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Visualize Yourself to A Successful GIRL MAGNET Fast


Before I talk to you about the power of NLP modeling and how you can visualize yourself to become a girl magnet effortlessly in the quickest way possible, I gotta give you a clear word of warning…

Your guard, your ego, your narrow-mindset that inhibits you to grow that I covered deeply in this article is going to literally stop you from succeeding.

I'm glad you came across this page. I'm glad you want to become a girl magnet. I am glad you want quantity of girls in your life.

Becoming a girl magnet is like being a decorative magnet. Just as a decorative magnet attracts attention and adds a splash of color to any surface, you need to attract attention effortlessly. But if you think NLP is bullshit, I genuinely sincerely want you to click away.

Not that long ago, I had an argument with someone close to me that said, “NLP is bullshit.” And I literally went on a big fucking tangent as to where I was six years ago, how I was a passive fucking, soft spoken idiot, to becoming more polarizing than ever. Wanna know more?

I recently was compared to ANDREW TATE by my own family. Yet I scratch my head and think to myself why there are skeptical people that cannot accept the person I’ve become as this very dominant, assertive man and that is from the technique I’m going to give you later in this article. Let me introduce you the unapologetic man…

Report: How To Build Unshakable Inner Confidence of an Alpha Male Effortlessly

How This Unapologetic Man Changed My Life

To be clear, I’m not writing this article because he asked me. I’m sure you skeptical people will remain ensconced and not convinced. Follow your own lead my friend, think what you want to think.

He hosts a podcast known as The Unapologetic Man on Spotify. Go subscribe and show this man some support for helping out Adam, who used to be the nice guy, now has been labelled a boy toy and a player.

I am honestly writing this article out of the kindness of my masculine heart to tell you that this man has changed my life. And when I hopped on a masterclass he did with Marni from the Wing Girl Method, I gladly said what’s up during this masterclass. His unwavering support has been instrumental in my journey.

Marni, I appreciate you. Mark I also appreciate you. More importantly, the reason, the entire purpose of this article is I have a big announcement in my hardcover book at the very end. NLP modeling will get you to view yourself as a girl magnet.

Want to become a girl magnet? It's time you stop the search for finding the magic fix. As my man, Mark would say, "Don't expect a girl to jump in the air and slide on your dick."

Here's all I ask of you, throw away your skepticism, understand that your self-belief is required to trust in the content that I am providing, as I want to share this with you what NLP really is...

What is NLP?

NLP can in fact replace bad beliefs that you think you are not enough for high quality women. In result, you become a girl magnet. Yes, my friend, you can and you will become a girl magnet, that is if you open up your mind to learn more about this fascinating field.

Dr Richard Bandler, defined NLP is the study of successful behaviors. So yes my friend, you can also use NLP to become more successful in your mind.

See here how this works, your perception of yourself is insanely powerful. You think of the picture, you paint it, then you step in to that picture frame.

Picture yourself in a car you want. Picture your ideal girl you want in that car. Picture your friends giving you a high-five for landing a date with a sexy girl.

The law of attraction is really at play with NLP as well. By creating a mental image of yourself as a girl magnet, you align your actions and beliefs to match that image.

Why NLP is Extremely Powerful: The Power of Language

Listen closely to this video my friend. If you’ve read my first book, you know how much I’m an advocate for spirituality. That’s a whole different field, just get the book by Doctor Wayne Dyer, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life on Audio, it’s amazing.

That’s all I will say on Spirituality. Let’s tie this back to becoming a girl magnet. You gotta rep out visualizing yourself approaching women. Then follow it up with action.

But more importantly, believing in yourself to become more confident with women. Here’s a task I want you to do before we even move forward in to NLP modeling…


Visualize Yourself Approaching Thirty Women Effortlessly In One Week

Remember what Richard says, “What thinking really is, is its reversing all of the processes. Putting up new big shiny pictures in their head and talking to themselves in a better voice.”

This NLP Technique I am going to give you in a second essentially gives you better self-talk. You’ll emulate the belief systems of an Alpha Male and a natural ladies man.

NLP is only powerful when you are genuinely interested in self-improvement and personal growth. Visualize yourself doing what you want to do, then follow it up with action. Use this NLP technique my friend, then go approach women afterwards…

Here's the point to this visualization, you will use Brain.FM, and continue to visualize yourself making it easy to approach girls and you are funny, you make them laugh. No longer are you unable to approach.

You smile, you are fun, you show genuine personality, and you are wearing an outfit that ensures your legendary status.

My Morning Routine: An Example of NLP Modeling

This man Tony Robbins has used NLP Modeling very successfully. And to be clear, I recommend you go through this article to find out more NLP secrets from Tony Robbins himself.

Started in the 1970s, the creators John Grinder and Richard Bandler discovered that if you model the success of high performers, you are able to reproduce their high performance, much like how magnets attract positive outcomes.

This is what NLP Modeling is brother. This is one of my favorite NLP techniques of all time. It’s so damn effective that I included a different form of modeling in my first book Become The Alpha Women Want: How To Lead Interactions Naturally.

Tony Robbins was hired to improved the US pistol shooting scores of their new recruits on a test. This is crazy my friend, the average score was at 73% success rate in 27 hours up to 100% success rate in less than 15 hours.

Through modeling, Tony was mentored by John Grinder on NLP and how to use it. Essentially, Tony pulled this off effortlessly.

I want you to understand how this can work in modeling naturals that have amazing game. Women are attracted to a man that has a high status vibe and holds himself confidently. I’m going to give you affirmations that I want you you say.

Be a motherfucking savage on using these relentlessly. Do not miss this as this can get you to your goals on becoming a girl magnet fast!!

Twenty Five Powerful Affirmations for Success in Dating

I AM Confident in my Nonverbal Communication

I AM Savage and Assertive At All Times

I AM Masculine but Calm, Cool, and Collected in my Own Skin

I Know Exactly What I Want in a Partner and Won’t Settle For Anything Less

I Protect The Ones I Love At All Times and I Protect Women From Harm

I AM Comfortable in my Own Sexuality At All Times

I Know My Limits and What I Will and Will Not Put Up From Women That Cross My Boundaries

I AM A Natural Ladies Man and I AM Extremely Attractive

I AM Decisive and A Fast Action-Taker That No One Can Keep Up With

I Love Myself Enough to Let Women Go if They Aren’t A Good Fit For Me

I AM Higher Status and I Don’t Need Shiny Objects To Prove It

I AM At The Cause for the Circumstances That Surround Me

Women Are Always Looking For A Man Like Me

I AM Demonstrating Higher Value Body Language and Posture

I Radiate Masculine Power Around Women

I Have No Shame Surrounding My Social Life

If I Get Flaked On With This Woman, I’ll Meet Someone Better For Me That Will Respect My Time

I Show Women That I AM Congruent in Myself but More Importantly, I AM Congruent For Me

I Follow My Own Lead and I Never Supplicate To Anyone Because I Put Myself on a Pedestal

I AM Ambitious, Passionate, and Have Heart in What I do

I AM Appreciative and Grateful For Everyone in My Life

I AM Sexually Self-Entitled

I Can Seduce All Kinds of Women

Women Love Sex, They Just Want to Feel Safe and Comfortable With Me First

I AM Comfortable In Myself Around 9’s and 10’s

Review your progress and affirmations regularly to stay on track.

The Takeaway

First off, I really want you to write down those powerful affirmations but here’s the important tip…

Say it with passion, emotion, certainty, and conviction. Action in conjunction with affirmations will in fact give you the confidence to approach women without being a dip shit.

Visualize yourself becoming that girl magnet. Visualize yourself making more money. Visualize yourself that you hold the frame in all interactions with girls. Visualize yourself in a city reaching your goal to talking to every girl you want to.

As of right now, I help guys with seducing women properly without being pushy in the process.

But first, and most importantly, it is important you master Becoming The Alpha Women Want.

Of course, you’ll become a girl magnet reading that book because it’s been endorsed by Marni. Not to mention, it’s not that smart to jump to the seduction book if you have severe approach anxiety.

If you are willing to open your mind, and use the NLP Modeling technique that in my opinion is really fucking powerful, email me at AdamSkoda@MasculineMindsetCoach.com how it’s helped you.

Feel comfortable to leave your questions, comments, and concerns down below and check out my podcast on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Libsyn, or Apple Podcasts.

Remember, investing in yourself is crucial. When you purchase resources like books or courses, you are taking action towards self-improvement. This investment will pay off as you grow and develop your skills.


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