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Why Men Lose Power to Their Woman



This is an in-depth look on why men lose power to their woman and what to do about it. But first off, I’m about to be really honest with you and ask you, have you gone complacent my friend?

Why am I asking you this question? Because most men do get complacent and it generally happens in marriages. That’s why I have a very strong opinion on marriage, I’ll get to that a little later.

First off, do you really know about the 48 Laws of Power? If you don’t, then I suggest you read that book, you’ll get a lot of insights on why being powerful comes with consequences.

In fact, I’m going to be very blunt with you, don’t read onward if you are easily offended. SERIOUSLY. This article is going to challenge every belief you’ve ever had about relationships and you’ll find out why women lose all attraction.

Men Lose Power Because They Lose Ambition

Look man, I’m not here to sugarcoat this, in fact, I’ve heard this from my own woman, she hated that one of her exes was always on his ass and she went to the gym more than him.

When she learned that I worked out just every day, it was a sigh of relief for her. And honestly, that just goes to show how fucking lazy men have gotten nowadays. 

Bro, if this is you, work on this now. Because you sitting on your ass in front of your woman is clearly turning her off, and yes, the reason why she says, “I don’t want to have sex” is because you failed to communicate that you are ambitious.

You can make little money and still communicate your ambitious. I’ll tell you a story about this, my good buddy Mike is in a band called Lone Wolf and he worked HARD on it every day. Shoutout to you man, you’re a fucking legend.

Because here’s what Mike did right, he was so damn ambitious it turned on his woman. That’s why he is successful in that relationship.

So here’s what I want for you man, throw out all of your beliefs about, “You have to be rich to get the girl.”

If you have no ambition’s, then get some hobbies man. Learn how to play an instrument like my legendary friend Mike, or learn how to cook. It’s better than sitting on your ass.

Report: How to Develop a Strong Masculine Frame 

Men Lose Power Because They Are Needy

How needy are you for sex man? Be honest with yourself. Do you push for it too much? If you do, I’m telling you, they won’t want to have sex with you.

In my upcoming book The Closer’s Guide to Seduction I cover why you must drop the idea of having sex. Why is that? Because man, the minute she smells “I’m thirsty for sex” from your vibe is the minute she will say to you, “We are not having sex tonight.”

This is called dropping expectations. You see, women are like radar systems and they can sense when you’re needy. That is exactly why men lose power in relationships. You must stop craving sex.

So go hang out with your buddies, get your mind off of it, and once you drop the idea of having sex, coincidentally enough that is when women will want to have sex.

And the reason why is because women are like cats. When they sense you’re needy, they are turned off instantly. Here’s one of the biggest learning lessons when I worked with one of my favorite coaches five years ago, that is the following…

“Women’s attraction is like a dimmer switch. For men it either turns on or off.”

That means it gradually turns on over time. In case you didn’t know, women have to gain your trust back if you’ve shown neediness in the relationship.

Men Lose Confidence They Used to Have in LTR’s

Confidence is huge my friend. If you’ve been guilty of showing lack of confidence, it always backfires. So even if you’re financially successful, but you show that you’re insecure around your woman, she is going to lose attraction. In fact there are many sad stories of this happening today in Myron’s book, Why Women Deserve Less.

You can even see this with famous couples such as Kanye and Kim Kardashian, they aren’t together anymore because mental illness is not the quality of a successful Alpha Male.

I know some of you are probably thinking, “They are celebrities, I’m not like them, and I will never be.”

You gotta stop supplicating to celebrities. I’ve met celebrity trainers, and I’ve also met famous musicians. These are normal people just like you and me. 

That’s why The Halo Effect plays a HUGE impact on most people. It is a powerful psychological bias that is at play just about everyday.

Check this out man, total side tangent, but I have to cover this. When you follow a hot model, why do you think you follow her? It’s because of The Halo Effect.

Back to the point, all of you men out there have to stop losing confidence in long term relationships.

No woman wants to see you uncertain in yourself, it’s a turn off and no wonder why they lose attraction.

Men Lose Power Due to Less Attention To Problems

This is something that even I work with even in my own relationships. I address problems when I see them surface.

Because if you don’t address problems, you will lose power in the relationship. She gets mad because she feels like you aren’t listening to her, and then you get mad as a result.

This is arguing at it’s finest and if you TRULY understand female psychology, then she would not test you so damn much.

Now brother, listen man, I’ve been through some shitty relationships, so I understand if you made this mistake.

It was when I started understanding female psychology that my game SKYROCKET in ways that have made women obsessed with me. And I’m not just saying that, I MEAN THAT.

So here’s what I really want you to understand, most marriages end for this reason alone, either the man gives her too much attention or not enough attention. 

That goes without saying, the majority of all women want to feel understood.

So don’t ignore this man. But also don’t ask me how to get an ex back.

Because if you’ve done this already and the divorce happened, it’s best that you pull away and leverage preselection.

Men Lose Power Because They Commit Too Soon



Alright, you potential women reading, be prepared to be pissed off at me, but listen to me before you write me some hateful comment.

Here’s what most guys don’t understand is that when they get too sprung, meaning they fall in love very fast within the first five months of dating, they are ready to pop the question.

Naw man, this is what I’ve seen happen to several guys, they are so damn smitten on women that they would do ANYTHING to lock women down.

And be mindful for all of you men reading that women do fantasize about a dream wedding, but they want it from a man that understands them.

So here’s something that I want you understand my handsome friend, that is you must retain your independence and don’t commit to anyone.

Wait a second, why? Because like I said already, when you fall too fast for a woman, she is going to lose all attraction.

And that is why my opinion on marriage is this…


See her in the worst situation ever, and watch how she deals with it. Why? Because that’s the real her.

And yes, this is the hardest pill to swallow in dating. That is you are playing with fire, and that fire is your heart.

The sooner you give away your power, the sooner she can leave you.

The Bottom Line

Here’s how I can bottom line this article and that can be summed up very easily, 5th law of power from The 48 Laws of Power states the following…

“Don’t commit to anyone.” Those of you reading are probably thinking, “The fuck is your problem, you’re basically saying I should have commitment issues?”

This is actually not the case here. What I mean is you keep your feelings unclear. In case you didn’t know this, women say they don’t like this, but they actually do.

I’ll give you another mind-blowing, earth shattering reality, what women say they want is not what they actually want.

That means if you ever hear a woman say, “I love it when a man can tell me his feelings.” 

You want him to correctly demonstrate vulnerability for those of you potential women reading this.

But the minute he shows vulnerability through weakness, you are un-attracted.

Why? Because it is a scientific fact that you women are attracted to a man whose feelings are unclear. [R]

Read that resource for those of you questioning that. Because I always back up my claims with proof.

And not to mention as I always say on my blog, you must follow your own lead.

If you commit too soon, you’re following her.

You give away all of your power and that basically means she owns you.

And she can do with you on what she wants.

This is why divorce rates are high, it’s this reason right here.

People have butt-hurt FEELINGS on having more power.

But here’s what the positives of being powerful are:

  • You retain your independence
  • You feel good enough on your own
  • You don’t need any woman to complete you

Do not ever say that man. If you say “You complete me,” I highly doubt you won’t get any sex if you’re in a relationship.

Because that SCREAMS neediness. And it’s fucking gross.

And that’s why this topic is so damn controversial, people think power is wrong.

Even if you think I’m wrong my friend, I am never in doubt.

That’s why I will encourage guys to not commit too soon.

Because then, she can do whatever she wants because you just gave her the masculine role.

Congratulations, that’s your reality if you tell women your feelings.

Smart ass comments aside, stop being a damn floor mat, instead enhance your masculine mindset.

Thank you for your time and feel comfortable to leave a comment below.





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