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5 Stages of the ‘Red Pill’


5 Stages of the 'Red Pill'

I really want to preface this article before I get in to the story of how I lost a friend to suicide that I'm not at all approaching this topic to become some rage induced lunatic that get's mad at the fact that women are hypergamous.

I am addressing Red Pill in terms of accepting that a friend decided to do the unthinkable and take his own life. I am addressing this article in a much more healthy approach and to not become one of those victim blaming, low vibrating involuntary celibates that refuse to learn pick-up.

With that out of the way, I want all of my readers to swallow this harsh but yet sad reality. Yes, this is completely true. Joe Liverman, I met him as Jon Anthony, decided to take his own life. I have no idea why. In fact, if I were to meet him before he took his own life, I would tell him...

"BROTHER, everything that you thought would be a good reason to take your own life is all an illusion. That lower vibrating self is not you. It's called the UNHEALTHY EGO."

Stage 1. Denial

It was February 15th, Joseph Patrick Liverman decided to take his own life. Little did he know that on this date, I shouted him out on my podcast that dropped 77 Ways to Develop a Masculine Mindset is RELEASED!!

Press play and you'll hear the shout out of Jon Anthony, Zack, Marni, Hannah, and a few other good people who have played an impact on the release of my book. 

All of that aside, this article is about Joe Liverman. This is his real name. This is a great man. Owner of Masculine Development Blog. 

He created the following courses, Bitcoin Millionaire, Blog Money Blueprint, Alpha Evolution with Mark Sing.

Mark sent me a Loom. He told me the news. The emotions came up. I could no longer fight them.

I was in denial and so was Mark. How do I know? He told me brothers. Most people would be in denial that such a good dude would drive himself to choose that decision.

 Stage 2. Anger 

Just listen to his philosophy brother's. Listen to his wise words. Listen to how smart and intellectual this man is. 

He knew how to discover your masculine purpose. He knew about how to man-up. He attended BJJ and he encourages men to do No-Fap. 

And you wonder why Adam become a mad motherfucker. I thought to myself, how in the FUCK can I drive more traffic to my blog after writing articles for him?

Those were the thoughts I had after I found out he passed away. But then my friend I met through Joe, LifeMathMoney backed up his website. 

Then I realized after a few days that there is no need to get angry over just a spur-in-the-moment decision.

Here's my higher self coming through...

Joe, if you were suffering, I truly wish you said something, his last message to me was on February 8th of 2024.

Most people have mixed feelings on the 'Red Pill' and what it really means.

Here's what Joe taught me about the 'Red Pill' in his hardcover book Elite Dating Secrets...

It is vital that you do not succumb to anger. In fact, control the anger you have the right way and you can leverage that energy to better yourself.

Stage 3. Bargaining

Now you're battling reality. You don't know if it's real. You start question if it is really true. Did I bargain with reality? Maybe for the first 48 hours. 

But then I realized that this is something that I must accept, which I'll get to soon enough. Joe was seeing a good woman.

I am coming out with a vulnerable share. Joe was seeing someone. Her name was Alina. French photographer, they both had distance. 

She messaged me in my Instagram DMs and asked me if I knew someone close to him. The only person who I told her about is Mark and how they both started a podcast quite a few years ago.

Alina was hurting much more than what I thought. Let's think about this for a second brothers. If you are in a relationship with someone...

That hurts more than what you truly realize. Alina, you are in my prayers.

Stage 4. Depression

Red Pill can cause you to become emotionally unavailable for yourself

Joe introduced this in terms of dating, and he is spot on accurate that everything holds true about female nature. 

But here's how I see this with losing someone that didn't need to happen, could have been prevented...

I genuinely was in my room, and I swear to God, I heard my laptop make a noise that I never heard in my fucking life.

This was after Mark told me what happened. 

I genuinely couldn't understand what was going through Joe's mind to do this.

Red Pill is Related to Grief and Depression

In case you haven't noticed, this article is largely inspired by the grief model.

Then it dawned on me, Joe was a spiritual guy. He really was. 

Just read Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. Great article by him.

And it made sense to me, Mark then told me...

"Nothing is ever a coincidence Adam. Everything happens for a reason."

Joe definitely came through that day. I felt his presence in my room. 

It was a comforting type of energy. It felt like a very loving person entered my room. Even though no one was there.

And yes brother's, I'm man enough to admit to all of you, I was depressed. 

Depression is a silent killer. You'd be wise to never let it take control of you.

Stage 5. Acceptance

This article is a different approach to 'Red Pill.' In fact, after reading this, here's what I want each and every one of you to do.

Get in to more accountability groups where people hold you up to a high level. Relationships are important.

Emotional management is important, which is a topic I have been recently started a project on. Here's something that Joe said...

He said on a very early Unapologetic Man Podcast, "How can I add value to her life? How can I make her life better?"

That right there is the man that I wish came through on the last few days of Joe Liverman on Planet Earth. 

Sometimes I feel like I heard recent details about his true colors that I wish I didn't find out.

Red Pill Requires Self-Acceptance

All that aside, this is my message to all of you. Do not fight your ego. Because if it is too massive, you will not win. 

Accept that you have an ethical ego, but kill your ego and be present.

Here's a thought that crossed my mind when I found out about his passing...

Joe, you should know better than to fight your dark side.

Don't misinterpret me brothers. I have nothing but love for the man. Here's what I mean...

Be relentless in your pursuit to consistently defeat that part of you that doesn't care about life. Because no one knows what you're going through.

Summary: 5 Stages of 'Red Pill'

The purpose of leaving my podcasts throughout this article is to remind you all that the 'Red Pill' has a lot of unhealthy people that have a bad mindset.

Joe at least helped men overcome it. Yes, he helped me overcome the red pill in dating. 

However, I presented this to you today if you have went through a major loss that drastically affected you more than what you thought. 

In some twisted way, this article is for myself, to essentially fucking remind myself to stop being so fucking selfish.

That's what Joe and I related on. He actually said, "I love your darker articles."

And for that reason alone, I'm dedicating my next project to Joseph Patrick Liverman and set out to do Night Game Domination in all big cities.

All of that aside, it's important that you get in accountability groups. In this episode with The Chizeler James, we both discuss why you shouldn't isolate.

In conclusion, this perspective of the 'Red Pill' is to move forward with your life and realize that choosing the easy way, which is suicide...

That we must always choose hard over easy.

I have nothing but love for what this man has done in the manosphere. 

So please donate to his family. You can donate to his family here. 

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