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Attracting Women 101: What is Preselection in Dating?


Attracting Women 101:

What is Preselection in Dating?

You are going to learn how to attract women by learning how to leverage preselection after reading this article.

You must know about this if you want to attract the quality women I know that you want.

I am going to give you three easy ways to leverage this principle so that you can attract women effortlessly.

I want to begin this article with a story that happened at the beginning of the year in 2022.

A Story of Preselection That Happened in Real Time

It was January 1st in Hocking Hills State Park in Cambridge, Ohio.

I saw a front desk lady at the gift shop right by the hiking trail of Old Man’s Cave.

I recall that I was shopping for a family member innocently, and a tall young woman was sweating me.

Emily told me, “Adam do you see her looking at you?”

I said to her, “Yes I see her looking.” As I glanced over to see what my girlfriend was talking about.

So when I walked up to the desk to pay for the gift I got for my brother, she wrapped it very anxiously.

This is what women do when they are attracted. They get very uneasy and they don’t want to be seen.

So when I left, I told my girlfriend about preselection.

“Yep, I saw it too. She couldn’t keep herself contained. That’s preselection babe.”

Then we both talked about it while we went hiking in the wilderness.

Why Women Love Unavailable Men - Leverage Preselection
Preselection is one of the twenty one tips to STAY OUT OF THE FRIEND ZONE FOR GOOD!


Why Women Love Unavailable Men

What is preselection you might be wondering?

It is the cognitive shortcut that women want a man that already have women in their lives.

Simply put, women often want what they can’t have. 

That’s why married firefighters are so damn attractive.

That’s also why women love hanging out with men that are unavailable.

They think of them as a challenge.

Scarce men, married men, bad boys surrounded by women.

This is what women want and it turns them on.

It’s often why they date men that they know are no good for them and they try to fix them.


What is Preselection in Dating?

Have you ever heard of social proof? This is very similar to preselection. Let me explain.

Social proof is the psychological phenomenon that where people assume the actions of others are correct, in result, they comply. 

Preselection is literally the same thing as social proof in dating and social dynamics.

Social proof and preselection is very closely related to what is known as “The Herd Mentality.”

That means that when making decisions that other’s also make,  it becomes credible and validated.

In my upcoming book I am about to release, I discuss why The Herd Mentality is very powerful.

It is called The Closer’s Guide to Seduction. It will be released later this year 😉

In this book, you will learn why understanding female psychology is just as powerful as preselection.

When women see that you have female friends, they intuitively see that you understand female psychology.

Why do they assume that?

Because all women intuitively know what they like in a man and it communicates he has options.

This is why women hate it when men put them on a pedestal.

It’s because it communicates that she is the only one for him.

This is why you never supplicate to women, it turns them off so damn much that you’ll be friend zoned.

How To Leverage Preselection Easily
How To Tease Women To Get Them Instantly Attracted To You

How To Leverage Preselection Easily

I’ll list for you three very powerful ways to demonstrate strong preselection.

  • Storytelling – Tell a story about how you don’t want to be preselected by women.
  • Staging – Demonstrate your confidence and charisma around other women.
  • Preselected Approach – The most powerful way to open any woman.


Tell a Story on Why You Don't Want to be Preselected by Women

Tell a Story on Why You Don’t Want to be Preselected by Women

So let’s talk about telling stories about women you know.

In fact, if you have pictures of you with other women in your phone, you can tell a story about what happened.

I remember when I got a haircut from the woman in the picture.

I showed her a picture of one of my friends.

Then I said to her,

“Yeah, I’m not that in to her. She just doesn’t value her health and that’s a huge priority for me.”

Do you notice how I framed that?

Essentially, you show women pictures of you with other women, tell them why it wouldn’t work out.

Ever since I did that with her, she loves to tease and flirt with me. I don’t number close because I’m taken.

Remember how I stated in this article women want men that are scarce?

The more you appear as a man that they can’t tame, the more they want you.

But I want to be very clear about something, don’t make up stories.

Women pick up on incongruence quite easily and they will call you out.

So if you tell a story, you want to stick to the highlights, don’t put her to sleep and bore her.

Leverage Preselection

Here’s another reason why telling a story on how you don’t want a very beautiful woman is so damn powerful.

It shows that you are bold in your frame and looks isn’t top priority, in fact, you screen for more.

You are clearly harder to satisfy and be impressed by someone that only possesses one attractive trait.

If you are easily impressed, then you come across as gullible. Take that to the bank.

There are so many women that are given the benefit of the doubt because of how they look.

If you can actively show that looks is only one trait and you need to be shown more to be impressed

Then you are clearly one of a kind and women will proactively pursue you 😉

Staging Your Confidence and Charisma

Staging Your Confidence and Charisma

I was at the drive-thru at Starbucks, and I ordered a drink in an Australian Accent. Check out this video.

So you might be wondering, how is this staging? Are you saying I have to be incongruent?

Valid point, so let me thoroughly explain what staging is and why it works.

Staging is when you actively demonstrate how confident you are around other women. 

When I had that video recorded, I grabbed the drink and all of the baristas were laughing.

And they saw me with my girlfriend Emily.

That mean’s I staged how confident I am by simply putting pressure on myself to order in a funny tone.

When you are jokingly incongruent, it plays a positive effect because you don’t take life too seriously.

Remember to lighten up in social dynamics because I learned through experience that perfection is stupid.

You want to reach the flow state where nothing fucking matters and you don’t care what happens.

So you might now be wondering how to stage charisma.

You stage charisma just by being giving value and genuine compliments when women are with you.

The compliments must come from a place of wanting nothing in return.

In my book Become The Alpha Women Want, I give you a masterclass on developing charisma.

Become The Alpha Women Want




The most important point in developing charisma, you must be willing to let go of outcome. 

People hate it when you have ulterior motives behind your likability, especially women.

So instead of complimenting from a place of wanting an outcome, learn to be outcome independent.

I want you to start expressing appreciation in your compliments. 

Say the compliment in having a downward masculine tonality.

A great example of a genuine compliment:

“I love how your dress matches your shoes, I appreciate the work you put in to yourself.”

That is how to give a genuine compliment without being too needy for an outcome.

Being outcome independent and knowing how to flirt in a higher status way, on top of demonstrating preselection will get you laid my friend.


Preselected Approach

Preselected Approach

This is hands down my favorite way to use preselection in social dynamics. I cannot stress this enough.

How often have you opened a new woman cold and she had a strong bitch shield? 

If you have done cold approach, you know about how there are MANY model-type women that have it.

In fact, I have been rejected by up to 30 women because simply I went out alone. 

When I went out with at least one woman by my side, I was easily able to start a conversation warm.

Ever heard of a warm-approach?

It’s just like cold approach when you’re alone but it’s warmed up because you are with a woman.

It appears that you are already preselected.

I remember one time that I was at the bar in Chilli’s at Cleveland State University and I was with a friend.

I will leave her nameless to respect her privacy.

She saw me talking with the cute bartender. 

Leverage Preselection

Then she walked up to me and gave me her number and invited me to her birthday party.

I knew her from Social Psychology. That’s humorous, college actually taught me something useful.

One thing that I learned on my own through several social interactions is all women are testy.

Women use their feminine qualities to test men to see if they are congruent. 

I learned this the hard way. You will hear the entire story in my book released later this year.

Knowing this will save you from being labelled as just friends. Don’t be a doormat. Be assertive.

Back to the point, I was talking to the bartender, which means she saw me conversing with a woman.

That’s how you leverage preselection in full effect. 

When you talk to a cute bartender comfortably in front of other women, it shows strong preselection.

I want you to consider making female friends and then going out to do activities.

Why? Because it shows that you are socially intelligent and you understand female psychology. 

Women love a man that understands them.

All human beings have an addiction to being understood. Take that to the bank.

Leverage Preselection


Don’t underestimate the power of having female friends as you can leverage this in social dynamics. 

To speak very bluntly, women want a man of higher value that has options. It’s called Female Hypergamy.

Women always look for the upgrade even when they are with partners. Did you know that?

Now you do. The only way you can keep a woman interested long term is to simply be masculine. 

No I am not saying be an obnoxious, overbearing, controlling ass. I can’t even believe I have to say it.

That is a scarcity mentality and this is how you lose women, even when she is just a friend.

Let me tell you how you can get a woman to fully trust you.

That is by having female friends, demonstrating higher value, and more importantly, preselection.

It basically means you are higher status when you demonstrate everything I just talked about.

Maybe I might post a blog on status. Ask me in the comments.

As always, leave some questions and comments on future blog topics you want me to cover!

See you next time you handsome preselected legends 😉











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