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Why You Must Live With An Open Heart (Regardless if it Hurts)


In this article, it’s time that I get real with you, that is I am going to tell you why you must live with an open heart, which means, I am fully owning  the fact that this may confuse you from posting why men lose power to their woman. 

However, I’m actually going to tell you reasons why this is actually the most powerful way to live openly, freely expressive, and be fully authentic is one of the most attractive qualities of any human being.

So let me rephrase that shit, the way this article is written is to encourage you to love someone even if they cause you pain. So I’m sure you have a million questions…

“How does that make sense? Why would I love so freely? You said to guard your heart Adam, what gives?”

That is a fair question, in fact, you have every right to think that. So let’s talk about this and I’ll tell you why you must live with an open heart.

Live With An Open Heart Gives You Character

Live With An Open Heart
live with an open heart encourages you to be the best man that you can be


I’ll say this in the most compassionate way I can, when you live with an open heart, you have character and you stand out. This is the most important reason that most men are often scared to break character.

It’s because when you become a superior man, you realize that your character is what gives you such a unique personality. You end up showing yourself as freely expressive.

And let me tell you something my handsome friend, when you make self-expression your default setting, it shows that you truly live with an open heart.

When you don’t live with an open heart, you essentially guard yourself from being you. And I am currently learning this lesson the hard way.

Meditation That Inspired This Article

Live With An Open Heart - Story That Inspired This Article
Live with an open heart positions you as a happy, well-rounded man


I was listening to Binaural Beats from Brain.FM and I had a very deep meditation. And here’s something I learned about myself in my relationships…

That is it is okay to embrace your happiness and turn it in to a skillset.

For a very long time I’ve taken myself very seriously, in fact, one can say that I’ve guarded my heart so much that I’ve hurt many women..

So this article is like a healing process for me to tell you that when you guard your heart, it can have side effects.

Obviously I will always encourage you to not pop the question too soon to women that you meet and date.

I still stick to my guns on that because too many guys pop the question too soon, that means don’t give away your power.

However, what I’m encouraging you to do is to give women your authenticity without kissing her ass. That’s a major key.

Because a lot, and I mean, a lot of guys are ass-kisser’s.

So here’s my takeaway from this daily meditation I had that really moved me very deeply…

It’s okay to live with an open heart, it’s the quality of a superior man.

A superior man is courageous and doesn’t tense up when he’s faced with a deep-rooted problem.

More importantly, a superior man is willing to live with an open heart even if it’s painful.

Live With An Open Heart is Attractive

Live With An Open Heart

So here’s another story that moved me tremendously that I want to tell you my friend.

I had a hard conversation that grows most couples either closer together or farther apart, and here’s what I noticed.

When you conquer your fears, and you can express your values and what is non-negotiable, you get clarity.

Not only do you get clarity, but it inspires you and more importantly, it pushes you to be the best fucking man.

So here’s my suggestion, I want you to communicate effectively with your partner.

The reason why it’s attractive to communicate effectively is you demonstrate an understanding of her world.

The better you communicate, the more you live with an open heart.

It all circles back to being freely expressive my handsome friend.

So I know some of you are thinking, “What in the literal fuck? Adam, this seems slightly feminine..”

Here’s the next and most important reason you must live with an open heart that answers that question

Be Compassionate and Masculine Masculinity is Compassionate and Leads With Value

You heard that right. If you’ve read my fitness articles, you know I can be a hard motherfucker and not make any apologies for encouraging you all to be a healthier, more fulfilling man that doesn’t waste time to take action.

For example, my article on fitness is the gateway to discipline is basically the biggest rant I posted in a long time.

However, there always must be balance in all areas of your life my friend.

You keep that part of you in the gym where you go to the house of gains and turn in to that BEAST that you are.

However, when it comes to having healthy relationships, this is just common sense, don’t carry that energy of anger in to your relationships.

The most masculine man provides, protects, and is also unafraid to live with an open heart.

Yes, that even means you have to be willing to take losses and not let it hurt your ego so damn much.

More importantly masculinity is compassionate, it doesn’t always mean be self-entitled as I say on my podcast.

Live your higher status truth, freely express yourself, and you lead women to where they want to go.

Live With An Open Heart Even If It Hurts

Live With An Open Heart

Sometimes we all go through some shit. There’s challenges in your life, for example you get fired from a job you love, or you have a falling out with a business partner, doesn’t matter what it is.

Women surprisingly watch you and how you respond to situations like this. It’s how they react that will determine the way she truly feels about you.

Try this out my friend, just look in to your woman’s eyes and say this, “I will get through this and it’s going to be all good.”

A woman wants to know that you can lead the relationship regardless of conflict.

Even if you have an argument, women want to know you can get through anything.

The Bottom Line

Live With An Open Heart

I want you to remember one thing from this article, that is I want you to live with an open heart with women.

The more you do this, the more you are showing who you really are.

Don’t deprive yourself of being inauthentic. 

I will reference my favorite book The Way of The Superior Man and tell you why David Deida said it best…

“Closing down in the midst of pain is a denial of a man’s true nature. A superior man is free in feeling and action.”

The reason why it’s so damn important to live with an open heart is you let your true nature shine.

I’m saying this to myself just as much as I am saying this to you. 

Ironically enough, the most masculine trait of the leader of a gorilla tribe runs over to the kid when he gets hurt and nurtures him.

You heard that right my friend! Masculinity protects and nurtures and can live with an open heart, regardless if it hurts.

So remember that as this can and will benefit you in long term relationships.

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