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Why Daily Meditation Makes You Higher Status


Have you ever met someone that you can tell practices daily meditation? I’m going to talk to you today about why daily meditation makes you higher status and why it’s so beneficial for you to meditate.

You’ve heard about it all the time, and maybe you are skeptical, but dude, telling you from experience, meditation is extremely important for you to maintain a clear head.

Have you even tried meditation? Or do you just say, “yeah right, this isn’t going to do much for me.” Well that right there is the biggest mistake you’ll make.

I’ll get in to SEVERAL reasons why you really must practice daily meditation and what it can do for your social life, fitness life, and in ALL areas of life!!

Daily Meditation Skyrockets Self-Development

Daily Meditation Skyrockets Self-Development

Throughout my life, I’ve met many people that struggle with stress and they just let it cumulate over time.

Daily meditation literally reduces stress immensely and is guaranteed to skyrocket self-development. 

You will become insanely attractive to women because you are working on yourself.

However, I want to be clear, you should never meditate for external reasons. 

I don’t want you meditating just because I said that women love it when men work on themselves.

You should meditate for yourself to get rid of unwanted stress which raises cortisol levels.

The stress hormone “cortisol” raises the more you let the stress overwhelm you. 

That means the more you let stress pile up, you are going to carry unwanted stress.

I want you to read this here to see that research studies have been conducted and PROVEN to relieve unwanted stress.

Daily Meditation Raises Your State to The Highest Level Possible
daily meditation raises your state to the highest level possible guaranteed

Daily Meditation Raises Your State to The Highest Level Possible

Have you seen someone who is very charismatic and makes everyone feel good?

This is what daily meditation can do for you. It raises your state to the highest level possible, in result, you are charismatic.

I cannot stress this enough. You will feel amazing and you will reach the flow state faster than ever. 

Daily meditation can bring out your game and you will flow better in conversations and not be stifled, not knowing what to say.

You can communicate with certainty, confidence and make people feel good.

Meditation is a form of state training and ultimately raises your state to levels you never thought you can reach. 

I remember when I meditated for an hour straight, then I went out to a cowboy bar, then this happened…

No lie, I had three women ask to get my number within a span of twenty minutes.

Now to be clear, like I said, don’t meditate for external reasons. I want you to meditate to feel good in your own skin.

Daily Meditation Keeps You Centered and Grounded

Daily Meditation Keeps You Centered and Grounded

The more centered you are, the more you aren’t easily influenced by outside external resistance.

You have a half full glass and you draw validation from within. 

People that meditate are always self-validated and they don’t give two shits on what people say to them.

In result, you are centered and grounded.

People that don’t meditate are reliant on other’s people’s opinions of them to feel full.

So when you meditate, you are internally validated.

Your inner balance point is immovable and you aren’t swayed by women that test you.

This puts you in to a masculine mindset. Why?

Because as I said, you don’t give two shits. Let me say it more bluntly.

You don’t give a flying fuck what people say to you. 

You are grounded and nothing matters to you unless you let it matter.

It’s time for you to develop the “fuck it” mentality. And that’s what daily meditation does.

You are carefree and nothing else matters to you when you meditate.

Daily Meditation Increases Emotional Stability
daily meditation keeps you centered and grounded, in result you’re more present

Daily Meditation Increases Emotional Stability

When you meditate daily, you are more calm, which means you are more emotionally stable.

The one thing I see guys do a lot that don’t meditate is they are in a state of consistent emotional instability.

That means you are easily triggered. You snap fast, you can’t control your anger, and you can’t control how you react to challenges.

This is why you become more higher status when you meditate. 

A calm man is much more attractive than a man that cannot control his reactions to others.

And I always tell people that ask me how to become more masculine, I first ask them, “Do you meditate?”

When they say, “no,” I tell them immediately, “start meditating now.”

They always ask me “why? what can it do for me?”

My friend, meditation keeps you more emotionally stable and in control of your anger. 

When you don’t meditate, often you react faster than the average man.

And it’s a massive turn-off. You know what’s attractive?

When you can control your emotions and you’re not steered off of your inner balance point.

Report: Why Do Women Lose Attraction in Relationships?

Meditation Brings You To The Present Moment

Meditation Brings You To The Present Moment

Meditation all stems down to the idea that all we have is the present moment. We cannot control the past or future.

So if you really think about it, meditation can eliminate approach anxiety. Let’s really think about this for a second…

The truth about approach anxiety is its very fucking arrogant. Why?

Because anxiousness states “You know what’s going to happen in the future.”

The truth behind what I’m saying is we all have no idea what’s going to happen in the future!

You cannot predict what women (or anyone) will say to you. 

That’s bad over-generalizations created by your mind.

Your mind is good at distorting reality, in case you didn’t know that.

The more you meditate, the more you are present.

And the more present you are, the more attractive and calm you are.


How I Meditate Every Morning

How I Meditate Every Morning

If you have been a reader of my blog since the beginning, you’ve seen my Ultimate Guide to State Training, then you know about meditating and why it is a masculine mindset habit to develop.

However, today, I am going to tell you how I meditate every morning and you can model what I do to get in a carefree state of mind.

  1. Turn on Brain FM and I go to Guided Meditation
  2. I close my eyes and take a deep breath.
  3. Cease all thoughts – I don’t let any thoughts influence me
  4. I become the watcher and the observer (Meaning, I monitor my thoughts closely)
  5. Ultimately, my breath is what I pay attention to. I follow my breath, not my thoughts.

It’s this simple man. Go get a free trial with Brian FM. I love it because it doesn’t just contain meditation tracks, it has A LOT more such as focus and sleep binaural beats.

I gladly pay $6.99 a month in which I get access to hundreds of tracks and you can cancel at anytime. No worries.

Worth it to increase carefreeness when everyone spends money on bullshit such as watching Netflix.

I’d rather have you choose to improve yourself, it’s going to pay off, trust me on this one!

“Stop thinking and you become your natural self.”

You Become Higher Status As a Result of Daily Meditation

You Become Higher Status As a Result of Daily Meditation

As I started meditating every morning, I started feeling like I can do anything and no one would really care.

So one day I travelled out of town to day game with a friend. I was in my car and I meditated before I met up with him.

I walked in a gym afterwards called Kingdom Fitness after my meditation. 

And here’s what happened my friend. This guy let me in and I found out quickly that he thought I had a membership. Only members can walk in with a key card, yet he opened the door for me the minute he saw me.

I did not have a key card, and in fact, I had access to a full gym for FREE. I was in an exclusive gym for members only, in which you must carry a key card to get access to the gym.

I remember how much I was in disbelief on how I was able to walk in a gym for members only, and how he thought I was a member. This is called in-group bias, I’ll get to that in another article.

Even though it seems too good to be true, that’s exactly what happened my friend. It’s a true fucking story.

When you meditate, things like this can happen for you. Again, I’m not bullshitting you, this really did fucking happen.

This is what daily meditation can do for you. It’s like people see the way you hold yourself more confidently.

You become higher status. And people look at you differently. They see how calm and composed you are.

Meditation and Social Momentum


Meditation and Social Momentum

This may be the biggest a-ha moment I have ever had when I got highly in to game and social skills.

That is you only flow better when you meditate before going out to bars and nightclubs.

It’s not about getting phone numbers my friend. It’s about building social momentum and flowing better in conversations. 

I always slap my forehead when I hear guys say, “how many numbers did you get?”

It’s because this is an outcome dependent mindset. You get numbers when you stop caring about getting numbers.

Let me tell you the truth on what happens when you have an outcome dependent mindset…

Women use that as an excuse to not talk to you again and will give you fake numbers so that you’ll back off. 

Social momentum is what you want. You want to flow better in conversations, not be stifled and freeze up.

I’ll define social momentum for you, think of it like warming up, you have to talk to EVERYONE.

Talk to the first person you see. Then approach at least ten people. After that, you’ve warmed up. 

That is social momentum. And this is critical if you want to get good with women.

You cannot start approaching the hottest woman at first.

You’ll get too damn anxious even if you did meditate beforehand. Trust me, I’ve been there MANY times.

Meditation Before Working Out

Meditation Before Working Out

I want to start out this section by saying that so many clients I’ve trained get in their head before they workout.

Then when they leave, it’s like they are back where they started. 

You have to get in to that all important carefree state of mind that meditation is guaranteed to do.

Because most people watch each other at the gym. Then here’s what they start saying in their minds…

  • “Why can’t I get muscular?”
  • “Why can’t I become more agile?”
  • “How come he has more muscles than me?”

Does that sound empowering? FUCK NO.

Stop telling yourself these horrible thoughts.

Heck I had an older client in her mid 40s and would often tell me, “I wish I can do burpees not modified.”

Then I’d watch her do a burpee not modified.

So my friend, get out of your head when you’re in the gym.

The truth is everyone is doing their own workout. Your insecure thoughts are a fucking illusion.

When you meditate, you become PRESENT while working out. 

And then you look higher status and people look at you more often 😉

Daily Meditation Makes You Higher Status

The Bottom Line

You see meditation can benefit you in all areas of your life. It can benefit you in fitness, it can benefit you in dating.

More importantly, it can make you an all around more calm person that can handle stress much better.

When you meditate in the morning, you are primed to tackle your day with more focus, attention, and carefreeness.

The most important aspect (in my opinion) of meditation is you are more detached from outcome. 

Meaning, whatever happens you don’t fucking care anymore.

When you meditate for a minimum of 15 minutes in the morning, you can stay completely present. 

You are more emotionally stable, grounded, centered, and you have less stress and anxiety.

If you don’t start meditating after reading this, I want to come through to you and command that you do the following:




I don’t care if you hate me for that. Because you my friend must be more grounded in your own reality.

No one can make a change for you. Only you can do that.

I don’t even care if you don’t use Brain FM, just fucking do it. Sometimes you need some tough love.

Anyways, if you are an action-taker, props man, I want you to DM me on Instagram and say “I started meditating.”

I will personally send you one of my free eBooks.

See you soon, you handsome action-takers. 

PS. Comment below if you have any comments, questions, or concerns.










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