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Why Women Want You To Embrace The KILLER Inside Yourself


You are about to discover why women want the killer inside yourself, but I want to be clear about one thing…


What I want you to understand is that women want you to be able to take care of her when she is under threat.

This translates in to you PROTECTING her from others, and even PROTECTING her from your own malice.

Here is something that some of you may have a hard pill to swallow, in fact, we can call this a ‘red pill’ truth.

Masculinity Includes The Ability To Kill

Masculinity Includes The Ability To Kill

For this reason, I want to tread on light water because I know there are some of you reading, waiting for that reason to lash back and call this a misogynistic article.

You’ll find that I’m not the only one who says this, in fact, all men know that we have a dark side. And that dark side must be embraced or can be mis-used. Those of you women reading, YOU also have the ability to kill whether you like it or not.

However, I’m here to tell you that this article is widely inspired by the book Way of The Superior Man and I’m going to quote David Deida on what he said word for word…

“Although your woman doesn’t want you to be killer, she is turned on by your capacity to kill. And she is turned off by your lack of capacity.”

-David Deida

What can we take out of this? My friend, you have to know your dark side, own it, and embrace it.

Masculinity Can Be Toxic if You Don’t Embrace It

Women Want You To Embrace


“You have a monster inside yourself and you need to embrace that monster, know that he is there, and only when you do that can you control him.”

-Jordan Peterson

I’ve said many times on this blog that masculinity is calm under pressure. However, what you don’t know is that because society shames masculinity, most men don’t know how to control their masculine instincts.

And because most men don’t know how to control their masculine instincts, they are moving in to their feminine energy.

Now I want to be clear about something, you can also have negative repercussions of feminine energy. So that means to say, both masculine and feminine energies can be mis-used if it is not embraced.

So those of you potential women reading this that are waiting to attack me in the comments, hear me out, you can literally mis-use your feminine energy to manipulate men to get them to do what you want. 

This right here is common. Just take in to consideration false rape accusations of women who will use their feminine ‘manipulative’ charms to lead men on, and then accuse them of rape.

Circling back to men now, what I want to say to you is that you have to learn to embrace your masculinity and that killer instinct that you have inside yourself.

I actually want to tell you something before proceeding my friend. Never lose control of your masculine instincts.

The reason is because it comes across as ‘weak’ to women when you do that. This is why when you witness a fight that women often gravitates towards the man that is more calm.

Women Want You to Control Yourself

As I’ve read the book, The Way of the Superior Man SEVERAL times, one part stands out to me that I’ve never forgot and I’m sure will open your eyes…

“The dark masculine energy of the warrior, the one who could face death and kill when necessary is an essential part of you. Today’s current fashion is to suppress both the dark masculine and the dark feminine, so we have a large population of wimpy men and polite women.”

-David Deida

You see, this is what all women want to know about you. They want to know that you can become a killer in the direst of circumstances, but you know better than to go there with her.

All of you parents can relate, I’m sure. Let’s say someone threatened your kid, are you prepared to choke that psychopath out?

Or would you get scared and run away? That right there is why you must learn how to fight. 

But you also must learn to control yourself and keep that part of you that wants to fight at bay around your woman.

You see, this is a BIG REASON most women will test your dark side and she wants to know that you can remain grounded and calm unless she disrespects a boundary.

LISTEN TO ME CAREFULLY. That doesn’t mean you lose all of your precarious sense of your own composure.

That means you say, “Strike one with crossing my boundary. Two more strikes and this relationship is over.”

And you say that calmly without becoming a killer. 

Report: How To Take Courageous Action: Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Decisive

A True Story of A Creeper

A True Story of A Creeper

I was on my first date (currently my girlfriend now) and I saw this EXTREMELY creepy guy staring at Emily.

Suddenly something awoke inside me. That was the killer instinct I had.

I looked at this guy and I saw how fucking creepy he looked at Emily. 

It was like he was staring at Emily like he wanted to do disgusting things that I don’t even want to think about.

So I told her I said, “We have to head out Emily. Let’s leave, NOW.”

Why did I do this, why not just choke out that creepy son-of-a-bitch?

Well you see, this was in Giant Eagle, and I am not risking getting the cops involved because of the fire that awoke in me.

So I told Emily what happened when we got in the car.

I had this sudden urge to want to protect Emily from harm. 

Masculinity wants to fight and protect, however, in this particular situation, it would have resulted in a MAJOR shit show.

So I held myself back and controlled it to keep it at bay.

 Women Want You to Protect Them



“The Meek will inherit the Earth.” -The Bible

Here’s what I want you to think about from reading article, women want you to protect them by knowing how to control that killer instinct and knowing when to use it in the direst of circumstances.

What this means is you can protect women from harm. You can protect them from a creeper for example in the situation of what happened on our first date. Women want to know that you can kill that cockroach that comes in a room when she asks you to.

I literally feel very bad for women that want a man to stand for themselves because of how many men there are that refuse to embrace their masculinity. I have a rude awakening, when you refuse to embrace your masculinity


You see, the only way you use your masculinity for positive means is if you know how to channel your dark side and embrace that aggressive drive to deadlift 400 pounds and make more money, even get good with women and learn pick-up.

The only way you do that is by taking courageous action in spite of fear and stop sitting on your fucking ass expecting a better life and being a victim of your own thoughts and self sabotaging yourself as you already know this kills your masculinity.

What the killer instinct simply means, is you know what you’re capable of, but you choose not to go there because you know it won’t solve the problem. That’s what, “The meek will inherit the earth” means. You have a sword, but you know better than to use that sword.

In fact, here’s what that quote from the bible implies my friend, “those who forgo worldly power will be rewarded in the kingdom of heaven.”

You know what you can do to another human being but you know better, instead you use it to better yourself and become the most attractive man possible.

Stop Suppressing Your Masculinity

Stop Suppressing Your Masculinity

If you do not embrace your killer instinct, then it can explode. If you do not embrace your masculinity, then you can mis-use it.

You must MASTER your dark side and learn to endure rejection after rejection after rejection.

If you want to get good with women, you have no choice but to learn to LAUGH at rejection.

If you lash back at a test or a bitchy comment…


That tells me you’ve suppressed your masculine energy. In fact, you’ve suppressed it because you feel shame surrounding it.

This is why I stay true to what I said on the why society shames and distorts your perception of masculinity.

You put on a mask when you hold back your dark side.

As David Deida says, “we have a large population of wimpy men.”

Again, do not misinterpret this article as I’m encouraging you to become a killer. Because that is NOT the case.

The killer instinct is your dark side. Which means, the only time you use the killer instinct is when you feel that someone is threatening your family.

This is why I broke up with a toxic woman that told my family to fuck off as I covered in this article. 

Because I stand up for the people I love. And this is what women want. For you to own your dark side.

And to NEVER use it unless someone threatens her life.

No longer should you feel shame surrounding your masculinity, instead embrace your dark side my friend, and protect the ones you love from harm.

The Bottom Line

Women Want You To Embrace

You my friend must stop suppressing your masculinity. In fact, it’s time that you channel your dark side to crush it.

In fact I want to tell you one more story to get down to the bottom line of this entire article.

I was delivery driving during the bitter cold, and this shift felt like it would never end. 

My hands were so fucking cold that they felt they were frost bitten.

And the delivery driving door opened on me five times on a busy road!

This scared the living hell out of me.

Just imagine this, you’re driving an Amazon Truck, and then the side door opens (when you know you closed it hard.)

And that door opens on you five fucking times in the bitter cold weather, you can barely feel your hands.

It seemed like everything went wrong that day. I haven’t eaten for hours. And no one was there to give me direction.

My body went in to starvation mode. But I had to tap HIGHLY in to my masculine mindset and say…

“Adam, don’t be a wimp and ask for help, finish your shift.”

So I made the last few deliveries just barely.

And I felt like this job took out everything out of me, I had to tap in to my dark side to complete this long fifteen hour shift.

That is what it takes my friend to truly tap in to your masculine mindset. 

You tap in to your dark side when you know that you have to, in order to power through a fifteen hour shift.

You must become the best fucking man that you can, give everything that you can your best effort.

And you do that by embracing the killer inside yourself and you must control that dark side to make it through a hard shift.

This also translates in to you protecting others and protecting others from your own pride and ego.

And it translates in to having drive, purpose, passion, and the fire in your belly to aim for your goals.

You do that by taking fast action because as you know success loves speed.

Gentlemen, I appreciate you reading this through. Feel comfortable to leave any comments down below.

Remember to discipline yourself to embrace and OWN  your dark side. Use it for positive means and nothing more!

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