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3 FIRST KISS Strategies (Guaranteed to Work!)


3 FIRST KISS Strategies (Guaranteed to Work!)

Are you mentally prepared for me to give you first kiss strategies? Because this article is hands down going to get you that first kiss, I can promise you!

Listen brother, this shit I've used countless times and it's going to work for you, so I want you to take my word for it, okay? 

Awesome. Let's keep going. I want you to get in to the seducer's mindset...

First Kiss Strategies Requires Seducer's Mindset

First Kiss strategies are going to work for you if you have a masculine mindset

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Brother, get in to the right mindset. You should know this as this is the BIGGEST tip I always give in my seduction articles as it requires you to be ready for pure seduction mode. 

All of the first kiss strategies I discuss, you must understand the importance of having the right mindset. Half of you guys get awkward as fuck when you don't know how to escalate. 

It shouldn't be as hard as you make it. In fact, you gotta make her want it my friend. I'm going to give you ways to amp up anticipation. 

You see, here's the biggest mistake most men never understand about the first kiss and leading up to it...

Biggest Mistake All Men Make With First Kiss Strategies

Here's what most guys do, they turn in to fucking idiots. No I really mean that. You get all fucking weird, like SHE has to make the move. 

That's not how it works man. Not at all, women want you to be in the masculine role, they want you to build it up, make them feel breathless. 

I am giving you first kiss strategies that will take their breath away. Fucking hot. Believe me, this shit is super fucking powerful. So let's keep going

Relax and Don't Tense Up to use First Kiss Strategies

Using any of the first kiss strategies, you never want to tense up.

Here's a big tip I noticed a lot of dating coaches do not talk about when they discuss first kiss strategies...

They never mention anything about being tense and how this can kill all sexual tension. 

Brother, you must relax and don't tense up. Often women look at your frame and how you're leading the interaction. 

And you tensing up can cause her to put up her defenses and decline all sexual advances moving forward. 

So really take this in to consideration, alright? Awesome. Now that I got that all cleared up, I'm going to give you a little teaser of Closer's Guide to Seduction.

I'm Not Going to Kiss You

This is one of the most powerful first kiss strategies

Fucking great my friend, in fact, I plan on sharing with you a podcast with me saying this one as this is so damn effective. 

First off, brother, this is one of those first kiss strategies that requires you to master higher status flirting. Meaning, you have got to use push/pull, throw in some false disqualifiers and then here's what you say to her...

"Honestly, I know for a fact that I'm way too much for you right now. In fact, by the you're looking at me I can tell that you want to kiss me, but we're not going to go there no, I'm not going to kiss you."

As you look at her lips seductively. Then back to her eyes. Now she's REALLY turned on, trust me, I've used this one a lot!

So lean in, get in her space, and do this brother, as you lean in...

"I'm not going to kiss you, I'm not going to kiss you, I'm not going to kiss you."

Infatuation Cold Read

You know your masculine mindset coach cannot have a complete article without some type of evil cold reading that fucking WORKS.

This one again takes practice, but if you can pull this off, awesome, props bro. I encourage you to do this as one of your first kiss strategies.

However, I recommend this one for advanced guys because this requires you to be polarizing have the healthy ego to pull this off and believe in yourself.

Again, I want you to look for attraction signs, I'll list a few:

  • She body scans you
  • Breathing faster than usual
  • Strong eye contact with dilated pupils

Here's what you say to her my friend, again, you gotta be sure she's ready:

"Listen, stop feeling the way you're feeling about me. You're clearly infatuated with me. You shouldn't be feeling that way about me. Honestly, I'm like a drug chick, take one hit, and you're instantly addicted. I'm honestly bad news."

Again, this takes full self-belief, any insecurities you have, you gotta throw that away because this requires full self-belief to pull this off.

You're welcome my handsome friend, you'll want to add this in your seduction arsenal, it fucking works.

Reverse Psychology

Reverse psychology is one of my favorite first kiss strategies

I have a podcast in the queue about to come out on reverse psychology, it's fucking awesome. 

I love this shit brother, so damn powerful, consider using this one! Here's my quick brain dump of all the value on my mind as I remember when I used it:

"Don't look at me like that. Stop it. Not cool. Why are you doing this to me? Are you serious right now? Don't smile at me like that either. Can you stop teasing me with your eyes? What the fuck? Come on now chick. I'm just trying to be neutral right now, and you got me feeling all lightheaded with those bad girl eyes." :-))

So damn powerful and so much fun. I encourage you to use this one every time with women you meet as one of your first kiss strategies.

When You Escalate, Break Rapport

Last major key tip here, my dude. When you use any of these first kiss strategies, I want you to break rapport during the seduction. 

This triggers FAST desire, I'm not fucking kidding. Let's just say you do a little bit of reverse psychology, here's what you do brother...

"Stop doing that."

She says, "Doing what?"

"You're eyes, when you look at me like that, it gets me all fucked up stop it."

She gets excited. Women obviously love a bold man that can pull this off with a strong masculine frame.

This is when you enter her space even more my friend. Now say this..

"You just don't listen, do you? Clearly you don't listen. I don't like you anymore."

Now you've broken rapport. Fucking powerful shit right here, brother. 

She might say something like...

"I don't think I ever liked you anyways." 

Good response, make sure you get this kind of response before proceeding.

By this time you gotta lean in closer my friend, and stare in to her eyes very seductively and say this..

"I'm not that easy." Takeaway. Fuck this shit is GOLD.

First Kiss Strategies Review

Use all first kiss strategies as they are guaranteed to work for you!

Let's go over how you can get any woman turned on extremely fast leading up to the first kiss...

  • I'm Not Going to Kiss You
  • Infatuation Cold Read
  • Reverse Psychology
  • Bonus Tip: When Escalating, Break Rapport

Each one has its place, I'd say starting out, you're best to do reverse psychology. Then when you get that down, move on to "I'm not going to kiss you."

After that, definitely give the infatuation cold read a shot, but you see she's highly attracted first and you know she is. 

Because you can drop any of these at the wrong time and they won't respond the way you want. 

Remember this my friend, women's attraction is like a volume knob. You must be patient, and don't get frustrated if they aren't ready for it. 

You must initiate kino touch, and read her comfort as I say here. Always be cognizant of her comfort.

However, if you are a pimp, then you can read women's comfort like a legend, you'll be able to pull this off effortlessly.

The Bottom Line

Being a legend and doing each of these does require practice. However, if you practice this with a naughty tone, it will make it that much more powerful.

Do yourself the favor of always going over these first kiss strategies as you will increase sexual tension the way women like it.

You always gotta read her comfort level. If she shows any resistance, pull away, don't try again till you notice she's more receptive. 

Because a woman's safety is number one. Never make women feel unsafe, I'll fucking get you in to a rear naked choke if that's you.

Feel comfortable to leave me any comments, questions, and concerns. You are a charming stud 😉

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