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How to Practice Self-Love (In a World of Hatred)


In today's article, I am reminded of a time when I went through a dark period and became emotionally unavailable for all girls.

I went cold, I went dark, and I worked out to get my mind off of the grief. I also did a shit ton of guided visualizations to practice self-love and self-validation to stop myself from becoming a fucking apathetic cold-hearted person.

So I want you all to understand something, this is not a traditional article that would say, "You got this, be kind to yourself, and know that you are alive!"

Fuck that type of advice. Fuck that motivation bullshit. That's all short-term. What you need is honesty.

Do you want self-love? It doesn't come without life giving you a shit ton of challenges. Here's a hard lesson to swallow...

You are an insecure man reading this if you clicked on it. Harsh much Adam? Yes, I am being harsh already. But that's how I want to start out this article. 

You need to understand that self-love is earned. You need to understand how to practice self-love. That start's with cognitive dissonance.

Because let me tell you something my friends. If you had any idea how insecure the average man is, you wouldn't have any insecurity ever again when it all boils down to it, so let's get down to the first big point.

Self-Love is Earned

Stop acting fake hard like you're a tough guy. But then your confidence is tested by someone who just so happens to know how to push your buttons.

The minute you have an amazing accomplishment, she still manages to push your buttons. 

That's not practicing self-love. If you want to know how to practice self-love, get fucking realistic...

All girls will fucking test your value. She will find holes in your character. She will find weaknesses, and she will exploit that if she see's it gets a reaction. 

Let me tell you all something, even though this is a mindset article on practicing self-love, I have a story to tell you as to why self-love is earned...

Girls Test Your Self-Love and Self Assuredness

I have a vulnerable share to tell you all. I got just a tad cocky around a family member. She decided to test me...

"You sound like a narcissist with how much your head is in the clouds." 

Yup. Completely true. 

So I walked over to her, and I said, "I would rather be self-assured than act like a low vibrating weirdo."

Then I left the room. Then it dawned on me...

I realized every woman will test you when show any type of self-love. Get over it. Don't get mad about it.

I could have reacted and got mad, but you know what? I didn't. 

Those of you know my opinions on healthy narcissism, in fact, I still stand by it. This is more about how a family member tested me and failed.

In the case of this story, she was blatantly testing for a strong reaction. When she didn't get the reaction she wanted, she actually started crying. True story. 

Destroy Your Ego

You need to start daily meditation. No excuses. Ego means Edge God Out. 

I know what half of you are thinking... Adam, don't you say have a Healthy Ego? 

Here's what I mean by a healthy one... A healthy ego is you are playfully cocky and self-entitled to the way you live your life because you follow your masculine purpose. 

But it doesn't mean you allow your ego to win the battle when you want to build your value up to someone. 

That's how to practice self-love. Destroy your fucking ego. Take that to the bank.

Never prove yourself to anyone. Never allow your ego to take over your life. Never let yourself lose your shit when a hater tries to throw some shit at you.

Daily meditation can and will aid significantly in destroying your ego. So get out of your own way when you want to be better than someone else.

Now you are one step closer to practicing self-love my friend.

Internal Validation is Self-Love

Have you ever heard the quote...  "Your ego hides you're insecurities?"

This right here is why women test all highly confident men. It's because women are hardwired to test your confidence. 

"I have to make sure he isn't weak. I have to make sure he is who he says he is. I have to make sure his confidence isn't faked."

And that right there is why I will encourage you all to get my hardcover book...

77 Ways to Develop a Masculine Mindset.

I give many of my healing modalities I used to get over the emotional detachment I went through.

And one of those healing modalities is the Internal Validation Visualization.

Validate yourself for reading a blog on practicing self-love. Validate yourself for wanting to improve. 

Most men out there, they are full of hatred when they see someone like you making big moves to radically self-improve.

They cannot accept this type of inner work. That's why I say we are in a world of hatred. 

It's because most people have a shitty world view. How the FUCK can you get self-love with such a low vibrating view of yourself? It doesn't work.

Set Boundaries for Yourself

This is not about being that asshole who kinda gets girls because of his 'Not to be fucked with' vibe.

That only goes so far. You need to write down boundaries you have for yourself. 

Self-boundaries is self-love brothers. That is so profound.

If there is one thing I want you to take away from this article, that is you need strength through restraint. 

A few boundaries I have for myself...

  • Spend less money, make more money instead
  • Make food at home instead of buying from restaurants
  • Say "no" to thirsty girls when I am out at a nightclub

This is how to practice self-love. Don't always say "Yes" to girls who are using their feminine qualities to get your money.

Self-Forgiveness is Self-Love

Ok brothers. I bet you got up to this part and thought, "Adam, I thought I should be this hard motherfucker and  say, 'be unapologetic'. Why forgive people?"

That's really messed up if that thought crossed your mind. I'll tell you what, I've had several girls throughout the years take money from me and didn't care. 

Meaning, I bought them shit and they never reciprocated anything. I forgive my younger self.

Now I set boundaries with girls. Now I set boundaries for myself. Now I set boundaries for even people who waste my time. 

But this is about self-forgiveness. Fuck. Listen up brothers, you need to forgive and forget. It's the only way to move forward.

Don't hold grudges. Don't have built up resentment. Don't let that energy build up inside you. Start working out. Release that energy.

More importantly, always set boundaries. Be forgiving to people who have done you wrong. Instead, move forward and know that you had a weak moment.

But that doesn't mean you start self-sabotage. Simply forgive yourself and realize that you will emulate higher status self-love once you do.

More importantly, I'll gladly plug my hardcover book again. There's a whole section on self-forgiveness. That is how to move forward. That is self-love.

Bottom Line: How to Practice Self-Love

The very last stage is self-acceptance. The very last stage to practicing self-love is to own your flaws. 

The very last stage is to practice loving your imperfections. I used to have so much hatred on how monotone I sounded. 

But then I started realizing that is no way to live life. I started listening to my consciousness.

I started facing my fears. I did self-love visualization, even internal validation visualization. 

I learned through resiliency that practicing self-love is earned. You need to accept that you will always have one little thing you don't like about yourself.

Then practice drawing validation from within. Then start setting boundaries out of self-love and self-respect.

And most importantly, forgive yourself for not knowing any better and making mistakes. 

I love you all for going through this article. I'm sure you expected some type of intense approach. 

However, it's important to know the light and dark sides of masculinity. 

Feel comfortable to comment below and share this article if it's helped you.

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