactics for Self-Love

-Maintain Attraction in Long-Term Relationships.

Josh Transformation- Masculine Mindset Coach

After working with Adam, I've achieved my fitness goals. I gained 2 inches in my shoulders and arms, also lost 30 pounds! I also feel much more agile and my metabolism is on fire! Thanks homie!

Joshua schorr


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I have books in the field of dating and attraction on Amazon Kindle that you can read here. 


Greg - Masculine Mindset Coach

I've trained with Adam on Zoom with my girlfriend, we both loved his workout (but also hated it) look forward to more sessions!


Jason - Masculine Mindset Coach

Adam knows his shit, I've been working with him one-on-one and lost 15 pounds! I've also gained muscle in my legs and upper body.


Emily - Masculine Mindset Coach

I lost 20 pounds and I can fit in my old jeans! Love you Adam!


Big shoutout to Adam for helping me with dating advice. Anything from Hinge, how to deal with an EX, he's got you covered! Highly recommended 


Adam helped me lose weight, become more confident, and I never felt better!


Articles on Mindset, Dating, Fitness, and Masculinity 

The Ultimate Guide to Pick-Up: How to Get Good with Women

About Adam

Adam has worked with some big name trainers in the fitness scene such as Chris Downing, and competed in Beachbody Classic meeting Autumn Calabrese, Joel Freeman, and Sagi Kalev (creator of Body Beast). He has been personal training for 7 years getting 100 people physically fit. He's also well trained in communications since working with Mark Sing (Host of The Unapologetic Man Podcast) and Marni Kinrys (The Wing Girl Method). He has also worked on Jason Capital's team closing up to 10K in sales for his team. His knowledge and extensive research has helped many men develop a masculine mindset in the dating scene. Ultimately he's helped nice guys overcome their approach anxiety and become more charismatic.

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