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Why Learning Seduction Can F*CK UP YOUR MINDSET


Why Learning SEDUCTION Can F*ck Up Your Mindset

There is a very dark, nasty side to learning seduction, however, I don't want any of you to use this article as an excuse to stop learning this essential skill. 

Because as I've been realizing as of lately, that I genuinely have a hard time living with an open heart.

In fact, this article is going to address the opposite side of living with an open heart. That is you literally guard your heart as if your life depends on it. So let's get in to the story that inspired this article...

Seduction Field Report

Tonight, I hooked up with someone that I have a strong connection with. Here I will tell you what happened...

I saw her smile. Fuck, it's the most genuine kind smile I never forgot. You see, even your masculine mindset coach admits to himself that when you meet a woman that embodies her feminine...

You can just tell how feminine she really is. And as I know deep down (even though society shames masculinity) it's actually super fucking attractive when you are polarizing in your masculinity.

Because a man that embodies masculine energy recognizes a woman fully in her feminine energy. This is the number one reason the seduction was so damn powerful.

But more importantly, I flirted with her using push pull. And that banter intensified. Consistently gave me the frame because masculinity leads, feminine follows. 

This might sound completely unreal to some of you, but here's the final bit of this seduction field report...

I was in her bed, and I told her about how I am going to BJJ next week because I believe I truly discovered how much masculine power I really have.

And as I was on top of her as I literally got the fucking chills as I felt this surging power in my body, and I asked her...

"Do you see the chills I have?" Brother, this is 110% true, I WOULD NOT FUCKING MAKE THIS SHIT UP. 

And this is what she said. "Adam, I can feel the energy you have. That's wild."

Well you know what happened from there, it was a good time.

Seduction Goes To Your Head Very Fast

I honestly do NOT want to go down the rabbit hole of the machiavellian nature of certain PUAs out there that really have no good intentions but to fuck any woman they want. 

This is why I followed my fears to publish my seduction book. I knew that there are people out there such as Ross Jeffries who are fucking weird and I do not respect in the slightest. 

However, some of you reading this may be thinking wait a second, you use pacing and leading in your articles and you don't like Ross Jeffries?

Yes my dude, I don't like him. Every time I heard him speak when I found out about him a long time ago, he just gave me the creeps.

This is just an example, but the purpose for mentioning him is because he just mis-uses his seductive knowledge because he was traumatized.

And I'm sure when he learned seduction himself, it went to his head as it went to my head. The whole point is machiavellian nature is to seek power and have high ambitions. 

However, there are two sides of the coin, you can easily abuse that power as we know it's very easy to do it when you see how susceptible women are to The Dark Triad and how much it DOES turn them on.

This can lead to very nasty places my friend. And I want you to know about what you are getting yourself in to learning this skill.

What I'm saying is you have got to be VERY CAREFUL with how far you take your masculine power in this field.

You Can Bend Reality to Your Will

Discover The Ten Deadliest Routines To Get Same Night Lays

Brother, I have a podcast releasing in the coming weeks called The Last Resort and how I used negging, push/pull, on top of flirting with my eyes where I bent reality to my will and seduced my ex-girlfriend.

Some of you might even say that sounds manipulative. I hear you, but here's what it really is brother...

You are learning the psychology of persuasion when you learn seduction. As you know if you've read my work, being seductive means you must learn the powers of persuasion.

And when you learn the powers of persuasion, you realize that this is literally going on everywhere around you.

More importantly, bending reality to your will also means you can use social pressure to get what you want. I'm actually very hesitant to say this..

But it must be said, this is why learning seduction can fuck with your mindset. You'll see that this is one of the most powerful skills you can ever learn.

Frame Control Can Be Taken to the Extreme

Don't be a frame freak brother. Seriously. Sometimes I may come across this way on my podcasts, but it's honestly to help you see where you can grow. 

And really, I only do that because I genuinely despise laziness and cowardice. So for me to be a little annoying (even on some of my articles) the purpose behind it is I am holding up a mirror to what you gotta do in your own life. 

It's for your benefit. With that tangent out of the way, here's the whole point behind this section...

Even though I am a smart ass and I have dark twisted humor, I encourage you to not take your frame to the extreme as this can and will turn women off. 

There are women out there that like genuine assholes, however, those women are HIGHLY unhealthy.

The only time I will encourage you to take your frame far is if you notice that when you seduce her, then you are having sex, you start to learn that women enjoy being choked.

Yes, it's true, from my experience, women like that. But watch how much pressure you put on her neck as it will hurt her if you do not calibrate to her comfort.

Paradoxes of Seduction

I always mention how masculine energy is internally validated, and feminine energy is externally validated. 

So really, this section is to get you to realize that there is the dark side to learning about these paradoxes...

That dark side is you start questioning which routine works, and which false disqualifier didn't work. You must know about how these paradoxes can and will fuck up your mindset as it certainly fucked up mine.

Why should I use negging if it doesn't work on her? This shit doesn't work. It did not result in a good seduction, just a shitty seduction.

I will write more about these paradoxes but it will be on those other articles. More importantly, the most common one is you just ask yourself...

"Why should I use this gambit if it didn't get me laid?"

But then you remember that masculine energy validates itself. And that my friend is what you want. Being reliant on just getting a lay isn't outcome independence. It's thirstiness and needy.

Masculine Power Requires Caution

This is the most important point to this entire article brother. I have found my power, have you found your power? 

If you haven't, I encourage you to find your masculine purpose and more importantly, do NoFap.

Because here is something life-changing that I never thought would have happened with not masturbating for years and working out...

You have an insane high amount of energy, then you realize how much you can do than waste your life away of living a fantasy life on the computer screen. 

I just gave you a massive tip to develop masculine power from my book Closer's Guide to Seduction for FREE.

So really take this into consideration brother. Find your power, but know that with great power comes great responsibility as you have heard that quote from Spiderman.

More importantly, I've learned in my own life that having this type of power can and will put your head in places on how you can mis-use it to get what you want. 

But then you realize that this is no healthy way of living life. My caution to you is be mindful of your power when learning social skills and seduction.

The Bottom Line

The biggest takeaway I can give you is to proceed with caution brother. It is essential to learn this skill if you want to get more women. 

In fact, you really gotta know what you're getting yourself in to when you learn seduction. So don't let this discourage you. 

Just learn to always validate yourself is my biggest message to you, and don't rely on if it got you laid to be the end all, be all. 

That just puts you in to an unhealthy ego. The healthy ego is you know you are enough, you know you're worth, you face rejection and reframe it.

As I always say, all rejections are a learning lesson. In fact, if a woman gives you last minute resistance, never take your frame to the extreme. Because then you're just a genuine asshole and a douchebag.

More importantly, if you are new to learning seduction, my advice to you is to read my first book here. Don't put the cart before the horse. 

Feel free to leave any comments, questions, and concerns, I appreciate it!

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