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Success Loves Speed (True Test of Masculinity)


Success Loves Speed

In this article, we are talking about success and why success loves speed, and I’m going to test your masculinity by making you uncomfortable. You’re going to find out why all of your excuses are lies.

You’ll truly understand success love speed after this article. Movement is what you want. It gives you a constant feeling of having a strong reality.

I am going to be extremely raw, blunt, and over-the-top. So my friend, I mean everything with tough love. The most important reason for this article is to give you heart pounding, over-the-top advice as to why success loves action.

First off, circumstances in your life continually change and those changes often render irrelevant many of the concerns you may have before taking action. Be prepared for the true test of masculinity.

Secondly, have you went to the gym and started lifting weights? And have you focused on how you perform the repetitions instead of focusing on avoiding the pain of how it burns your muscles? Also have you done a good HIIT training routine?

If you’ve answered no to any of the questions (not sorry to say this) you are being a little bitch. No, I mean that. Don’t talk say to yourself, “Oh sounds like a great idea to workout…”

Like I said, this is a tough love article, if that’s too much for you to handle, then don’t read this.

Success Loves Speed
In order to achieve your health goals, you must have the discipline to cut out crap foods and workout because of the fact that success loves speed

In order to achieve your health goals, you must have the discipline to cut out crap foods and workout. When you take action, you’re creative “juices” flow faster, you’re resourcefulness kicks in to high gear.

You my friend have made excuses. Don’t lie about it, don’t try to avoid it, don’t even try to tell me, “oh but my excuses are different.”

You know part of my blog is about relationships, so understand that even romance loves speed. Go approach women faster.

When you take action, perceived problems will tend to disappear – and the more you hesitate, the more stress you have. Acting sooner equals better relationships.

Your ability to compress and minimize the amount of time it takes to successfully achieve any goal is devastating competitive advantage. The quicker we achieve our goals, the more we can be, do and have.

“There are no speed limits on the road to excellence. We can’t be fined for speeding.” -David W. Johnson

Believe me, I have literally made every excuse about 15 years ago when I was going through depression, I had this high anxiety and I thought, “working out cannot get me out of this funk.” 

Then I realized no matter how proficient you are, you can only accomplish so much in a lifetime. Every second that’s wasted reduces the totality of what you can accomplish by one second. Get out of your FUCKING comfort zone!

Why am I calling you out? Because I care about your progress. Start moving fast in today’s world. Even though changing circumstances continually change, people maintain urgency on their goals.

I used to be soft. I didn’t have urgency on my goals. I had many initial concerns about what girls would think of me if I approached them consistently.

I just fucking pulled the trigger and made the decision to imagine a chair lit in flames (which is one of the persuasion techniques) to get shit done.

I realized that I in fact was a coward. That takes character. To truly admit to yourself when you’re being soft.

The real question is, have you gone soft? Have you stopped working out? And if so, why did you stop?

Have you thought to yourself, ‘working out can’t help me’ and continued to be a victim of circumstance instead of being responsible for your health?

The only way that you can pull the trigger and take action on your health is to invest in your health. Not working enough? Start applying to jobs if you have a spare 20 hours to work because jobs love speed.

As a general rule, I assume that if you take courageous action, perceived problems will tend to disappear. Obstacles start disappearing once you face your problems.

I’m here to help you see why you’re not seeing results. Partially it’s YOU. Being responsible for your health is a step in the right direction. But side stepping it, is going to stop your growth. The faster you take action, the faster you see results.

What you resists always persists. It’s time that we address why you must have a masculine mindset…

What is a Masculine Mindset?

What is a Masculine Mindset? - Success Loves Speed
Bodybuilders, power lifters, even athletes understand that success loves speed. They are always taking consistent action on their goals

Bodybuilders, power lifters, even athletes understand that success loves speed. They are always taking consistent action on their goals.

Ever since I started in fitness and learned pick-up, I realized something that is extremely important that ties in to all areas of life, that is having a growth-oriented masculine mindset.

So what is a masculine mindset? It’s a towards-driven mindset! It’s going towards goals without wasted time. It’s the mindset that all highly successful people have. 

It’s about being decisive and taking action in-spite of fear. That means to say, a masculine mindset requires the courage to fail.

That’s why you always hear people say ‘fail hard,’ ‘fail forward,’ ‘fail quickly’ comes from. A masculine mindset doesn’t give a fuck about failure, it just wants to act despite what people say and do.

I will tell you a quick story to back this up, I remember applying to probably 50+ gyms because I knew my worth and how valuable my trainings are, and there were SEVERAL gyms that said, “We’ve decided to move forward with another trainer.”

I’ve heard that more than what you think my dude. It was annoying, frustrating, and I sat down in my car and hit the steering wheel out of anger as the horn beeped. I still kept applying, I didn’t fucking stop. 

I really had to look deep in the mirror at myself and do the same thing, I had to self-evaluate and push through hard times. I knew I had to get down to business.

“Decisiveness is a characteristic of high performing men and women. Almost any decision is better than no decision at all.” -Brian Tracy

The True Test of Masculinity is How Decisive You Are

The True Test of Masculinity is How Decisive You Are
When you’re decisive, you take constant action on your fitness goals and make no room for excuses

When you’re decisive, you take constant action on your fitness goals and make no room for excuses. Time is your ally when you take action. But time this is a two sided coin. If you hesitate or procrastinate, time becomes your worst enemy.

It’s like if you want to see a big game in your city. You’d buy tickets because tickets love speed. Let’s really break this down…

Action is defined as “the causation of change.” Whatever result you want, its a change from what you now have. By definition, then, a change has to take place for you to get from your present status to that result.

For example, achieving your fitness goals requires you must live decisively. If you want to lift bigger, you have to add weight. You can’t be afraid of lifting heavy.

You want to practice getting better in fitness. You don’t want to be indecisive, because then, you look like a fucking coward.

Procrastination is a waste of your valuable time. Get down to business and take massive action.

I hear this comment coming from people when I talk like this telling me “Why are you rude?” I told you already, this article will make you uncomfortable.

“Your word is your wand.” When you don’t take action when you say want to, you lack integrity.

You’re not flaking on anyone but yourself. So if you write me saying, “What’s your deal Adam? Why be so goddamn rude?”

Because I’m getting you to actually look in the mirror, who do you see, a masculine action-taker, or an indecisive wimp with no backbone?

“Your word is your wand.” -Florence Scovel Shinn

Women Love Decisive Men and Are Turned Off By Indecisive Men

I’ve been with many women that have told me, I hate wishy washy men that can’t make up their mind.” If you are indecisive, you are being feminine.

I’m about to call you out again. When you’re indecisive, you are in your feminine energy. Don’t take this out of context.

I’m referring to feminine energy in MEN, not women. This is why we are in a society full of weak men.

Women are supposed to be feminine and that’s what makes them so fucking cute. They are designed to read your decisiveness did you know that? 

They can spot an indecisive man THAT FUCKING FAST. And they ‘nix’ you immediately. “Bye, see ya later.” 

But when they meet a decisive man, they see him as a man they can follow and trust in his masculinity. It’s like if you see an investment property you want, for example, and it’s very cheap, you wouldn’t hesitate to get it, would you?’

If you really think about it, even investment properties love speed. Success doesn’t just tie in to fitness and pick-up. In general, success must become your default setting mindset. THAT is a true masculine mindset.

There’s not a worse feeling in the world to be conscious of the fact that your finite supply of time is ticking away while your straightening your desk drawer, and staying home, doing nothing.

Too much planning gets you in analysis paralysis. You need to take more action. Too little planning puts you in homeostasis.

Homeostasis is the tendency to live with existing conditions and avoid change. The fastest way to make progress is to take consistent action through all new obstacles.

No more overthinking, the time has come to get down to fucking business. No more getting butt-hurt when people say mean shit or reject you. In the masculine mind, no one cares.

Rejection Means You’re One Step Closer to Success

Rejection Means You're One Step Closer to Success
Never forget that testosterone loves speed

I want you to take rejection like a fucking man. Why? Because when you are affected by rejection, you are way too much in your feminine energy. Learn to embrace healthy narcissism and reframe rejection in to a win.

This is the biggest learning lesson I can give you my friend and the point to this entire article is your excuses are like poison to your goals. You have to stop being afraid of failure and/or rejection.

If you fail, move the fuck forward or you look like a coward.  I know you’ve been slacking on your fitness goals. I also know you’ve been slacking on your social life.

Why else would you be in your head so much being worried about what other people think of you? That’s exactly why you aren’t approaching women. I’m certain that’s the reason.

Summary: Test of Masculinity

Success Loves Speed

Just decide to live the life you’ve always wanted and go for your fucking goals because no one is stopping you but yourself.

The human mind is really fucking good at making excuses. When you come up with one, you’re not committed.

Instead of living in your comfort zone, choose to take courageous action and live decisively to make all of your goals happen. I want you to come up with a plan to better your health and your dating life.

Buy a planner and write down your goals. That is a step in the right direction. Sitting on your ass hoping for a better life, you don’t get a single goddamn goal done!

I want to personally thank one of my mentors Craig Ballantyne. This article is inspired by him. Very successful business man.

They understand that it takes effortless discipline to achieve goals and get more done in the amount of time they have.

If you guys have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave one below.

And as always, I’ll see you legends next time, TAKE FAST ACTION, my friend!



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