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7 Foods That Aid in Weight Loss


This article has been a long time coming as I have been busy with a lot of things going on, however, I’m here today to give you foods that aid in weight loss. Let’s face the facts my friend, people have no clue what to eat anymore.

Because of this reason, it is my duty to give you seven foods that I have ate throughout my life that has shredded my core, more importantly, it will absolutely shred your core too. 

That is if you don’t whine like a little punk and say, “I can’t stay consistent Adam, I just love ice-cream too much.”

It’s that time where I gotta be annoying again and say this to you…

You are a soft, weak, bitch my friend. I mean that with love. If you think you can’t eliminate sugary crap out of your diet, then yes, you are soft.

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to know the foods that aid in weight loss? Are you going to actually buy them? Or are you just here for the information? 

Brother, do yourself a favor and stop reading my blog if you are just here for information. I’m not here to say, “bro, here’s the foods to eat, now you’re going to lose weight.”

Because it’s simply not going to happen. Information overload, you are in consumption mode, here’s what I want you to do before we even proceed so that you take this much more seriously.

Write Down Weight Loss Foods

Write Down Weight Loss Foods

I genuinely want you to write down every food that aids in weight loss. Why? Too many people I’ve met are lazy.

“Thanks Adam for sending me that HIIT workout.” 

Two days later I ask them, “Have you done the workout?” 

They say, “Well no, I got too many things going on.”

Are you fucking kidding me? This is the level of laziness that I go through with some of these idiots on my Instagram.

One dude came in my DMs and asked for a free diet guide. True story my friend. 

It’s like what level of a taker are you for people asking for free shit?

This is why I block more people than I can count. It’s because of the fact that people like this just expect shit from me.

By now, I have over sixty articles on my website with free recipes for muscle mass.

Yet I scratch my head and think to myself, “Why the FUCK haven’t you taken action on these articles?”

You gotta start taking my articles as a big fucking mirror. I’m holding up a mirror, and this is the reality…

Not writing these foods will guarantee you a sedentary lifestyle. Is that what you want? 

To be a soft bitch the rest of your life? In case you didn’t know, I call out weakness frequently. If this offends you, then leave my blog, don’t come back.

Plain and simple, half of you motherfuckers make dieting harder than what it needs to be. Stop this weakness.

So let’s start out with one of the healthiest foods on this list…



Right here you see a homemade baba ghanoush dip. And it’s easy to make.

I will make an article on this recipe, lucky you. Here is the point I am making about this food…

Eggplant is low in calories and high in fiber.

Fiber lowers blood sugar brother. It slows down digestion, and pushes things through XD

It not only promotes blood sugar control but it also promotes weight loss. You will lose weight eating this food. [R]

Write this down and add this food in to your next salad that you eat, you won’t regret it my friend.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

I cannot think of anything more healthy. One cup of sweet potatoes, you get a ton of Vitamins such as A, B5, and B6.

Years ago, I ate this when I competed in a fitness physique show and damn, it made a huge difference.

This food gives you a lot of energy. Especially if you eat unhealthy carbs, my friend, this is a better alternative.

Write this one down as a natural energy food. 

I remember, I would make sweet potato hash with turkey bacon when I was highly active doing running and plyometrics.

This food right here was always one of the most powerful foods to give me long lasting energy.

And not to mention it promotes weight loss. Read this resource from Men’s Health. [R] 

Organic Eggs

Organic Eggs

I strongly encourage you always buy eggs. Especially if you are very active. This is high in protein which means it not only promotes weight loss, it also aids in muscle recovery.

The best time to eat eggs is after you work out, not before. Don’t throw out the yolks unless you have cholesterol problems.

This is one of those foods I even talk about on my podcast as one of the most important foods you can eat. 

Get the organic cage free kind brother. You won’t regret it. Very healthy and you are getting quality eggs.

Eggs has choline which essentially boosts metabolism and increases brain health. [R]

So I’d say this food is pretty damn important for you to consume.  

93% Ground Turkey

93% Ground Turkey

Brother, if you have a cheeseburger craving, I’d rather you get ground turkey patties that are 93% lean.

In fact, I learned this through a coach that helped me prepare for competition, this one you are gonna want to consume.

That is if you are building muscle. However, even if you aren’t building muscle, this food does promote weight loss.

This food is low in fat, it is also low in calories, more importantly, it’s high in protein.

You knew this was coming. On my blog, we gotta touch upon protein. This is an essential food you need brother.

This is the number one food I would recommend to everyone and it’s timeless. Everyone loves it. 

That is unless if you are vegetarian. Find an alternative if you are.

Organic Chicken Breast

Organic Chicken Breast

Yes my friend, I vote organic chicken every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

You gotta get organic. Have a problem with the price? SACK UP BROTHER.

I’d rather you invest a little more in to your diet than choose the easy way out. 

You are getting the benefits of low calories and high lean protein. As I always say, protein is extremely important.

Yes, chicken doesn’t just help with aiding in lean protein, it also helps with weight loss.

A study in “obesity” from 2013 found that boosting dietary protein decreases total body fat and abdominal fat, but also helps increase in lean body mass. [Will Eating Chicken Breast Every Day Help You Lose Weight? Erin Coleman, RD.]

You’ve gotta start consuming organic protein. Here are some benefits brother:

  • High in vitamin and nutritional value
  • Has no harmful bacteria such as salmonella
  • Free from hormones when you get the right kind



Red onions, yellow onions, white onions, they are all amazing for you. Let’s list several benefits:

  • Prevents cancer
  • Healthy antioxidants
  • Antibacterial action [WebMd]
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Supports immune health
  • Prevents allergies

And of course this is a food that aids in weight loss. Heck just having this with organic chicken, you’d get a good meal.

Top it off with cooked sweet potatoes, this shit is golden.

Guaranteed weight loss with that dish! 

I strongly encourage you to start incorporating red onion in to your diet brother.



I remember years ago when I was doing mobility training, this food was frequently in my dishes.

And damn did it help me stay full. I will say one downside, it slows down digestion.

Personally, I can do this over oatmeal. In fact, it’s extremely healthy. 

Low in calories, high in fiber, it’s also a complete protein. It contains all nine essential amino acids.

Meaning you are getting protein brother, so I strongly encourage you to consume quinoa. 

It’s also low glycemic index, this food aids in weight loss, hands down one of the most healthy in this entire article.

More importantly, this contains B vitamins and Iron. What a fucking great food for everyone!

This is a superfood and it’s going to give you energy, especially combined with sweet potatoes and chicken.

Another recipe idea for you 😉

The Bottom Line

weight loss

This article in my opinion may be one of the most important to date when it comes to weight loss.

So I genuinely hope you stop reading this for information because I prefer you take action. 

Every one of these foods are going to not only aid in weight loss, but several of these foods also increase lean muscle mass.

So do yourself a favor and start getting all of these foods (or at least get the ones you like).

This is worth the investment to get healthy and stay healthy. 

More importantly, healthy food intake increases a healthy state of mind.

You’ll feel better that you consumed healthy food. 

You are guaranteed to feel shitty eating crappy fast food.

That is a surefire way to increase your chance of getting diabetes. I really don’t think you want that.

Brother, really take this in to consideration. What you eat reflects who you are. Never forget that.

So please consider getting these foods man. It can and will get you the body you want. 

Eating these foods will aid in weight loss guaranteed. Don’t deprive yourself of being the healthiest version of yourself.

Feel comfortable to comment below and follow me on Twitter at AdamSkoda5.

See you soon stud.




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