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Why There is No Oneitis in Dating!!


Why There is No Oneitis in Dating!!

Tell me if this has happened to you... You see her, she is super cute, you want her so fucking bad, it turns in to an unhealthy obsession and then you start getting fucking weird, like she is the only one for you!!!

You've have oneitis brother, this is the worst situation you can get yourself in. I genuinely mean that. I feel for you. I relate to you. 

At 16 years of age, I was friend zoned by someone I really liked a lot. Only come to realize she dated fucking drug dealers! 

With that said, understand that you are hearing from Adam Skoda, Host of the Masculine Mindset Show that is known for his polarizing loud mouth and I've been known to make comments like..


And that's the truth. I have removed several women from my life. However, one thing I want to make clear, this is article is about why you must have an abundance mindset, so let's get to it.

What is Oneitis?

Oneitis, plain and simple is you have your mind clouded with thoughts about her. You cannot stop thinking about her. 

You are not internally validated, you are externally validated and highly in your feminine energy if you have oneitis. Yes, I mean that. 

This is what I had to call myself out on if you've heard my podcast episode The #1 Reason Why You're FRIEND ZONED.

As you can tell, I fucking called myself out on my own pussy bullshit. Oneitis is you being a fucking pussy. And brother, I know you hate hearing it, but yes, you are a pussy.

Don't get all whiny when you are her beta-orbiter and she's leading you on. The reason she is leading you on is simple...

You Are Externally Validated

Hard pill to swallow, but you gotta swallow it. Understand that when you have oneitis, most psychologists would look at you and say...

"Stop being codependent on this one woman."

And it's true. Oneitis is you relying on this chick for everything. You are completely off of  your inner balance point. 

She see's your lack of masculinity. Let me tell you something my friend, this is my biggest learning lesson I've ever learned in this topic...

Masculinity validates itself. Masculinity accepts itself. Masculinity doesn't need one woman to feel full, it has a plate spinning mindset.

Teaser to what's coming later in this article ;-))

How Do You Get Oneitis?

You get oneitis from not having abundance. You get oneitis from not having options. You get oneitis from only talking to one woman.

More importantly, I must tell you a story about Paulina...

We both knew each other since first grade. And it was during a high school dance that she dropped the F bomb on me. 

"Friend" is what I mean. And I honestly got so damn frustrated that I studied everything I could get my hands on. 

You know the story if you've read the articles throughout my website. The point to talking about this is to tell you that this happens to most dating coaches.

Adversity introduces a man to his highest self. This is what sparked my big move to study seduction for 6 years.

Don't Confuse Oneitis With Love 

Don't confuse oneitis with love. Think about it like this, if you have an alcohol addiction and yet you confuse your love for alcohol as a reason to justify substance abuse. It applies directly into dating. 

You honestly have no good reason to justify suffering from oneitis. And neither did I. Let's put a stop to this creepy bullshit.

Honestly, this is a common mistake of most men. Do yourself the favor of stopping these people pleasing behaviors.

When you have oneitis, you take it too far. Love is more of a connection. Oneitis is highly codependent that you rely on her reactions and validation of you to feel full. 

Love is genuine. Oneitis is honestly creepy. You may have heard me say that I never creeped out Paulina in this article...

This is true. However, I still did too many favors bought her things and she never reciprocated.

There is No One Girl For You

The reason there is no oneitis is very simple brother. Look at the world around you. If you have your eye on one girl...

Then I encourage you to go out with friends, have fun, don't take life too seriously, go meet women. A lot of them.

This is how abundant the world is. Turn on the faucet out comes water. There's so many women, that you'd be amazed how many women would love to meet your fine smelling self.

Open up your mind my friend. It's a very clear answer on why there is no oneitis...

That is because this world is so fucking abundant, you'd be amazed by how many women there are once you go in a big city.

Take it all my friend. Take it all in. Just look at the world differently. As you can meet any woman you want to.

Be Sexually Self-Entitled

There's a very clear answer to solve the oneitis problem. That is be more sexually self-entitled. 

What does that mean? Simply put, you develop more game. You develop charisma. You develop the social skills to make women laugh.

You learn how higher status flirting works. You learn how to escalate and seal the deal. And you learn the rules of attraction which is covered in my book. 

More importantly, I have a very clear rule and code that I live by in my seduction book that states the following...

"Don't commit because there is no oneitis."

Some of you read that and you raise your eyebrows. You might even think that I have some attachment issues.

In all fairness, I've been through several toxic relationships that fucked with my head, full transparency.

However, I will state very clearly, that I tweaked my mindset to think in terms of a plate spinner.

So understand that this is section, I am not about encouraging attachment problems. 

This is about getting you to think in terms of abundance, as a plate spinner.  

What is Plate Spinning? 

In Rollo Tomassi's work, it's the idea that a high status alpha male is seeing multiple women. 

He has game, he has a strong frame, he is good looking and he knows his worth. He doesn't suffer from oneitis. 

What I am suggesting to you is to look at the world as your fucking theater, that you can have any woman you want. 

Plate spinners are sexually self-entitled. They have it all. They can pull any women they want to pull.

But they also don't creep women out in the process. They know how to pass her tests and tease them effectively.

Think like a plate spinner my friend, this will literally eliminate oneitis and you'll forget about the girl you've ever had a thing for.

There is No Perfect Girl for You

Getting Laid

Why Perfectionism Kills Your Chances of Getting Laid

The most important reason on why there is no oneitis is very clear...

It paints this idea in your head that she is the perfect girl. But there is no perfect girl.

Every girl has their own problems, and a massive ego that tries to hide her insecurities.

Don't buy in to your own thoughts of what you think is a perfect woman.

Don't believe everything you think. You knew that Wayne Dyer comment was coming! 

Oneitis creates this false idea, this false illusion of a perfect woman. Don't you ever fucking forget that.

Discover your masculine purpose my friend. Have hobbies and fill up your schedule instead of dwelling on one person who is literally just a human.

The Bottom Line: Why There is No Oneitis

It's very clear that there are a million women on the planet that can be really good for you. 

There are so much women it would blow your mind. A week ago I actually went on OkCupid and within 24 hours of making the account...

I got 25 matches within one fucking day! So what are you doing to get active on online dating?

Or if you hate online dating, what is stopping you from cold approaching? 

Do me a favor my friend and listen to this podcast in the article, it will give you even MORE reasons as to why there is no oneitis!!

Feel comfortable to reach out to me on social media and let me know any thoughts you have on podcast topics or blogs you want me to write about, I appreciate you all for reading this to the end.

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