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Top 15 Best Metal Songs for Lifting Weights


In this article, I'm super excited to bring you the Top 15 Best Metal Songs for Lifting Weights. It's been a long time coming, because this is inspired from the article I wrote on why women want you to embrace the killer inside yourself. 

The reason? Simply put, this is to get in to the warriors mindset in all areas of life, fitness, relationships, and become a fucking man that is polarizing in his masculinity. 

Obviously, that doesn't mean you become a rage-induced psychopath that society deems masculinity to be. It simply means, you are so secure with your masculinity that no one questions your confidence.

So here's how I'm going to lay out the best metal songs for lifting weights, I'm going to leave a YouTube music video or live performance in this article, and if you think it is badass, I strongly suggest you use the song for when you lift next.

I will say this is an opinionated article, some songs may be too hard for the average fitness junkie. Skip those if you don't like it. 

The Purpose Behind This Article

The whole point behind this article is to show you how I get in to my masculine mentality that drives me forward to my fitness goals. I take a powerful pre-workout, then I start out with mobility training (self myofascial release) before the playlist starts.

Then I start the workout with the Top 15 Best Metal Songs for Lifting Weights. The purpose behind this article is to show you how you can bust through plateaus with the masculine energy you'll hear in each song.

Every song has it's place and every song will push you to lift more effectively. So take what you like, don't include the ones you don't like. I won't take that personal as I understand everyone has different preferences. 

How I suggest you use the songs you like is to add it to your Spotify playlist for lifting weights if you dig the track. This is going to drive you farther to your goals!

So let's start out with the very first song...

1.) Place For My Head by Linkin Park

You gotta check out this live performance. Chester never ceases to amaze me in his masculine screaming. It's unreal how fucking good he is and this is my tribute to him.

Chester, you are the fucking best screamer I've ever heard in my life. This song is no exception, he put's so much fucking passion and emotion in to his screams.

Even the band Bring Me The Horizon has said how good he is. So take it or leave it, I think it's pretty crazy if you don't include this song!

Nothing short of an incredible live performance. As a drummer myself, I respect musicians that put emotion in to their craft. 

2.) Twisted Transistor by Korn

Big transition over to a band I've listened to growing up in High School. I remember when this album came out, I loved every song. I went with this song as it's the one I love lifting weights to.

Korn isn't for everyone, but for the right crowd, this is fucking awesome and I always rock out this song doing my five sets of ten pull-ups. 

Check this one out before you deem it to be a song you'd like to lift to. Personally, I love this one more than Coming Undone, kinda was overrated when it was popular.

Groovy track and it has a catchy chorus. Nothing short of awesome and spectacular, that is of course my opinion. 

This next one is so fucking sick, I strongly encourage you put in your lifting playlist...

3.) Kiss of Fire by Symphony X

Brother, you've got to listen to this one fully. I know a lot of people that just listen to songs half way and skip over the second half. This track has a melody that just gives you that sheer masculine drive to push heavy weights!

Don't just take my word for it, I have friends that love this song. And damn does it deliver, it's like old school metal vibe but has a power metal theme.

Any musicians that come across this article, you will admire the musicianship and the sick guitar solo in this one!

Again, huge endorsement for a fucking epic song by Adam Skoda. Add this one my handsome friend!

4.) Layers of Time by Lacuna Coil

Fast forward to the 2:15 minute mark my friend, and just enjoy the high notes from Cristina Scabbia. 

Damn, this song strikes a cord with how hard it is and the breakdowns makes this a track that is a song worthy to lift weights to.

I actually saw Lacuna Coil three times live in my home state. They are damn good. 

They started out with different band mates throughout their earlier years, they had quite the lineup changes.

Cristina and Andrea stayed in the band and I remember meeting them years ago at House of Blues!

They recently released Comalies XX you can check out here. It's a very good reimagining of an older album that in my mind is a Lacuna Coil classic album.

5.) Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit

YES!! This is when Adam starts getting excited XD 

Another band I grew up on years ago but I just have to put this song on the Top Best Metal Songs for Lifting Weights.

This band is a lot like Linkin Park in a sense that they combine metal with a singer that has a rap style.

Every time this comes on when I lift weights, I get really fucking pumped. 

Put this one on your playlist brother! It will make you want to break shit, more importantly lift heavy weights!

6.) Down With The Sickness by Disturbed

I recorded this at Blossom Music Center when I saw them. Don't mind the audio quality. XD

This is one of those songs you just cannot pass up when it comes to Top 15 Best Metal Songs for Lifting Weights.

You gotta add this if you haven't already. They even play this in gyms frequently. 

Disturbed has grown to be one of my favorite bands. Just an all around awesome song to get in a masculine mindset.

Go see them live my friend, you'll have a blast.

7.) Angel of Death by Slayer

You really can't get any better than this classic metal track from the 1980s.

This is a Slayer fan favorite and it's fucking badass for lifting weights. I strongly suggest you add this one!

As you can see, I am including all kinds of metal bands. Nu metal, classic metal, even and 80s metal!

Angel of Death cannot get any better for a song that get's me in the zone.

8.) Cataclysm Children by Dimmu Borgir


To be clear when this song comes on and it's a PULL DAY, get out of my fucking way, I don't want anyone in my damn way.

I will DESTROY bicep curls and push myself to higher levels to get through plateaus. 

That guitar in conjunction with the sound of a KILLER that is Shagrath, I am not fucking playing around.

Again, the purpose behind this article is to give you all kinds of metal tracks and get you in to a masculine, towards driven mindset.

If this is too much, seriously, get your T levels checked because this is the most masculine sounding song ever.

Obviously, if this doesn't motivate you to be a motherfucking savage, I don't know what will.

Pick another track if you can't handle his voice. 

9.) The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden

This list could not be complete without The Number of the Beast.

Such a fucking classic metal song, you cannot get any better than this. Add this one my friend. 

6 6 6, The number of the beast, hell and fire was born to be released.

The true meaning behind this song is someone had a nightmare about the devil.

Everyone has a dark side, I personally feel my dark side surface with the Dimmu track but this is no exception.

I want you to add this song if you haven't already. Or pay the price from Iron Maiden.

10.) Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold

Fuck yes, this is another classic by Avenged Sevenfold. As you can tell, I am choosing the songs that these bands are known for.

Growing up, I played this song on the drums frequently and I still go back to it.

The Rev, what a fucking legend that guy is, this is my tribute to him.

Brother, you will never be forgotten as an inspiration to drummers worldwide.

11.) 7empest by Tool

I knew I was going to pick a Tool song but I really don't think the entire Tool fan base was prepared for this one!

Did you know that this song won a grammy as best metal track of the year in 2020? 

Read this here and you'll see it. Cannot get any better than that. This track is hands down the longest by Tool but worth every second for lifting weights.

It just makes you want to rock out and get under the barbell to squat some heavy ass weights. 

Cannot recommend this song enough. Add this one! Especially if you like the band A Perfect Circle.

12.) 12 Hundred by Mushroomhead

I had a dilemma to either go with this or Solitaire Unraveling. Decided that this track is much more fitting with the yelling as it increases that aggressive energy to bust through plateaus.

In my mind, it's underrated but it's worth checking out if you are a fan of Slipknot and never heard of this group.

Mushroomhead formed in Ohio before Slipknot and for that reason, I gotta include a Mushroomhead track! 

This is from a really cool underrated Album called Savior Sorrow and the popular track is Simple Survival.

However, I kinda prefer this one to get me in to that all important masculine mindset to lift weights!

13.) Liar, Liar (Wasteland Monarchy) by Kamelot

BROTHER, you aren't a loyal reader unless you add this one! I'm obviously pulling your leg, but damn is this song fucking amazing on every level.

I've showed this song to almost every person I ever met and they said, "It's unique and really good."

So I encourage you to listen to this all the way through. Very much like Symphony X, Kamelot has a strong power metal vibe.

However, Kamelot has female singers and vocalists that appear on their tracks often. This one has Alyssa White-Gluz from The Agonist. 

You'll see a picture of me meeting Lauren Hart (one of the female vocalists) in this article when she toured with Kamelot.

Hands down in my mind, in the Top 15 Best Metal Songs for Lifting Weights, especially if it's a high energy workout!

14.) Ascension by Epica

There are a lot of good songs by this band, however, I had to go with the HARDEST one.

It was down between Ascension or Victims of Contingency, and I went with this one. Why?

This song has a sick unique guitar riff and the drummer always delivers insanely good double bass, blast beats, and fills.

What a blast beat is, the snare and double bass go hand-in-hand. 

Arien, you are a motherfucking battery. This man is the most impressive drummer I've seen in concert.

Strongly encourage you check these guys out if you've never heard of them.

They have a Nightwish kind of sound. But the singer has a different kind of voice.

Not to mention Mark the growler makes this a masculine sounding song. Rock on!

15.) Prodigy by Lonewolf

I had to include this song as the last and the most impressively badass metal song for lifting weights. Why?

Because, watch the video, my friend Mike Cironi is the guitar player. I grew up with him earlier in my life.

Mike is the dude with the fancy sunglasses giving Justin the singer a tattoo.

He's a fucking legend that never gave up on his goals and as ambitious as he is, he didn't fucking quit to make it big.

FUCK, bro you have no idea how happy for you I am.

That's a big accomplishment, you are also one hell of a good guitar player!

I also know the lead singer as well, Justin, I went to school with him. 

These guys are awesome, and it's from my masculine heart that I give them a massive shout out as this is one of the best metal songs for lifting weights!


Pick and choose the songs that best suit the vibe of the workout session you are going to tackle.

I want you to add at least five tracks on to your Spotify playlist. And you can also find Adam's Killer Lifting Playlist on Spotify.

I want you to use these songs to push yourself to the next level. Because that's the sole purpose of this entire article.

Even follow Lone Wolf on Spotify, if you do comment below my friend or let me know in my Instagram DMs.

Anyways if you liked this article, be sure to let me know in the comments section below. I always do my best to respond to all of you legends that are lifting weights and want to up the ante!

If you think there is a song I left out, tell me that too. I love hearing from my readers. See you soon brother!


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