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The Correct Way to Demonstrate Vulnerability with Women


Correct Way to Demonstrate Vulnerability with Women

Well fuck, I guess it's that type of article where I might lose half of my readers, but you what?...

As the masculine mindset coach, I literally could give a single FUCK if you disagree with me on what I have to say on vulnerability. 

So here goes, nothing. Let's start out with what most men get wrong with vulnerability...

Most Men Are Emotionally Emasculated

I have a whole podcast where I cover emotional masculinity and how I transferred emotions to my partner at that time. 

That right there is TRUE emotional contagion, which I cover extensively in my upcoming hardcover book. 

Understand that most men are emotionally emasculated. What does that mean Adam? Does that mean vulnerability is weakness?

Does that mean you shouldn't be vulnerable with women? Does that mean boys don't cry?

There I go being a fucking smart ass like I am on a lot of my articles. Here's what I mean by emotionally emasculated...

Most men have already been shamed by society for having emotions, that they act fucking passive aggressive. 

And because most men are emotionally emasculated. It's because they have too much pull in their game.

I need the women to like me. I need the women to support me. I need women to be my everything!

God I just want to fucking get up and start throwing chairs across the room just from how fired up I'm getting on what most men don't understand with vulnerability. 

If you ever try to get a woman to like you, if you ever place women as your purpose like I say in this article..

You just used vulnerability incorrectly. And yes, this makes me want to throw fucking chairs. Real men know better than that.

Vulnerability is Weakness When You Try Too Hard

FOCUS MOTHERFUCKER! Don't stare at a woman's ass. 

This is what men do consistently. Half the time I walk up to these guys and say...

"Bro go talk to her."  And they will tell me... "I can't dude, I just can't."

Well, that's fucked up. And it makes the masculine mindset coach sad.

I kinda want to have a feminine moment and cry.

But I will say, when you start out dating women, you do not want to show this type of emotion around her. 

I'm actually dead serious. No, it's not about boy's don't cry bullshit. 

This is about you simply trying to get her sex by having too much pull in your game as I already said. 

"Don't you like me? Don't you want to spend time together?"

Jesus, stop this crap. This is one of the worst ways to be vulnerable. 

Don't fucking try to get an outcome. Don't try to get anything from women.

Don't be so available and compliment them as it's highly unattractive.

This right here is the biggest mistake all men make with vulnerability.

Drop expectations. Golden rule to attracting women.

How To Demonstrate Vulnerability With Confidence

I have a whole article on developing a healthy ego, however, vulnerability requires you to drop your massive superiority complex.

That means don't do what most guys do with "Storytelling" for example and make up stories because you're ego hides your insecurities.

A healthy ego doesn't mean you LIE about your accomplishments, or you LIE about how much money you make, or you try to be impressive. 

Just understand that most people LIE to themselves, in result, they LIE to women. And women can fucking spot a fake motherfucker fast.

Here's how to start out with correctly displaying vulnerability to women.

Be an honest motherfucker. Not an inauthentic motherfucker.

For example, I recently told a story on my podcast how I got a married hairstylist attracted to me. This is a story from an unreleased book. 

I told her about my blog that she asks a million questions about it...

So here's what I asked her...

“Do you know about female hypergamy?”

She said to me... “No what is that?”

I told her, “It’s the idea that women are trading up and it is the reason for high divorce rates."

It led up to me telling Kristi what women are attracted to...

"Women are attracted to confidence, funny guys, slightly cocky but doesn't have to force it. It's implied in his presence."

Right now I am being vulnerable with all my readers. And my podcast fan base by saying, "My dark desire is I love flirting with unavailable women."

Here's how to demonstrate vulnerability with confidence...

Own your dark desires. Shine the light on your dark side.

Make damaging admissions, I will cover that in a second. But I want to make one thing clear...

When I say dark desires, I don't mean you behave like a fucking weirdo. I mean you embrace your dark side, but you don't let it consume you.

The biggest point to storytelling I must tell you is never make up stories. This is why I am not a fan of running canned stories that some PUA advice promotes.

Damaging Admissions is Vulnerability Used Correctly

Another podcast comes to mind, I don't really remember the name of it, one of my earlier episodes where the audio quality sucks ass.

The point behind this is in this episode, I made a damaging admission that in my seduction book, I made an honest mistake where I got the names of all the women in the story messed up. LOL.

It's the story of a hot approach, how in my book, my sister Ashley built up my value to a barista while Emily was with me. 

Lauren, Bella, Emily, Ashley, mix all these names up and you have a story in the book where I said... 

"There was the Barista I told you about on my blog if you're a reader of my website."

Here's what happened, I forgot to mention in my book that BELLA is the woman that had a thing for me that I was referring to on my website.

Both Lauren and Bella knew I had a girlfriend at the time because they saw her. Preselection works.

And in the book, I omitted to tell the reader about Bella.

Here's what a damaging admission is...

Reveal a negative thing about yourself and pair it with a silver lining.

I genuinely suck at remembering people's names. But because I wanted to tell the story of a hot approach when I was writing Closer's Guide to Seduction...

This is the silver lining behind the story my friends. You must go out with two women on your side more often, this is a hot approach.

Vulnerability is Hot When Used Correctly During Seduction

5 Ways to Kiss Women Effortlessly

Something beautiful happens when you talk about sex comfortably women women...

You realize that when you feel comfortable, women feel comfortable talking about sex around you. 

Here's something that I reveal in one of my unreleased seduction books..

I have you ask women to describe her hottest sexual experience. 

How do you do this?

ASK HER. Unapologetically. Owning you're sexuality.

Calmly, like this is normal conversation. Ask her, "Do you remember your hottest sexual experience?"

They start remembering old memories or imagine future ones and FEEL what it felt like. 

And as we know, it's EMOTION that drives action. 

So have women describe to you her hottest sexual experience.

Then the vulnerability happens which is fucking beautiful. Reveal to her a self-actualization moment that you have about her...

"I wasn't sure before but now it's obvious to me you have this part of you that's really exciting and adventurous, and you just feel really comfortable and connected to someone before you can let that side of you out. I'm curious, how do you know when you feel truly connected to someone?"

FUCK. I love words. Brother, this is truly evil. 

People ask me all the time what I mean by evil. I mean, it's genius.

Vulnerability Equals Passion

It's time I bring back up Emotional Masculinity. And there I say it, this is when I may lose some of you. 

That's okay. Here's something that all of you men out there that must understand about this "Boys don't cry shit."

What that terminology does to the average man and woman, is it encourages emotional immaturity. It encourages passive aggressiveness.

It also encourages in some cases, emotional detachment. Which is something that I'm learning the hard way. 

You will hear more about that in my upcoming hardcover book.

My friends, I really only flirt with married women as of lately. 

Another damaging admission I'm going to make. 

I have this hidden seducer's mindset that I will bring out on occasion.

I confess I've used it with unavailable women.

Shoot me. They liked it so it's all good :-))

Vulnerability equals passion. Fuck yeah it does. Here's how I'd demonstrate that...

"Most guys have no idea what they want in bed nowadays..."

She might say something like.. "Yeah, I know that."

Continue on.. "I feel like cavemen back in the day were just so uninhibited and FREE and just took their woman back to the cave and RIPPED her clothes off and were so passionate about it.

They just knew what they wanted, but nowadays, guys are such PUSSIES in the bedroom. They have no idea what they want and they are so uncertain. Don't even get me started on the guys that actually ask the girl if they 'like it' during sex. 

It all starts with knowing yourself, and knowing what it really is that you like about sex. I know it's not the manliest comment to say this, but sometimes when I want to take a break from the physicality of sex, I like to mix it up, and just have deep loving emotional sex."

Here is the silver lining, I am teaching my listeners and readers the power of having a naughty sexy tonality.

You can't really hear that on my blog can you? Just know that when I am in the seduction process with a woman...

I fully embrace the vulnerable connection. I understand that seduction is unpredictable and nonlinear. 

Masculine and feminine energies are both required during seduction. Wrap your mind around that, because most people won't. 

I have this whole sequence above in my higher status flirting article.

This leverages the sex god method, and it's why I love it so much.

Straight up, I have women calling me player's just from listening to my show. This is when I remind myself that trust and comfort matters.

The Bottom Line: Correct Way to Show Vulnerability

There are many tangents I could say on why most people don't get it when it comes to being vulnerable. 

Heck I hear a well known podcast called Fresh and Fit say it's never a good idea. 

But honestly, even though I do enjoy Myron's book...

I don't have to agree with him on everything. In my experience, you can LEVERAGE the fact that women want vulnerability from men.

Just understand that you don't want to show that side of yourself early on in a relationship.

That's when I'll say to you the reader, to some extent Myron makes a valid point that relationship dynamics start early on in a relationship. 

This is when my relationship advice comes in to play...

Only emotionally open with women in a long-term relationship.

And you must judge for yourself whether you want to open up to a woman. For example...

If you are seeing an emotionally immature women, fuck no, you should never show weakness around her.

Instead here's what I suggest, don't let these type of women have access to your heart. Only allow emotionally mature women to access it.

Don't fight your emotions my friend. It causes problems. True vulnerability is living with an open heart, regardless if it hurts.

You can be emotionally masculine as I have hinted at in this entire article. 

Again, stay tuned for my hard cover book, I will go into much more detail.

Feel comfortable to reach out to me on social media, or leave a comment below, I'll do my best to respond.

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