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The SECRET to Get People to Follow Your Lead


In this article, I’m going to share with you the secret to get people to follow your lead confidently. It’s going to be a detailed article on why it’s so damn important to have purpose in a world where no one has a purpose.

The biggest point to this entire article is you must find your masculine purpose because this is one of the first and most important messages of my blog. Without a higher purpose, it’s going to be hard to get people to follow your lead.

So let’s briefly talk about why having a masculine purpose is so damn essential to lead people more effectively. Well, first off, without a purpose, you feel empty and you look for validation from others.

Secondly, you are meandering around every place you go to like you have no purpose. Here’s something I discovered when I competed in a fitness competition, that is people can see purpose in the way you walk and how well you carry yourself.

That means that having no purpose can and will make you look like you aren’t on a mission. I mean let’s face it, men from tribal times had more purpose because they built civilization. Today it’s like people cannot go one day without masturbating to porn which kills all masculine energy. 

Discover Your Higher Purpose Before It’s Too Late

Discover Your Higher Purpose Before It's Too Late

“Your mission is your priority. Unless you know your mission and have aligned your life to it, your core will feel empty. Your presence in the world will be weakened, as will your presence with your intimate partner. -David Deida from Way of the Superior Man

Think big my friend, think about how you can find clarity on what you want for yourself. As you know, women love a leader, which means when you have clarity on your priorities, you would never drop your purpose to chase women.

Listen to me brother, women don’t want to be your priority, if she ever says that’s what she wants, this is the one time where I will tell you man, what she says she wants is actually the opposite of what she REALLY wants out of you.

What women secretly want deep down is for you to NEVER choose them over your purpose, because then you will be in the jackass position where she is in the masculine role.

You don’t want women in the masculine role, believe me, women want to know that their tests won’t sway you off course to follow your purpose.

This is why I’m starting out with this important quality of an Alpha Male. Did you know that a successful Alpha Male focuses on his bigger path that will lead him to his goals?

The quality I’m talking about is higher status purpose. I haven’t ever covered this yet, it’s because most people don’t get it. The way you find your purpose is you figure out a way to monetize your passion.

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Become An Alpha Male Where People Follow Your Lead



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This is what I am passionate about my friends. I am passionate about helping people get fit. But again what are your passions?

Do you have passions? Get clarity on it. One of my mentors taught me that, “The lack of research people do nowadays is sickening.”

And I kinda see his point. If you have a burning desire to help others get fit, or you can have a passion for fucking rock climbing for example, it doesn’t matter, think of what you can teach.

This positions you as an Alpha Male. Yes, I am the author of Become The Alpha Women Want…

However, this is literally the FASTEST way to become an Alpha Male. Buy that book and discover more characteristics of an Alpha Male.

Historical Story

Historical Story

Several centuries ago there was no social conditioning or idiotic gender studies, instead men breathed, lived, slept, and ate when it was natural

Getting laid or what guys call ‘lucky,’ was the least of their concerns. They had daily challenges. Not only did they have daily challenges, they had to learn to be resourceful, not resourceless.

During these times men had to struggle, and persevere passed every challenge that came along their way. 

They couldn’t just check out of life and start masturbating themselves to tears. They got in a solution-oriented mindset. They were also focused on building civilizations from scratch.

This is what men are brought here to do. This is why I’m so fucking persistent and passionate about men finding their true potential. Doesn’t that motivate you to go for what you want?

If it doesn’t, honestly, I’m not sure how you can get people to follow your lead. 

Zero Hesitancy to Take Action

Zero Hesitancy to Take Action

Do you hesitate to approach women? Do you hesitate to workout? Do you even hesitate to drink a simple glass of water when you wake up in the morning to kickstart your metabolism?

I’m telling you my friend, you gotta cut that shit to the curb. Once upon a time, I would hesitate around 7 years ago, but how I realize that my inner Alpha Male says, “ADAM GET TO FUCKING WORK AND SILENCE YOUR EXCUSES.”

That’s what it takes my friend. You can’t have any hesitancy to take action. I’ll tell you a story…

When I trained at Anytime Fitness (as you see above) there were MANY times where people could not do knee push-ups for example because they had knee problems.


I immediately walked over and said, “follow me over here, let’s have you do wall push-ups.”

That’s what it takes my friend, when you lead a class for example, if you fucking hesitate, people won’t follow your lead.

Funny enough, the closest people in my life think I’m some asshole lately, honestly, it’s just my authoritative voice from training so many classes.

Can you take courageous action with no hesitancy? That’s the real question, because I don’t doubt in my ability to lead.

If you hesitate to lead women to where they want to go, then it’s likely she will put you on the back burner as a beta-orbiter and you’re going to the friend zone.

Women want a leader, not a follower. They want a man that can initiate dates and prepare them without her having to ask.

You Know Where You’re Going

You Know Where You're Going

That means you have direction. You know what you want and you won’t settle for anything less. Your purpose comes first.

Take for example Alexander The Great, this guy is a savage motherfucker and he knew what he wanted.

Alexander wouldn’t give up till his mission is achieved. He conquered the Eastern Mediterranean. Did he quit there?

Fuck no. He also conquered Egypt, the middle east, and parts of Asia.

This man has a masculine mindset and he is my hero in the sense that he didn’t fucking quit.

Do you know where you’re going? Do you have clarity of direction?

If not, get clarity my friend. Journaling will help and it will get your thoughts on paper.

If you look like you know where you’re going, you know what you’re doing, there’s no hesitancy, you just fucking do it…


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Let’s keep going…

Demonstrate Certainty in Motion

Get People to Follow Your Lead

I’m sure you’ve probably never heard of this but damn is this an important quality in leading.

Simply put, certainty in motion is you take fast action so much that it looks like certainty in motion. 

You are certain in yourself and NO ONE questions your lead. Even if a woman does, you laugh at her like she doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about.

This is why women test men so much, that want to know that you’re a motherfucking man and not a beta-chump.

When you are uncertain, you look weak my friend. So brother, do yourself the favor of being more certain in yourself.

I’d say this is your starting point if the rest sounds hard. Just learn to look certain in yourself. 

Imagine having certain body language, and you walk certainly, imagine what this can do for you when you go to a job interview for example.

You can get hired my friend. Just by being certain in yourself!

So definitely start doing this my friend, people will see you as higher status.

The Bottom Line

The Secret to Get People to Follow Your Lead

As you can tell there are many ways to get people to follow your lead, however, it’s important you first follow your own lead.

It’s an extremely important concept in getting women highly attracted to you.

However, you gotta start out by following your own lead. Because no one can really trust your lead unless you trust yourself.

Have healthy self-trust my friend, this is unbelievably important to getting people to trust in your leadership.

I would say that this article is one of my most important articles to date for all men that want to be more attractive.

So learn to follow your lead and trust your own instincts.

Then and only then can you become more self-entitled, self-assured, and have a damn good relationship with yourself.

Feel comfortable to leave a comment down below and I will respond to any questions or concerns.

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