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Why Women Deserve Less Book (Honest Review) 2024


Why Women Deserve Less

(Honest Review) 2024

Before I talk about the popular book, Why Women Deserve Less written by Myron Gaines, I want to actually say one thing before I even proceed to this review...

I've already did some inner work on myself to have a healthy ego and think in terms of having the self-love of a narcissist. What does that mean? I have less interested in today's dating direction as of recently.

If you are listening to Myron's podcast. Start getting laid and inevitably start having a genuine and baseline interest in women. Meaning, go give women good vibes before you have sex.

Why bring this up? Well because I don't want you to waste your life trying to form costly and risky relationships. So let's get to the fucking point of this book review...

I see why Myron went for the polarizing route, in fact, in that sense, I strongly relate to this guy as I am often a loud motherfucker on my fitness articles because we truly are in an epidemic of beta-males.

However, I do not believe that Myron is wrong in anything he presents in his book about today's women. There are liberated women that Myron covers in his book. There is post marriage society that most people do not talk about in the modern dating world as much as Myron covers it on his show.

Later in this article you are about to find out why I don't believe what everything Myron says is true. That's not to say that there are manipulative women, because THERE ARE.

There's costly and risky relationships nowadays and Myron is smart to talk about this. I also love it how Myron interviews women and they show how shallow women have become. But so have men. Deadbeat baby daddies kids for example, this is a term for an irresponsible father who cannot provide.

At nearly every man's expense in today's dating scene, the past four generations have showed how there is an old contract. But feminism fucked it up. I'll get to that soon. Let's start out with the very first stories in Myron's book.

Tom, Dick and Harry

Tom is the classic nice guy, I relate to this dude the most, I've actually been bullied myself years ago, but it wasn't over a woman, it was because I went through depression.

He took courageous action to step in to his fears with a full heart. Fucking legend. In result, he got rejected online. If I met this dude, I'd say to him, "Hey man, don't sweat it, you are in the arena taking action when other guys are afraid to do it."

This man is a fucking WINNER. This is what I say on how to reframe rejection. When you are rejected, you fucking won. Yet, no guys are willing to look at rejection as a win.

They base it on their entire ego. They let it affect them. Tom, you are a fucking legend.

Dick, I'm about to tear this man's story to pieces. Bro, you let the woman Jane initiate the date. That's not how it works. Brother, you are a MAN.

Take note here guys, if a woman orchestrates a date, she see's herself as she is in the power masculine position. This is the wrong move. It's no wonder he got exposed to push pull from the female perspective.

This is also why you're about to be friend zoned. Don't fucking do this bullshit. Women that do this, they do deserve less. Why do I say that?

Because, manipulative women are the fucking worst. But I encourage you to not hate women. Don't go down to their level.

If a woman never texts you back, here's why (in fact it requires a full article.) I'll keep this simple, Dick let Jane walk on him. Fucking pussy. I mean that with tough love.

Harry, this man lived a long life. I have compassion for this man as he lived to 78 years old and struggled through constant poverty. I feel for you brother.

This right here is an example of indentured servitude. He had hardwired biological programming. Meaning he lived through his own same stories he told himself day in, and day out.

But here's where it only goes so far. He was nagged on. If a woman ever nags even once, it means he lost power to his woman.

This right here is the average guy. This is a blunt and accurate assessment of what happens to men in today's society. In the past four generations, men ultimately building civilization while women were slowly finding their power in leading up to 2024.

Man alive today faces an economic storm. Man's sex drive is also declining due to inactivity. It's time you all start listening to Myron's podcast.

Feminism Burnt The Old Contract

Taken from the book itself, here's what the old contract is known for:

"Men provided resources and protection. Women provided sex and (if wanted) children." -Why Women Deserve Less

Now let's really think about this, haven't you read my article why society shames masculinity?

In a perfect political world, society would look entirely different. But it's not the world we live in. Men must step it up in today's weak society.

Today's men have grown up with beta-programming which turns them in to beta-males. Then we have confusion women that want good men but it becomes hard for them. So they learn to be masculine.

Traditional gender roles is frowned upon, here's why I do like this book (which I will cover more later) one of the reasons is because Myron knows that all women meet their physical needs through men.

Yet it's like pulling teeth to get women to realize this. At least my previous partner understood this.

Women needed men in the old contract. Feminism changed a lot. Biological programming is screaming to get women so highly in to their massive egos.

Women have also been fucking brainwashed by the masses because they don't think for themselves, they follow what every other powerful women are doing.

With that said, women will go as far as to be bitter towards men. It's no wonder why men think they have bad luck with girls. They are losing their feminine spirit.

Then they brag about when they get their man to do shit for them. It's like, "REALLY?" If you are a woman reading this article, you pull that shit on guys like me, get out of my fucking life, you are what I call the wounded feminine.

 The Ugly Truth in Why Women Deserve Less

In Rollo Tomassi's words, this is what apparently is the ugly truth... "Women hate beta-males so much, they'll assume $150K+ in student loans to go to college or 4-8 years to qualify for a 40-50 hour per week, soul crushing job just to avoid marrying one."

This is where I will address the one con to this book, it puts the reader in to the mindset of all women hate men. Yes, on a big scale, Myron is 100% correct.

However, here's something I've learned through going through a healthy relationship (which unfortunately is no longer moving forward because I ended it.)

Myron is putting the reader in a state of fear. Well done, Myron, if you stumbled across my review, I have mad respect for what you do, however, there's one big missing piece you gotta say on your podcast.

This book targets emotionally incapable women that have a very high body count. That means, there ARE emotionally capable women with lower body count. 

I simply disagree that all women are as unfaithful as you'd see on Fresh & Fit Podcast. It's alarming, yes, and it shows men's biggest weakness.

However, I am saying to you the reader, there are emotionally mature women. Speaking from experience.

Yes, women can be life destroying and take over the household, essentially making more money than the man and he becomes a part time slave. Giving you an extreme example.

However, I do not like the depiction of how women act on Fresh & Fit. Listen to Masculine Mindset Show. I have very mature women come on to my show and they don't behave low value like the majority of girls that Myron kicks out.

That doesn't mean I don't like Myron's book, in fact I give it a very high rating. Women's true interest isn't what men want to hear. They are acting more egotistical than ever. So here's what I want to say about this book....

Read Why Women Deserve Less with a High Guard

Learning Seduction

Why Women Deserve Less relates to this Seduction Article

I think that any level-headed, grounded, centered man will read this and think, "This is a brilliant way to get men to think that all women suck ass."

Now again, this doesn't mean, I don't like his book. This is my biggest issue with it. Here's the thing, if you've read my own books, you'll know how I overcame the "red pill" because going through toxic relationships.

I read this book with a very high guard because I understand that not all women have stepped in to their wounded dark feminine energy. In fact, there are good women out there. So read Why Women Deserve Less with a high guard.

However, I think that in the hands of naive men, they will use this book as an excuse to stop dating altogether.

So many generations have showed women's genuine intent to gain power. If you even listen to my podcast, I stated how girls use their sex drive as a power tool.

In today's dating scene, a liberal arts degree doesn't matter. You can even make a boatload of cash, but if use it to show off...

Men inevitably start losing the power in all of their relationships if they keep trying to be impressive. In the new game, today's men must understand that times past, we live in a society of highly immature women.

In case you didn't know, men and women do depend on each other, and as a result, we need men to be more attractive, get laid and inevitably form families as a result instead of having a sad story of another beta-provider in which the wife left him for another man.

 Why Myron Gained My Respect

I absolutely loved this interview with Jason Capital. I mean come on, you knew this was coming! 

Myron gained my respect when I came across this interview, I know this is a book review, however, this man is a smart motherfucker.

More importantly, regardless of this being a book review article, I must point this out to you the reader. Even though, this a book review, what JC covers is beyond just getting girls, he covers the psychology behind why women favor higher status men.

And as you guys already know, I've written an article on Female Hypergamy and how I got a married woman attracted to me. This is the reality brothers. Women will ALWAYS favor status above all.

Become the best man you can be and it will be easy to inevitably start a family. But if men playing victim and acting like its hard in today's dating scene, you aren't an attractive man.

Pro's of Why Women Deserve Less

He does state a lot of facts. The facts are 100% true. In fact, this fact may piss in a woman's enraged masculine mindset that something I hear very few coaches talk about and that is "The Principle of Least Interest" is a power move.

I often talked with a few women about this, the healthy ex-girlfriend, she understood this. Because we consistently had civilized conversations as to why everyone in society has relationships all fucked up.

Women are naturally meant to chase men, it's not the other way around that some social justice feminists want you to think. They WANT you to think that they are the prize. But you my brother, as Myron puts it, YOU DESERVE MORE.

So yes, I agree with Myron that there are an army of simps. In fact, I'd take that above and beyond, there are nice guys worldwide. As I say this consistently on my podcast, "Men have placed women as their purpose."

This is why I am rating this book a 9 out of 10. You the reader, fucking listen, this is my message to you, learn how to get good with women. This is what Myron says, and now you'll hear it from me, learn this shit. 

First world problems show how nowadays dating is getting harder than ever. We have an outdated contract as Myron consistently covers in Why Women Deserve Less. If you want free help...

Go through my dating and attraction articles, you'll notice that half of the advice I give is for you to add more push to your game. Too many guys (me included) have been guilty of being pussies. It's time you grow a pair of nuts.

You can see by now that in today's society, girls are benefiting unfairly and Myron shows how colleges are getting to be fucking ridiculous. In that sense, I found this book to be very informative.

The point here that I am making is Myron tells the reader to value themselves more than how much they value women. Then the girl stood you up. She breaks up with you when you buy her shit. Or worse, takes an advantage of you.

I've stated this since the day I started my blog. Stop falling prey to buying women shit. Obviously, if you see she reciprocates and she is healthy, and won't be what I call a Pampered Royal...

In layman terms that means, expects to be entertained and spoiled, given a free hand in life, then yes you can reciprocate. But here's how to lead with value:

Do it from a place of not expecting sex. This is the biggest mistake all nice guys and beta-males make. 

In a man's eyes, girls have the power. Girls are given the benefit of the doubt. This might be why you have red pill rages and started throwing temper tantrums.

And it's why you never get sex, this is why I say nice guys are inauthentic. You overcome the nice guy syndrome by doing this one simple thing...


Can Narcissism be Good? Click the Image to Find Out

Con's of Why Women Deserve Less

I really have to give you a big warning about this book, Myron takes the route of freaking out the reader. Classic marketing move and that's smart on his part.

My point down is this is my number one problem with this book, I think that men will use this as an excuse to give up on dating altogether. 

Just to give you some examples of some scary facts, again, all true, but you've got to guard yourself to not let this book be the reason you stop meeting and dating women:

  • Nearly every man today has been accused of being sexist or a misogynist (I know this because I've been called one)

  • Male virginity has nearly tripled, going from 11% of young male population to 27% *

  • Percentage of young women who haven't had sex in the past year has increased by 50%, going from 12% of the population to 18%. I recommend you start keeping condoms in your back pocket.

  • 70%-80% of divorces are initiated by women, jumping to 90% if the woman is college educated.

  • Testosterone levels can be used to measure sex drive, putting women's interest in sex at only 6.7% that of mens.*

That last one I knew about, I mean, there is a very clear reason why I have so many damn articles on Health and Fitness. You've got to increase your masculinity (testosterone) brother and you do that by getting your shit together, get healthy and workout.

The Final Verdict

I actually got a good laugh out of this entire book, I was laughing at half of the shit that I knew would eventually happen in today's society. How college and universities favor women over men, it's so over-the-top with the scare tactics that I was very entertained.

Which means I really do like this book. I recommend all men read this, and to remember that you must read it with a very high guard as this book should not be the reason you stop dating, as I said, I've been in healthy relationships.

I've seen both sides, ugly relationships, and healthy relationships. Just go through my relationship articles and you'll find I always blog about my learning lessons.

My learning lesson as of recently is I have a dark side and that dark side is I've put up walls around my heart. Simply put, I'm guarded with everyone. I'm basically owning up to something...

I am not emotionally available for long-term relationships. You won't understand my perspective on this unless you've been labelled a 'Boy Toy.'

Women can and will find these men highly attractive because he's a challenge. He can't be tamed easily. He's hard-to-get. 

This is my learning lesson to you, the reader. Don't guard yourself. Express yourself. You don't need to puke out your feelings. Just show women you can be fully authentic with what you want.

I encourage you to live with an open heart. It's the healthiest way you can meet and date women and have healthy relationships. It may suck when you go through breakups, because let's face it, living with an open heart is scary.

Follow your fears and do it. Even though I do recommend this book, the number one lesson I can tell you brother. Adversity introduces a man to himself.

Feel comfortable to reach out to me for any questions at AdamSkoda@MasculineMindsetCoach.com.

And while you're at it, get a copy of my e-book for free, how to always know what to say.


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