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How To Turn Women On FAST: 3 Bulletproof Strategies



Do you want to turn women on fast? Do you want to get same night lays? Do you want to speed up the process of getting laid?

My friends, I decided to answer one of my readers questions on quick same night pulls.

And I want to be clear, this applies more to the women that go out ALONE. 

Do not under any circumstance drag women in to an outcome she doesn't want. So here's what I want to say to you...

Creating Tension Turns Women On

 Guys make the mistake of over-sexualizing. Some of my podcasts are a bit steamy, but understand that you MUST show that you are not a creeper. 

Don't do anything unattractive. Show her you are not like all the other guys who will dip and then bounce. Be masculine, be fun, and be a challenge. 

You want to be savvy. Cocky funny would work well to get same night pulls. The reason? Very simple.

Have masculine certainty and be polarizing. Just be certain in yourself, not fake hard. Don't take shit personal is what I'm saying.

Report: How To Get a Strong Frame FAST in Two Simple Steps

Lower the bar on what you think is socially acceptable to say. But listen to me brother, don't threaten a woman's safety. EVER.

The Dark Triad Blends in Attraction

If you want short-term relationships, understand that the dark topics I blog about, they overlap in to seduction.

But please for the love of god, do not become a fucking psychopath. 

I talk about having the certainty of one. But I never want you to become one. 

Certainty is required for one-night stands. Never forget that. Just be certain in yourself. Don't fake it.

Warm-Up Before Talking to Girls

Showing high confidence when you come with powerful eye contact and high-charged positive emotional stimulus is very effective in nightclubs.

In nightclubs, high energy is expected. So warm-up, be social before you do this, but more importantly, I really encourage you to look for highly feminine women that are by themselves.

However, don't be stupid and go for your target right away. This is the biggest mistake all men make in nightclubs.

You need to warm-up. Talk to everyone. I don't care if you talk to men to warm-up. Work your way up to talking to the women you want.

Here's the biggest caveat to this entire article, none of these sequences apply unless you get her isolated, which leads me to my next point...

Psychological Isolation Matters

I can't believe I have to say this but it must be said. Those of you potential feminists reading...

Do not misinterpret this as some type of power trip. Most, if not all dating coaches say the same thing.

That is you must get her one-on-one. No cockblocks. Like I said, the feminine women are the most receptive to men that demonstrate the right vibe to give them positive, good, varying emotions. 

That simply means, implement higher status flirting as I always blog about. More importantly, remember that women want to feel swept off their feet. 

They dream about prince charming. But more importantly, most women also dream about a man that can bring out her naughty side.

Given the right man, the right time, the right night and the opportunity strikes that she just so happens to be ready for connection...

Women will sleep with you. That might be hard for some of you to believe. But it's true. When you tweak your mindset, you will have same night lays. Time for a story...

Instant Sexual Attraction 

Watch the video. Here's the story as I am going down memory lane...

I saw this chick at the bar, and I didn't even know her name.

We bantered immediately, and this man saw it as you can see. 

I'm letting you all know now. Yes, I've flirted with married women. 

I have a podcast about to drop on how I attracted married women.

But I won't go further than flirting with married women. This is another interview with Hannah Spanke that will drop on January 4th.

However, if they don't have a rock on their finger, I will sleep with them.

What you are seeing is a man who saw this chick got super sexual with me in a public place

"She was all over you." As you can hear him say in the video.  

I've been called a "boy toy" already. Let that sink in. Most guys are simps. 

I literally just met this chick, she made herself available. I drank her drink. 

I showed initiative, I looked at her deeply. She got turned on fast. 

I don't care if they are taken, if she is not happy, then she will get the best sex ever that no other man can give her. 

Because I'm convinced most men CANNOT give women a seamless seduction that turns them on fast.

Yes, I mean that. She will get the most passionate night of her fucking life. And she will love every fucking minute of it. 

Watch the fuck out you guys. I really don't care if you love the woman you're seeing, if she hits me up on the phone number on this website, you better break up with her.

 Hot Mindset That Turns Women On

I intend to give women a seamless seduction that she will curl her fucking toes. 

I will give her the gift of having the best sex of her fucking life. 

Cocky? Yes, it is very cocky. That's why high confidence works.

I know deep down that every single women out there who makes themselves available to me...

I will yank them off their boyfriends. And it means that you must have this mentality...

All women want to fuck me. Every women wants me. If they don't want me, her fucking fault, her filter is fucked up.

That's the right mindset for same night pulls. All women want to fuck me. Say that on repeat.

Let's start with the very first tactic to turn women on fast.

Play Fights Turn Women On

"You should see me when I step out of the shower in my speedos, I grab a towel, then I look out my bedroom window, and you want to know who's face I don't see? YOURS. What the fuck. I genuinely want you to stalk me. You never call me incessantly, you don't blow up my phone like I ask. I don't get it. This is not how I wanted this relationship to be. I WANT YOU TO STALK ME. Do you have any respect for the desires of another human being?"


I sent that message and look at what she did. 

B. A. B. E. 

Ha. That's funny. She went in her feminine.

Masculinity leads, feminine follows. The point of showing you this message is this works through texting and in-person.

Understand that play fights can and will lead to sexual tension. If it's over texting, you gotta close her on the hangout.

Evil Way to Turn Women On 

CAUTION: This one works so fucking well, you might even get her MAD.

"I can honestly tell that you want an adventurous guy to take you on amazing experiences where you can just let go, and have fun, and more importantly, you want a guy who can just bring that part of you up where you just want to feel naughty, and this guy, right? He knows exactly what you're attracted to.

Not only does he know exactly what you're attracted to, but he can just slow down his voice, he has a very subtle squint to his eyes. He also puts the hair behind your ear, looks down to your lips, and then looks back to your eyes, and then he does not kiss you. Let's go find that guy right now!"

Use your eyes brother. Squint them at the right time. Pierce her soul with unwavering eye contact. Have that seducer's mindset.

This is evil. Not in a bad way. It's in a sexy way. Listen to my voice brother. The reason for sharing this video is you must be in the right mood. 

As you can see here, I'm in the right mood. Look at the world as your personal bedroom as this is a polarizing way to seduce women.

Tell Her What You Want To Do (Whisper)

My favorite way to seduce women easily. Make sure she's comfortable with your touch first. 

Meaning she will be accepting of you leaning in. Works best in isolation.

"I'm going to do unspeakable things to your body when I get you alone in my place later tonight."

"Imagine how good it's going to feel when I trace the tips of my strong fingers across the inside your hips and slowly slip off the constraint of these pants."

"Imagine just how free and exciting it's going to feel when I kiss you all over your body, but never kiss your lips."

Qualifying / Challenging lines you can use...

"Don't worry if you start to feel nervous. I don't expect you to handle me anyways."

"You have no idea who you're dealing with. Do you really think you can handle me?"

"So tell me, Jessica, what is the sexiest and craziest fantasy you've ever had in your life? And why? 

"Honestly, I can't believe you made me think these dirty thoughts of you. But to tell you the truth, I don't think you can sexually handle me."

Fuck this is awesome. I love women, they are so much fucking fun. Once you understand them. 

All women have this built-in desire to feel understood. Never forget that my friend. 

Advanced Pacing and Leading

"This feels good being with you here right now, I can tell that you love good sex, relaxing and letting go. But I know that there is a part of you that has always wondered if there is more, that there might be something truly freeing about sex that you haven't experienced before, or you haven't experienced it yet. And you're curious, you know it's out there, and there is this part of you that wants to fully be opened up, and be taken by this experience."

Do me a favor and listen to the podcast to understand the sheer power behind this entire sequence. 

I'm being fucking generous revealing this one. Because this is VERY fucking effective that it GENUINELY speeds up seduction faster than ever. 

Remember that she must be comfortable with you. Everything leading up to this point, I'm going to assume that you are a good dude, and you know better than to be slimey about this. Be calibrated, be relaxed, be calm, grounded and let it come out naturally.

The Takeaway

How To Tease Women Effectively

It's not hard to get same night pulls. You must demonstrate high confidence. Come in with high status flirting immediately. 

Start teasing her, make fun of her (just a little bit), even show some vulnerability the right way. Then get her in to psychological isolation. 

I don't mean you creep her out by that. Not at all. Simply just make sure there are no cockblocks. You are good to go. 

Then ramp up desire. The evil way to turn women on will do that. Play fights are extremely effective given the right playful vibe. More importantly, what really makes you stand out brother...

Is that you are relaxed, comfortable in your own skin, and completely grounded and rooted in your own reality. This is having a strong masculine presence.

Getting laid will be effortless when you communicate the right mindset, have high confidence, demonstrate powerful unwavering eye contact and you tell her what she wants to hear by demonstrating an understanding of her sexual world with that pacing and leading sequence. 

Just remember this takeaway. Be in a seductive state. Everything will follow. You are fucking handsome. Leave all your comments below. Remember to leave me a five-star review on Apple Podcasts!

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