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The F Formula (2023) An Honest Review


If you are looking for an honest review of The F Formula from the Wing Girl Method, look no further.

I’m here to tell you like it is, my honest opinion and how you can use it to seduce women.

Flirting is hands-down one of the most effective and fast ways to build attraction.

Marni teamed up with Marissa to bring you a very good digital product that can improve your game.

And what happened as a result is she created her best selling product The F Formula.

I’ve gone through it myself almost five years ago and still go back to it.

Why? Well it’s a great program but with a few caveats I will get in to a little later.


Who Is Marni The Wing Girl?

Who Is Marni The Wing Girl?

Marni is a relationship expert and a professional wing girl (in my opinion) one of the best in business.

She is also the founder of the Wing Girl Method and has interviewed all kinds of relationship experts on her podcast with her friend Kristen Carney on the Ask Women Podcast.

As a relationship expert and TV Host, Marni teamed up with Marissa to make The F Formula. Marni saw the excessive results of Marissa’s research. Her several decades of research that she observed and tested is based on evolutionary psychological studies are guaranteed to work on any woman!

Impressed by Marissa’s research, Marni saw it as an opportunity to work together with her and it is now her best-selling product to date. 

I can tell you from applying this book throughout my life, it is very powerful when used correctly. Because of how powerful it is, I recommend that you use it for good intentions.

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How Does The F Formula Work? - F Formula Review

How Does The F Formula Work?

I want you to imagine that you are on a roller coaster. Because this is how the formula works. You go up the first big hill, and then you go down that massive hill, resulting in an exhilarating feeling that is intoxicating and you are hooked. You go in to a loop and there’s fast curves before you go up the smaller hill, following by going downhill again.

So this is what effective flirting feels like to a woman. It feels unpredictable, like you are keeping a woman on her toes and she feels safe at the same time. When you have a woman feel safe but you are unpredictable by giving her the full range of emotions, she is hooked.

That is why The F Formula is so damn powerful. In fact, if you’ve seen my Higher Status Flirting article, then you know the rules of flirting, however, that article is more about being polarizing and leading the interaction. The difference is that the program gives you the three phases of flirting in which you can create a strong emotional connection with any woman you meet.

This is how women connect to men. And this is how you can display intent by becoming the man that women crave in the bedroom. I’ll give you a hint: use subtext, don’t verbalize sexual intent. Women prefer that you are more subtle with your intentions.

What The F Formula Comes With


What The F Formula Comes With

Now this is where it gets good. This is why I recommend this to you if you are struggling to connect with women, it’s because it comes with a lot of good material to increase your flirting skills. This is what you are going to get.

  • The 6 Essential Flirting Tools
  • Mistakes Men Make When Flirting
  • The Three Phases of an Emotional Rollercoaster
  • The Boomerang Technique to Build FAST Attraction
  • The Surprise Technique To Maintain Attraction
  • Female Body Language Cues That She is Invested in You
  • How To Banter, Tease and Challenge
  • How To Escalate Using The Triangle Technique
  • Signs of Female Sexual Attraction
  • And up to 88 pages of content.

Now this is only the beginning of what you’re getting in The F Formula. You will also get some bonuses and this is what they are:

  • The OSA Method ($27 Value)
  • Video Illustrations, Breakdowns and Case Studies of Great Flirting ($19 Value)
  • Instant Wit Blueprint ($36 Value)
  • How To Touch Women Without Being Creepy ($37 Value)
  • The Wing Girl Guide to Seductive Body Language ($40 Value)
  • Sexy Bantering Made Simple ($32 Value)

This is what you are guaranteed to receive. It’s a lot of material and that leads me to my next point…

With Everything You Get, Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

This is what I noticed in myself (and other guys I know that used it) is they let it overwhelm themselves. I recommend focusing on one thing at a time. In fact, that’s how you see progress. You don’t want to go in to a bad mindset where you freeze up and don’t know what to say.

So it’s important that you apply for example The 6 Essential Flirting Tools before you progress farther. When you focus on too many things, most people feel overwhelmed and then they don’t take any action.

This is why I recommend you just focus on a few things at a time. You don’t become a master flirt overnight. It simply doesn’t happen. As I said many times on my blog, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

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Pro's of The F Formula

Pro’s of The F Formula

You are given a lot of good material that you can put to healthy use. In fact, this is what makes the product so damn good. It’s very tactical and there is no fluff.

Both Marissa and Marni talk about the importance of passive and active forces, which as you know, it’s important for you to be masculine while flirting. 

You’ll also learn how to use your nonverbal communication through subtle ways to turn her on. In my opinion, this right here is more important than actually flirting.

All nonverbal communication are you’re honest signals. That’s how you communicate sexual directness. I talked about the importance of eye contact many times on this blog.

And any dating product that covers the power of good eye contact will always win in my book. Half of seduction is not anything verbal. That means you must practice good eye contact.

It also covers how to utilize touch the right way without coming across as a creep. This is extremely important because all women want to feel safe around men. 

The most important part (this is my opinion) is The F Formula talks about leading and escalating the interaction to a close. You must know how to close if you want to have sex with any woman!

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Cons of The F Formula

It is recommended that you have confidence. That means if you have any insecurity about flirting, this will be hard for you. May take some time to see results.

I’m here to give you an honest review. Years ago I used to feel insecure too, however, I worked on myself and developed strong core confidence. 

So the honesty behind this is you should work on your confidence as well as flirting with women. When you work on confidence, you will emulate the vibe that women want in a man.

I recommend that you do these few tasks to raise your confidence:



You’ll get a lot of clarity on what type of woman you want to flirt with. Because do you want to flirt with a woman that doesn’t meet your standards?

I don’t think you want that. In fact, I’ve flirted with up to one hundred women throughout my life and some women I’ve met were not my type in the slightest.

So do yourself a favor and get clear on what you want in a woman. This will help you screen out the women you don’t want to flirt with.

I want you to have the mentality that you are the prize women want to flirt with. Because then and only then will you have the right mindset.

F Formula Review

A Few Important Caveats

I really want you to take seriously improving your confidence. So don’t overlook the tasks I gave you.

You can get all of the dating products there are but no confidence, means no attraction from women.

So my friend, do yourself the favor of improving your confidence. 

How you get confidence is you approach women and just ask her where the nearest Starbucks is.

Or anything at all, it doesn’t matter. Just ask and do it, you gain confidence by taking action.

Another caveat is I recommend that you feel comfortable in yourself before flirting. 

That means you have to demonstrate comfort. This in my opinion is the most important point to the entire review of this great product.

Demonstrating that you are comfortable in your own skin is super fucking important. 

And that right there is how you can get any woman’s attention.

By simply demonstrating strong confidence and comfort in yourself, you can absolutely use The F Formula and get a phone number, even land a date with your ideal woman.

F Formula Review


I personally recommend this product. I’ve used it many times with a lot of success. In fact, I’ve gotten one woman so sprung on me at the bar that she wanted to give me head in the bathroom.

But I turned her down. She was a little too tipsy. True story, happened at a cowboy bar. So this is why I recommend that you get The F Formula. You can get offered blow jobs when you use it.

Just be prepared because women will want you because most nice guys cannot give them the full range of emotions. It makes you stand out as a world class flirt. 

I want to give you one little tip when dealing with rejection and that is don’t sweat it, women half the time are just protecting themselves from guys that don’t know what they are doing.

Your chances of being rejected are very low when you apply what you learn. In fact, women love a man that can make her feel safe and knows how to flirt.

It’s one of their fantasies to meet a man that can be masculine and can demonstrate comfort.  You’ll end up being in the Top 20% of Elite Men.

Women won’t be able to control themselves around a guy like you, because you’re so damn handsome and you can banter with them.

If you have any questions, comments, or products you want me to blog about, feel free to ask and I’ll see you handsome legends next time.


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