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Why Working Out is the Gateway to Discipline


Let's talk about why working out disciplines yourself to take consistent action and why everyone must understand that if you cannot even go to the gym in today's weak society, you're being soft.

I will always call out weakness in today's society because as I say time and time again, most people are weak and cannot even go to the gym without coming up with excuses.

Jocko once said, "All of your excuses are lies." So let that sink in my friend. Fitness is the gateway to discipline. That means working out is the gateway to discipline.

Working Out is How To Get More Disciplined

Working out disciplines yourself to take action

Have you gone complacent my friend? Why am I asking you this? I bet you heard me say this in this article, but here's the reason why I will say this over and over again.

It's because most men nowadays lack a strong masculine presence. There's a simple solution my friend, and that is for you to GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS.

You see, that part of you that wants to stay in and sit on your ass is your lower self. So why are you listening to your lower self?

I want to ask you that again, why are you listening to your lower self? Come on man, you're bringing yourself down to a low vibrating level.

You do know that when you listen to your lower self, you are being soft and weak. And I'm not saying that to be annoying, I'm saying this because you know you can do it!

Procrastination is Not How To Get Disciplined

working out requires discipline

So, let's say for example you've read my articles, and you're on the fence about working with me for personal training, seriously?

The fact that you have to even question what I coach upon is you procrastinating. I'm using this as an example. This is not some power trip for you to get a fitness consultation with me.

Not at all, I'm simply pointing out there are more wishy-washy people that I can count. Here's what I have to say to all of you fence sitter's indecisive weak men that think, "Who is this idiot and why should I listen to him?"

Here's the nature of reality, when you spread that shit to personal trainers, you are only saying that because that is how you feel about yourself.

This is what I mean by procrastination, people think, "I don't need a trainer, I can just workout."

The starting point is for you to take a huge look in the mirror. Who do you see? Your higher self? Or your lower self?

So even though procrastination is not how to stay disciplined, that means you have to take in to consideration to listen to the comment I heard from a very wise man, "Don't negotiate with your inner bitch."

That's exactly why working out is a gateway to discipline, it's because it forces you to operate at a higher place.

Discipline will take you to a higher place. Discipline will also force you out of your procrastination. More importantly working out will urge you to stay disciplined in every area of your life. Let's get in to the first reason...

Working Out Disciplines Purpose Over Pleasure

Sometimes you have to tell the woman you're seeing, "Babe I'm going to the gym, I don't want to have sex."

Why? Because it shows you're not that easily seduced. You don't need sex. Let me rephrase that shit..

You want sex but you don't NEED sex. Because the second she senses you NEED it, the second you don't get it.

I'll tell you a story, years ago I got this woman super turned on and she wanted to fuck me.

I said, "Not today, I'm really busy." This is when she started seeing that the fact that I prioritized purpose over pleasure it actually triggered what is called loss aversion bias in psychology.

Then she started blowing up my phone. Why is that? Because the minute a woman senses you're not needy...

That will get her highly turned on, because it communicates you discipline your sex drive.

Totally off topic but I'm glad I covered it, because as you'll find in the shocking truth of Adam Skoda, I point out how all men have placed women as their purpose.

However, when you act on YOUR PURPOSE to get fit and you follow your own lead, you start realizing that working out is one of the easiest ways to get more disciplined.

Fitness Disciplines Yourself to Higher Confidence

It's time you stop sitting on your fucking ass. As you know, fitness is the gateway to discipline. You hear me say it all the time on my podcast.

You also hear my man James and I talking about how the legend himself Wes reached out to me.

I hope all you readers came across this article and realize that this right here as got me so much HATE. 

I've had butthurt GP community members get jealous because this just doesn't happen that often.

And now you realize that when you work with me, I don't fucking play around. I am not cheap either. It's a couple thousand to get fitness coaching with me.

So if you are still lazy and you sit around hoping that you'll get a better body. Understand that it's your own self-talk. 

Your self-talk is shit to be blunt. Go to the fucking gym. Stop being feminine.

 "Adam, I still won't go to the gym."

Honestly, you are FEMININE.

In the GP penitentiary community, we all do 100 burpees. So just do 50. 

"I can't do it Adam, I just can't" 

If you have the nerve to say that, go through 3 secret persuasion techniques and do the VERY first one, you'll definitely shut the hell up and take action.

Not Working Out Disciplines You in to Laziness

You can't argue with success principles. Let me rephrase that shit...

Don't be a pussy and get mad at me because I'm telling you the "red pill" truth about getting success in the gym.

And here are the principles of success my friend. Success loves speed of implementation. You heard that right!

All people nowadays I see are eating shit like fucking Arby's, McDonalds, Burger King and KFC, it's like come on bro.

Come the fuck on! Are you really going to try to argue with me on why it's so damn important to choose a hard life over choosing an easy life and you still go to idiotic fast food places that promote obesity?

Let me come through to you and command that you give me TEN CLAPPER PUSH-UPS in your house if you still have the nerve to choose an easy instant gratifying decision by going to crap fast food chains.

They don't have your best interest or your health in mind, they want to make a quick buck because they don't care about your health, they JUST WANT YOUR MONEY.

Say "No" to Your Inner Bitch

This is where I want to take inspiration from the man, the legend, the fucking beast, Wes Watson.

Yes, you heard that right, throughout this entire article, I've been saving this for last because this man is controversial.

But that is because him and I can relate and that is because he knows how weak most people are, and so do I.

True story my friend, he reached out to me. And why did he do that?

I commented on one of his posts and told him how I operate on higher purpose.

This man knows that in order for you to be successful in fitness that you cannot negotiate with your inner bitch, that means you discipline yourself to say no to your inner bitch.

That means if you have an inner bitch that you know is holding you back from working out...

Then you have to say, "I'm not going to listen to my negative thoughts that want me to sit on my ass."

When you operate on your purpose, you really have no excuses to make to go to the gym and work out.

Because this is what this article is about, it is about why working out is the gate way to discipline.

Here's what discipline is, it is acting on your higher motives, not your lesser motives.

This is precisely why working out disciplines yourself to be a better man.

The Bottom Line

Here's what we can conclude, you my friend must stop being weak and trying to come up with one excuse.

If you have any, you are just simply not disciplined and you should just go back to beating off to PornHub.

Because clearly you're not understanding that working out disciplines yourself to be the fucking man you are meant to be.

What is the biggest reason that working out disciplines yourself to be better?

It is because you act on your higher self, as in you are now purpose-driven, which is so goddamn rare nowadays.

In this society, we must come together as brother's and remember who we really are, and that is we are men that prioritize purpose over getting short-term pleasures.

That even means saying "No" to women that try to get you off of your purpose.

Because here's the thing, the facts are working out disciplines you saying "No" to shit-tests.

That is exactly what a shit-test is. A shit-test is when women tests you by swaying you off of your path.

A shit-test is when they try to get you off of your purpose.

My friend, if there is one thing I can say about women, that is they want to know you have the courage and balls to not always want to have sex.

Because then and only then will she fully trust you. Women love it when you show self-restraint, never forget that.

Bottom line is this, working out is the TRUE gateway drug to make more money, to become more confident, and to be on your path to the more action and stacking wins like the charming bastard that you are.

Feel comfortable to comment below and stay tuned for more articles 😉


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