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Today, it’s time that I give you three INSANELY powerful pre-workouts to get you a massive pump and also help you blast through sticking points in the gym! This will not only push you through failure when you train, but I also I have a powerful muscle building stack guaranteed to get you the results you want if you’re lifting as a hardgainer.

First and foremost, I want to be clear about one thing.. These three pre-workouts are high stimulant, which means that you will feel the effects guaranteed.

If you’re very hard headed like me, then consider trying all three and then sticking with the one that works for you my friend.

Here’s why having a powerful pre-workout can help you in the gym my friend…

Why Powerful Pre-Workouts Work

3 Insanely Powerful Pre-workouts
Powerful pre-workouts are guaranteed to work!


Do me a favor and visualize yourself as a sheep that just woke up, and then after that visualize yourself turning in to a MOTHER-FUCKING lion!

This is how a powerful pre-workout feels like, especially when you take for example, Woke AF.

You see, when I order my pre-workout, I don’t just take it for workouts, but I take it for VERY long shifts where I’m up till 5 AM in the morning my friend!

So even if you give me the excuse, “I cannot workout, I don’t have time.” 

I’m calling out your bullshit. You have the same 24 hours in a day, learn to control your subconscious mind to take action.

You clearly have no sense of urgency if you even have to say that comment one time. Procrastination is not masculine.

So either go workout, or be FAT the rest of your life.

Here’s the thing, some of you may think I’m rude as fuck, but I honestly say harsh comments because I just see idiots drinking fucking coke, like you’ve got to be fucking kidding me, that crap is horrible.

Everyone can take pre-workout over fucking canned soda, fucking goddamn Coca-Cola.

That shit is so fucking bad for you, yet I look around at these COWS that can’t get their shit together and they think a can of coke will get them through their third shift.

I know that as you can see, this is frustrates me as personal trainer that so many people choose SODA when if they just order a powerful pre-workout, they wouldn’t crash.

Because that’s what coke does my friend, it makes you crash.  Not to mention it promotes obesity.

So I’d say there is a simple fucking solution that is to take a powerful pre-workout.

Why a powerful pre-workout works is because it promotes healthy detoxification, guaranteed to boost metabolism, and more importantly, it gets you in a masculine mindset.

GAT Nitraflex

3 Insanely Powerful Pre-workouts - GAT Nitraflex



Let’s start out with some of my favorite brands because as you know, I do love bucked up, however, I will tell you, Nitraflex is powerful.

You see, if you get the one with creatine, it’s going to help you blast through sticking points and lift heavier.

So let’s go in to further detail on why I love GAT Nitraflex so much.

First reason, this type of GAT Nitraflex you see contains creatine which means it is not only clinically dosed, it has a good dose of creatine.

And also let’s compare this to another popular pre-workout (which in my opinion) is not NEARLY as powerful.

GAT NitraflexC4
325 Caffeine150 Caffeine
7.24 of ingredients4g of ingredients


Now you can see why I prefer that you get rid of the thought that C4 is a powerful pre-workout.

I’m not saying it’s a shitty drink, I’m simply saying if you want the most BANG FOR YOUR BUCK…

You’re better off with getting GAT Nitraflex with Creatine.

This pre-workout is Adam Skoda approved as I’ve wasted money for years on pre-workouts…

And this right here is top-notch and high quality, not to mention it’s SUPER POWERFUL compared to C4.

Benefits of GAT Nitraflex:

  • Powerful pumps for weight training
  • Natural testosterone booster
  • Contains L-arginine and Citruline

Now you know what the fuck is up with this powerful pre-workout and why I love it so much!

Guaranteed bigger pumps and improves T levels.

Beyond Raw LIT (Clinically Dosed)

3 Insanely Powerful Pre-workouts


It was about a year ago in November of 2021 and I tried this pre-workout and damn did I feel REALLY fucking powerful!

Here’s what I love about this pre-workout is it has Citruline which I already knew being an active weight-lifter that this ingredient is EXTREMELY beneficial for weight-lifter’s.

Here are the cons of this pre-workout because each pre-workout has pro’s and con’s.

The con’s are that in my opinion it does not have enough creatine.

However, a big reason why this gets an endorsement from Adam Skoda it’s because it has ElevATP (150 mg).

Think of it as powerful adaptogenic mushrooms. This is hands down the best Nootropic Pre Workout out there today.

If you’re an ALL-OR-NOTHING guy like me, then this is for you my friend.

This is a very rare ingredient that makes this a VERY powerful pre-workout!

Benefits of Beyond Raw Lit:

  • Improved focus
  • Increased endurance

The one thing I’d say that GAT Nitraflex has that Beyond Raw Lit doesn’t is it boosts testosterone much more efficiently.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a powerful pre-workout, in fact it is a VERY powerful pre-workout.

I’d say that this particular pre-workout is TOP QUALITY NOOTROPICS that you won’t get anywhere else.

Here’s what you get in each serving my handsome friend:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (250 mg)
  • Beta Alanine (3.2 grams)
  • Creatine Monohydrate (1.5 grams)
  • Neuro Factor (100 mg per serving)

So this is a fantastic powerful pre-workout that will blast you passed sticking points and beat personal records.

Let’s move on to the next powerful pre-workout…

Bucked Up Stack


Here’s why I love this the most, it’s because it comes with the following:

RUT Testosterone

Powerful Pre-Workout: choose a delicious flavor

Racket: rocket pop flavor is my favorite

Shaker Cup

Protein: comes with Keto friendly flavors

Pump-ocalypse: Blue Raz is great for this one

Duffel Bag

6 – Point Creatine

This is the muscle building stack that I strongly encourage you to get.

But you know, if you’re a SODA drinking third-shift kinda guy, this is not for you. The point is all of you have to stop coming up with excuses of investing in your health and choosing the easy way out.

Hate to call you out, but you’re being a soft and WEAK if you cannot see the UNHEALTHINESS of what pop does to your body. If there’s one thing you gotta do when reading my articles, understand that I frequently call out weakness.

However, if you are a charming bastard that takes your health seriously and you lift heavy ass weights, I could not think of any better company that gives quality products.

I’m not just saying that because I openly admit that I drink it. I genuinely love everything that Bucked Up has in their online store. 

However, look for what you want my friend and if you’re nervous to try these, yet you follow your fears and get it anyways, I have mad respect for you. Because taking action in spite of fear is so damn rare these days. With that said, here’s how you must take these supplements:

One serving daily in the morning (RUT Testosterone does not break a fast)

1 scoop of powerful pre-workout 20-30 minutes before workout

BCAA: Take 1 serving of RACKED

Six Pack Creatine – 1 serving post-workout

Deer Antler Velvet: 5 sprays before bedtime and in the morning

Take protein with creatine and pump-ocalypse.

You see, this may seem like a big statement, but if you get this, you WILL gain size guaranteed.

Every supplement here is POWERFUL when you take it in that order.

I had to include this because I know I have some clients that are hardgainers, so get this my charming clients!

The Bottom Line

3 Insanely Powerful Pre-workouts
Powerful Pre-workout


Here’s what we can conclude, having a good powerful pre-workout can and will get you better results and will help you perform better outside the gym and inside the gym.

This is an all-hands on deck article where you can easily take action to get any of the three powerful pre-workouts that are high stimulant and will help you be more energized.

So I encourage you to find which one suits your goals. If you’re looking to gain muscle, the Woke AF with the muscle stack is more for you.

However if your goals are better pumps, higher testosterone and strength, I strongly encourage GAT Nitraflex, however if your goals are more geared towards weight-loss on top of higher focus, get Beyond Raw Lit.

So do yourself a favor and get one of these if you are serious about pushing through barriers, and achieving fitness goals.

Nothing is more masculine that that, pushing through barriers is how to 10x your masculinity!

I will see you charmingly handsome legends next time. Feel free to comment below when ever you can.





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