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The Easiest Way to Get Laid TONIGHT!


Strap down brothers, you found the right article to get laid fast, however, I gotta be clear about something. You’ve been caught in the click bait, so let’s address one caveat before I even give you the ways you can get laid tonight my friend.

Women NEVER Want to Be Labeled ‘Easy’

Women NEVER Want to Be Labeled 'Easy'

Let’s cut straight to the chase shall we? Bro, you’ve been lied to by everyone about seduction. Parents, teachers, religion, culture, society, they all want to SHAME YOU for having sexual desires.

But more importantly, women never want to be labelled as ‘easy.’ This is why I made this title, the instant gratification people suffer from is fucking crazy.

In fact, women have their anti-slut defense mechanism. That means they will play hard-to-get and test you.

So here’s how I’m spelling this out for you…

Do not, ever escalate on a woman when she doesn’t want it because of the title of this article. 

In fact, I’m sure there are some pissed off women already labelling me a “player.” Heard that before. In fact, let me own that shit to all you potential women reading this.


In fact, here’s something you probably didn’t know about me that I haven’t told anyone. I flirt with girls frequently. I flirt with them all the time. Hairstylists, baristas, heck even massage therapists. 

But here’s where I stop myself. I know better than to take it to the level of sexual talk. In fact, when they start acting that way, I tell them,

“Look, I think you’re really fun to talk to, in fact, I like what we have going, but this is where I have a strong boundary. Respect that because we aren’t taking this any further. That is my final decision.”

Yes, I’ve done this many times, I even cut off all contact when they start trying to ask for my phone number. This is where I’m going to tell you a story that inspired this article…

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Story of a Coworker That Wanted to Fuck Me

Story of a Coworker That Wanted to Fuck Me

“You won’t stop asking me about my podcast will you Jessica?”

This is not her name, in fact, it’s best I leave her name private for identifying anyone.

“Can you just tell me, I won’t tell anyone Adam!” 

Cognitive dissonance. Powerful shit my friend. One of the psychological biases for effortless attraction 😉

“No, unfortunately I can’t. But I can tell you one of the ways where seduction works Jessica. That is if you’re in a seductive state, women can sense it and it turns them on by state transference.”

After this she nearly FORCED her number in to my phone, talking fast, looking at me and body scanning.

Then I told her, “Hey, I’m stopping at a gas station for a snack, I’ll be right back.”

The reason? Bro, come on, she knew I am with someone.


That’s what strong attraction does. It turns them on and it overrides all rational thought.

Attraction is not a choice. It is completely out of control. 

She absolutely got super turned on, very obvious she wanted to fuck me. What did I do? I deleted her number.

Damn women can be needy. When you get good at this shit, it’s par for the course.

Workout Prior to Going Out

Here’s the facts my friend, when you maximize your looks you are in essence high value. And for you men that don’t work out.

Change that right now. Just don’t be reliant on impressing anyone. Workout for YOU.  Follow your own lead.

The reason why I’m so persistent on working out is because when you do this prior to going out…

You will get more results. You guys, I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Two people that I highly respect in dating advice scene that say this is important…

Jon Anthony and Todd V Dating. Come on now man, don’t be lazy and choose to lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Even if you have good game, you won’t keep girls if all you do is sit on your ass and you are not productive.

Just do this my friend, stack the chips in your favor. That’s why I say looks does somewhat matter. 

Frame can override it, however, just choose to be healthier version of yourself.

It makes a difference and can increase your chances of getting laid.

Screen For Sexual Availability

Screen For Sexual Availability

One of the seduction secrets in my upcoming unreleased book, Six Hidden Boxes of Seduction, here’s what I cover my friend.

I cover the all important seduction secret of having a screening frame. That means ask her screening questions.

“Aside from your looks, what would make a man like me want to get to know you?”

“Beauty is common around here, in fact, I’ve grown to realize that everyone seems superficial. You’re not THAT shallow are you?”

That takes balls of steel my friend. Ask a model that question, she won’t know what hit her. 

In case you didn’t know, women that are good looking and are paid to be hot are very shallow.

Not all of them are, but a lot of them. They get everything handed to them for free. It’s called female privilege.

So you’d be wise to screen women heavily. Vet them, make sure she meets your standards.

Don’t lower them just because she is hot. It’s one check mark my handsome friend.

Higher Status Flirting

Higher Status Flirting


“I’m new to this part of town and I noticed that a lot of the girls here, they are really kinda prude and they don’t have much fun, just seems kinda boring, do you fit in that mold?”


Get’s her qualifying really fast. Higher status flirting is exactly that. It’s playing hard-to-get. 

Attraction is all about being carefree, self-entertained, fun, and the subtlety that you aren’t afraid to sexually challenge her.

This is all I have to say to all you potential nice guys reading this. Fearing disapproval turns women off.

Risk disapproval and get laid fast my handsome friend 😉

Don’t be a ‘Yes man.’ Women hate that shit, it comes across like you do too many favors.

That’s the reason you have potentially landed yourself in the friend zone jail.

Instead say lines like this…

“You dress like one of those girls that my parents warned me about. I feel like you are trouble, like we would never get along, because you are bad news. You strike me as a woman that would throw food at my face and we’d get in a food fight, then you’d get mad at me for ruining your outfit, it’s too much drama, we’re done, I gotta break up with you now.”

Smirk at her and wink. In fact, now it’s time for me to tell you my favorite part of seduction…

Have The Seducer’s Mindset


#duet with @masculinemindsetcoach how to seduce women in 30 seconds #ReasonForBooking #CODSquadUp #fyp #seduce

♬ hollywood – rchie

True story my friend, this guy hilariously did a duet and shared this on his profile and captioned it…

“omg I just seduced myself.” XD


Have fun my friend. Steal this sequence though, it works on all human beings, it’s called a takeaway.

This right here is how you get women to WANT to kiss you!

In fact, I want to be more clear with you. Having the seducer’s mindset is top priority my handsome friend.

Look at the world as your personal bedroom. See everyone as a fortress for you to break through and win them over.

Can you do that my friend? Victim mindset does not apply here. 

Don’t compare yourself to me. Compare yourself to YOU.

Be the most seductive man that you can be. When it’s time that she is ready to be kissed, you play hard-to-get.

That is how to increase strong sexual tension brother!

Initiate Kino Touch, Read Her Comfort

Initiate Kino Touch

Consent my friend. You cannot be overly persistent here. In fact Robert Greene even states from The Art of Seduction that patience is seductive.

As masculine men, we can be impatient, but listen to me brother, you NEVER force an outcome. 

This is why thirsty men are the worst. I said have the seducers mindset, not a taker mindset,  this is unattractive.

A world class seducer is patient, and looks at everyone as a fortress in which they get passed their defenses through charm and also charisma.

So here’s what you do my friend, read her comfort when you touch her. Start out on the forearm area. Then progress to the shoulder.

In fact, touch her when she’s laughing. Very powerful. It shows that you are calibrated with touch. 

So remember this brother, make sure she is comfortable with your touch.

Pace, Lead, Imply, Takeaway

Pace | Lead | Imply | Takeaway

Now you’ve got her one-on-one, in fact, I’m not going to tell you how to deal with cockblocks, you’ll have to buy Closer’s Guide to Seduction to find out.

Here’s what you say to her, in fact, this shit is very powerful. Believe me my friend, I’ve used this plenty of times, and my friends have tested it, you’ll have to take my word for it that it works (pacing is italicized) and (leading is bold)…

“This  night club is different, it feels really good relaxing with you here <Pacing> I can tell that it seems like you love sex, relaxing, and letting go. <Leading the interaction> Like I get this feeling that when you’re frustrated, its normally because you want a guy to be a FUCKING MAN and take the sexual lead. <Cold reading that you understand her world> You seem like you secretly want that, but you don’t want anyone to know. <By pacing her sexual reality, we’re setting it up to lead her to wherever we want> It’s my responsibility as a man of my word to tell you that it can come true… if you’re lucky” <implying the destination with a cocky takeaway>

Here’s how you can make this more sexy, when you reach up to the second to last statement… “you seem like you want that but you don’t want anyone to know.” 


I call this the tension glance. She is holding to your every word. Anticipation. Fucking beautiful.

“It’s my responsibility as a man of my word to tell you that it can come true…” PAUSE.

Brother, pausing builds up suspense, intrigue, and anticipation. You have no fucking idea how powerful this is.

So let’s repeat this entire sequence so that you see what this should look like…

“This night club is different, it feels good relaxing with you here. I can tell that it seems like you love sex, relaxing, and letting go. Like I kinda get this feeling that when you are frustrated, its normally because you want a guy to be a FUCKING MAN and take the sexual lead. You seem like you secretly want that, but you don’t want anyone to know what you REALLY want. (Pause and give her the tension glance) It’s my responsibility as a man of my word to tell you that it can come true (Pause and let the tension build even more)… If you’re lucky.” 😉

That’s just a taste of what you get in the Closer’s Guide to Seduction.

Nervous to pull this off? Practice this sequence in the mirror, and have a sexy tonality.

What this entire sequence does is it show’s her that you are a man that is polarizing in your masculinity.

Because let’s face it, leading is highly masculine and you are describing through vague but true generalities of what all women want in the bedroom.

Essentially this get’s her to say to herself, “I don’t know what it is about him that turns me on so much, he really just understands what I want!”

Trust me that I know this works brother, it’s all about seductive language. Women are turned on by how you say it.

Drop All Expectations and Don’t Get Frustrated

Drop All Expectations and Don't Get Frustrated

The number one rule in practicing social skills and getting good game is you take your failures as learning lessons.

Reframe that shit my friend. A woman isn’t comfortable with your touch? Stop all escalations, don’t move forward with her.

As I said, you want consent. A woman’s safety is number one. So do me a favor and don’t get frustrated if you don’t get laid.

It happens when you least expect it. In fact, you’ll find when you drop the idea on getting laid that you will actually get laid!

Why is that? Because you are showing non-neediness. Remember cat string theory. It’s the idea that women behave like cats and will run off if you give her too much attention.

Drop the idea of getting laid. Seriously. Just test it out. Go out with friends, have fun, be self-entertained, be fun and challenging.

You may just get several women highly attracted to you because you are so fucking handsome, you charming bastard!

Go kill it in the field and comment down below if you seduced a woman successfully with the steps I’ve laid out. 

Feel comfortable to follow me on TikTok my dude, I can tell that you’re gonna crush it 😉

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