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How To Burnout Triceps FAST!


In today's article, you are going to burnout triceps so fucking fast that you will thank me for your sore chest and arms. 

So stay tuned as I am going to give you an insanely hard burnout sequence. 

To be clear, this is designed to hit the triceps but it will hit the chest guaranteed.

Because you are going to do hover push-ups, I will talk about that a little later.

Just understand that this is not easy. However, get in to your masculine mindset and mentally prepare yourself...

Mentally Prepare Yourself to Burnout Triceps

You don't have to use kettlebells, but you must get the elbows back to burnout triceps

Notice how the man in the picture is performing the pushups, you MUST do the push-ups with your elbows back. 

Much like military push-ups I already covered, this is designed for muscle burnout. 

So this is to be added on top of what you've already done. I recommend you do this after you work chest. 

Because this is a finisher, not so much a full tricep workout.

The Reason it's Important to Burnout Triceps

Do you want arm gains? Do you want to look like a fucking savage? 


Honestly, I shouldn't have to go in to detail as to why this is important but I will because I know some of you always want a reason:

  • Push-Ups build upper body strength
  • With the elbows back, you hit the triceps much more effectively
  • The hover makes this INSANELY hard

Go ahead and go through this article, you'll see an excellent description of the tricep push-ups (it's the same as a military push-up).

Podcast Describes This Sequence

Go ahead and leave your hatred about the audio quality at home. 

Just listen to it my friend, I describe how to do the hover sequence. 

Now if this sounds really fucking hard, do this on a wall. 

As I said in the podcast, I've trained special populations. 

So I understand if this sounds insanely hard for you.

If you want to modify this with standard military push-ups, I understand. 

Diamond Push-Ups Will Burnout Triceps

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Fast forward to the 2:10 minute mark brother. Notice how diamond push-ups are closely related to tricep push-ups. 

The only difference is the position of your hands. So go through the diamond push-up sequence to see that you are still hitting the triceps. 

I've trained several classmates with diamond push-ups and they fucking hate it to be honest. 

So really if you want to stick with military push-ups, then do it. However, just understand that you've got to NEVER have the elbows go outward.

Essentially, I'm giving you the option to do diamond hover push-ups, however, this will make it harder. 

If you are up for the challenge, THEN FUCKING DO IT.

However, let's say you stick with the tricep (military) push-up, they are the same thing my man, here's what I want you to do...

Don't Turn The Hands Inward

Brother, don't fucking do this, I've seen so many classmates screw this up.

And I don't mean that to be harsh, I mean this to get in to your head that turning the hands inward causes the elbows to flare out. 

As I said, this is much like a tricep push-up, so I must tell you mistakes I've seen that people have done.

In fact, if you keep doing push-ups like this, it will cause a shoulder impingement. I'm being dead serious man. So stop turning the hands inward.

Rotate The Hands Outward and Bring Elbows Back

You aren't using bars, so don't worry about this, however again, throughout this article, you are noticing that I must hammer this point home...

Keep your fucking elbows back. More importantly, I am now going to describe the hover differently than other personal trainers...

The hover sequence as described in the podcast is you do a subtle push-up. 

Upper to middle range of motion of the push-up.

From the plank position, you do the first half of the push-up. So let's talk about how you burnout triceps...

Perform 30 Diamond Hover Push-Ups

Man up brother and do this. I encourage you to add this as a finisher.

You will absolutely feel this crazy sequence my friend, BELIEVE ME!

Push through, put on some motivating music, and get through this crazy hard tricep finisher.

Those of you nervous to do the diamond hover push-ups, just do military hover push-ups instead.

You got this brother, don't you fucking give up half way through. 

Masculinity is impatient and stubborn to achieve fitness goals.

So get this done brother, I'm right there with you cheering you on.

The Bottom Line

There's something so profoundly masculine about burning out your muscles that will reach you closer to your goals. 

So I encourage you to do this and you will not regret it. The triceps is an important muscle to work to develop arm strength. 

And doing an intense finisher will in fact get you the results you want. 

So I want you to get this done. Don't neglect working the triceps. 

Bodyweight upper body training can and will improve your heart health as you know from the podcast. 

More importantly, as guys, you often think that not including weight means it doesn't build muscle. 

Here's the thing about that argument my friend. I've trained 100 class mates.

They would come back and their arms would look more and more defined than every time they came back.

So do this finisher, you'll thank me, but also hate me. 

Feel comfortable to comment down below for any comments and questions. I will see you next time!

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