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5 Ways To Kiss Women Effortlessly


5 Ways To Kiss Women Effortlessly

In this article, I'm going to reveal some extremely effective techniques to kiss women effortlessly. 

Now to be clear, assuming that you have some idea of Higher Status Flirting, I am not going to cover flirting at all in this article. 

You must know how to flirt before you even attempt these five done-for-you ways to kiss women. 

Let's get to it, here's the most important point before you kiss women. 

Get Good at Flirting and Banter

What you are seeing here is a short clip of an interview called How To Flirt With Women with Hannah Spanke, host of the podcast Fuck Yourself Happy. 

The reason for sharing this? Well, it's very simple. You gotta know how to flirt with women. This is what slowly increases tension. 

It's all about being slow and steady when it comes to flirting, even though you'll find some extremely bold ways throughout my podcast library. 

That is my biggest warning to all of you that listen to my podcast episodes.

I tend to give out advanced sexual tension methods, and I really must address this to you... 

Before you kiss women, understand that you must demonstrate high value, but never forget the comfort stage of attraction.

I know that increasing tension requires flirting and banter, but I tend to skip the part where comfort must be in all of your interactions with women on my podcast.

This is due to the fact the message I consistently just want you to push yourself outside your comfort zone to overcome the nice guy syndrome.

Analysis Paralysis Stops You From Kissing Women

I can give you first kiss strategies, I can give you all my best cocky funny rebuttals, but when you think too much...

This kills your game. It doesn't only kill your game, it's what stops you from taking action. 

I see this in so many guys that I talk to. But also, I can relate, because I used to be the same way. 

The more I was in my head, the more I didn't kiss women. Not to mention, it causes awkward silence. 

The most important point is for you to get out of your own head and out of your own way. A lot of this is on you to take action. So let's get to it...

Cocky Way to Kiss Women

Now, this is in my opinion, the ballsiest way to kiss women in this entire article, however, if you can pull this off, holy shit, you are on FIRE!

And honestly, this does work, I've used it, but I also got the same chick slapped me in the fucking face because I told her I didn't care to get her number. 

Too much push can sometimes backfire. True story. 

Here's what you say to her my friend...

"I'm going to kiss you now, but don't worry, I have two fantastic reasons for this. <lean in, then lean back> The first reason is I kind of want to make everyone in here jealous real quick. And the second... well.. cuz I know it's going to be amazing."

Powerful stuff. Requires full self-confidence and self-acceptance.

Challenging Way to Kiss Women

Remember to banter as it builds comfort. Get that back and forth flowy energy going. Yes that means feminine energy. 

But that doesn't mean you turn in to a damn wimp. In fact, if you show her that you are not easy, it turns her on...

"I don't think you can handle the way I kiss." <look at her unapologetically>

Then lead it up to this...

"When I kiss you, and when I do it right now, I want you to understand that I will slide my tongue around your tongue, then I will pull away...

Look in to your eyes. And challenge you to a staring contest with the challenge that you do not get tempted by my gorgeous eyes."  :-))

The Elevator Kiss

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What is it about elevators?... I love them.

Time for a story. I was with my previous partner going in to an elevator. 

We flirted prior to entering the elevator.

And then I looked at her and said, "You're doing that thing with your eyes again where you try to seduce me. Don't do that."

Then she pushed me in the elevator wall, started kissing me. Do you see why I encourage more push? 

I remember some of the hottest make-outs I've ever had inside elevators. 

And damn, you don't even need to try to turn women on if she is already there with you in terms of sexual attraction. 

She will just push you against the elevator wall. Frame her, blame her for seducing you, all in good fun.

Polarizing Way to Kiss Women

I debated on sharing this but I thought what the hell, I already go really fucking far on my podcast so here goes nothing...

I have a field report in which I used this method successfully about to be released in a few weeks, now to be clear, I'm going slightly off script because I prefer natural game. Don't ever be rigid in your delivery.

I was in her apartment, and I remember this particular night because her bed broke. Sometimes your words you say can happen. LOL

"I don't want you to think about what it would feel like when I start kissing you or what it would be like when I have you face down in the bed with my fingers scratching deep in to your soft skin of your lower back as I slide deep in and out, holding you face down on the pillow so the neighbors can't hear you moan in ecstacy? Don't think about it. Your bed just might break from too much passion."

Well that's some shit right there. As you can tell, you might have heard this on one of my podcasts, again, stay tuned for the field report in the coming weeks.

Turn Her Test in to Passionate Kissing

Why do I love bantering so much? That's right, I love turning her tests in to playful fun fiery energy. 

Sometimes you gotta play fire with fire. When they test you and say, "You're being mean to me."

Or they make comments like, "Can you be mean to me Adam?"

Yes, I've heard this comment. So here's what I'll do...

"I am mean, not only am I mean, I am a world class jerk. You shouldn't really be dating me. I'm impulsive. I'm not even emotionally available."


This is what you're doing, it's taking her test and owning it, making it much more worse. 

Do you see why this shows masculinity? It's called holding your ground.

Escalate that shit. Take her test she threw at you and banter back.

Then look at her lips and challenge her...

"Stop making me look at your lips. I might just have to kiss you if you keep doing that."

Then you fucking execute. She wants you to. Women love a man that is polarizing in his masculine energy and owns it.

The Takeaway

It's time that I wrap up this article, some of these ways to kiss women are advanced and only for advanced guys. 

However, if you want to learn all about female psychology and how to overcome the red pill in dating, I suggest you check out my book called Closer's Guide to Seduction: How The Top 20% of Men Seduces Women Effortlessly.

I've teased some of the ways that are in my book, for example the polarizing way to kiss women. There's more where that came from. 

Here's what is covered in my book:

-Jedi-Level Mind Control Techniques to Turn Women On

-Sex God Method to Master Sexual Performance in Bed

-Get The Confidence of a Pornstar in the Bedroom

-And much more!!

Feel comfortable to reach out to me over social media and comment below any questions that you have.

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