April 17

Why You Must Be STUBBORN To Achieve Fitness Goals


Do you want to achieve fitness goals? Are you really determined to make shit happen? Or do you just start and then stop? 

In today's article, be prepared for me to SHATTER your soul on why you aren't relentless in your pursuit to achieve fitness goals. 

Throughout my life, I have started and stopped many times. So don't think I'm just being rude throughout this article for the sake of just being cold. Behind every call out you'll notice is my genuine intent of wanting what's best for you.

But just be ready, I am going to be an asshole in this article. To be clear, I had to be an asshole to myself in order for me to coach you the way I am going to. 

Understand that if this rubs you off the wrong way, I get it. I was rubbed off the wrong way myself when I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I gotta be working harder on achieving my fitness goals.

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You Don't Achieve Fitness Goals on Social Media

This is the first and most common reason most people don't achieve fitness goals, and to be clear, I know this one stings. 

Not only does it sting, it will sting for a long time because most, if not EVERYONE does this frequently. 

As I see this consistently, people screen sucking even at the gym. It's like they want to be entertained by stimulus on their phone. 

How much more proof do I need to point out to you that people's attention span is shrinking to just a tiny fucking pebble? 

Brother, you gotta get off your fucking phone, seriously get off of it when you know you don't achieve fitness goals staring at it. 

Let me ask you something, since when do you increase your squat weight scrolling on your phone? 

Since when do you lose your beer belly without doing some type of HIIT training?


You gotta make your goals happen through action, not scrolling.

When Stubbornness Becomes a Good thing

Brother, I must make one thing clear, if you have read my premium products on dating and attraction, you know that stubborn frames are not strong frames.

In fact, you really gotta WATCH how you interact with others when you are for example in a frame battle but you know your stubbornness gets you in trouble. 

So here's a big caveat to everything I'm saying, the context in which I am referring to in the word stubborn doesn't mean be stupid.

In fact, there is a fine line between stubbornness and stupidity. The context I am using this in is you must not let ANYONE sway you away from your fitness goals. 

In case you haven't read my story in the HIIT article, let me briefly tell you a story about a woman who tried to get me off my purpose to achieve fitness goals...

She got nixed two days later after she pulled that shit on me. Get out of my way. I don't want anyone in my way, if you aren't support my purpose, you don't add value, you become a liability.

Stubbornness becomes a good thing when you are steadfast in your beliefs. I have the belief that working out is nonnegotiable. 

That means you gotta be stubborn my friend, especially if you are getting ready for a fitness competition. Don't let anyone lead you astray.

Keep The Promises You Make To Yourself

You see this crazy explosive push-up? This fucking took persistence. And a shit ton of practice. 

I hear people say to me, "Adam, you're so disciplined."

And I say back to them, "It appears I am. You're right, I am uncommon."

Then I honestly leave it there, because I've learned the hard way too many times that when people are wishy washy with fitness, they aren't fucking committed. 

"I'll try to make it happen Adam. But I am not making any promises."

That answer tells me you have ZERO COMMITMENT. 

Here's why, and I'll say this shortly. When you've trained 100 people and this comment happens,  this comment tells me everything about a person's character.

Then they fall out of their fitness journey and they quit. In case you didn't know, stubbornness means you never fucking quit. 

That means you must persist, be a bad motherfucker, be a fucking savage.

You Achieve Fitness Goals When You Have a Purpose

Gained visible back muscle due to stubbornness XD

Let me tell you something my friend, even though I am very vocal on my use of pre-workout and powerful nootropics, I never really did SARMs to get here. Just some damn good fitness supplements.

It was just a hell of a lot of grit, determination, relentlessness, persistence, and some good healthy stubbornness. 

Here's the whole important point behind this section. My purpose is to lead by example. To show you guys what's possible when you don't fucking quit. 

More importantly, you achieve fitness goals when you have a purpose behind getting in your workouts. 

Most people fall off due to no purpose. Or they lift because they want to look better for the opposite sex. 

I won't lie, I did this in my mid-twenties, but now in my 30s, and honestly, I workout for myself because I genuinely love working out. 

More importantly, if you don't have a purpose in your fitness journey quite yet, I suggest you find your why. 

When you dig deep on your why, and you journal it out...

You realize that will develop a PURPOSE. More importantly, it cultivates discipline brother.

Achieving Fitness Goals Requires Discipline

It's time that I become that asshole you don't want to hear brother...

Whether you want to hear this or not, it's within your power to cultivate the discipline to show up.

So let me spell this out for you...

Your goals doesn't happen when you sit on your ass, scrolling through social media, more importantly, your priorities are fucked up.

In fact, goals not acted upon is like New Year's Resolutions, they are a spur of the moment motivation. 

In fact, I fucking hate motivation, why should you need motivation if you have a purpose to live healthy? 

Here's the thing about motivation my friend, most people operate heavily on external motivation. 

And they don't operate on internal motivation. More importantly, internal motivation has its limits as well. 

What you need is for someone to hold you accountable. Reach out to me, even though I am a loud motherfucker and intense, I really want what's best for you. And I value client discretion, so it's all good. Send me an email. Let's keep going...

You Achieve Fitness Goals When You Stick to Your Guns

This is in my mind is the single most important quality of any trustworthy and reliable client that I have to heavily vet people.

Why can I do that? Because, too many times I've dealt with people that just don't care to sign up other than just ask me a million questions. 

It's like, "BRO, how hard is it just to stick to a plan without asking unrelated questions?"

"Hey Adam, why should I invest with you when there are other coaches out there?"

This is what I say to you my friend, I say this from a tough love perspective...

"BRO, go find someone else, I'm not interested in moving forward. If you have to question me even once, I'm not your guy."

Just stick to your own promises my friend. If you can simply do that, I absolutely want to meet with you on a Free Discovery Call.

However, if you're here for the information and you're just researching how to achieve fitness goals, here's a few last points to healthy stubbornness...

Masculine Energy is Highly Impatient to Achieve Fitness Goals

Now, I gotta really add a MASSIVE CAVEAT to this entire section. You cannot be highly impatient in the realm of dating and seduction, you know I post blogs on those topics. 

However, when it comes to exercising realistic goal setting, I'm actually going to slightly contradict myself.

That is to say, when you are in a toward's driven masculine mentality, in a way, you gotta set goals that seem unattainable. 

Because inside the masculine mind, you must think in terms of ZERO LIMITING BELIEFS.

Anything is possible brother, especially when you are in pure focus mode, you grind your ass off to achieve fitness goals.

However, that doesn't mean you start lifting dumb in the gym and do what I call ego lifting to achieve fitness goals. 

It means you are so fucking determined to reach your goals that you become stubborn to achieve them. Do whatever it takes brother.

Stubbornness Means High Intensity

This may be the number one reason out of the entire article my friend that you gotta be stubborn.

However, never transfer this type of energy I am telling you about when you are socializing. 

Now, that I cleared that up, I want you to be sooo fucking intense while training that you go in to tunnel vision like you are embracing your killer instinct.

Have the look of pure fucking, 'I want to kill someone' eyes. Now, you've tapped in to your dark side. That's what the fuck I'm talking about. 

Now, let me be VERY clear, you never want to do this for example in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class. That's how you get tapped out faster.

When you train (at the gym) with high intensity, no one can FUCKING stop you from achieving your goals.

I want you to look at yourself in the mirror when you lift, and tell yourself, "I would NEVER want to cross this guy."

THAT is the warrior aggression you must have to cultivate the stubbornness to achieve fitness goals.

Remember my friend, if you take this energy in to your social life, you are bound freak people out. 

So here's my point, you gotta cultivate danger the right way and not overdo this to the point where you are passive aggressive.

The Bottom Line

Stubbornness in a nutshell is you becoming a bad motherfucker. It's you becoming a dangerous human being. 

Essentially, you don't let yourself miss a single fucking workout because if you want to achieve fitness goals...

Then you must cultivate the stubbornness to not check out of your fitness journey. 

Your fitness goals requires you to NEVER BREAK your word to yourself. That means if you miss one workout...

Send me an email brother. Allow me to put the FIRE back in your belly to become the man you are meant to be. 

Even if you don't want to work with me, I don't care, I can and I WILL find ways to give you more purpose in your fitness journey. 

That's how fucking sure I am that I can help you. So don't be afraid to reach out brother. Feel comfortable to leave any comments, concerns and takeaways below.


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