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3 Secret Persuasion Techniques to Control Your Subconscious Mind


We are going to talk about three secret persuasion techniques to control your subconscious mind to take immediate action. Not only are you going to learn how I made money for one of the top 100 white-house entrepreneurs, but you are going to learn how you can be more decisive to take fast action.

To be clear, this is not for everyone. Not only is this not for everyone, it can be easily misinterpreted. So here’s what I have to address with you before we proceed…

Persuasion Techniques Are Imagined

Persuasion Techniques Are Imagined
Each persuasion technique makes you more masculine


Here’s the big caveat to this entire article, all of these persuasion techniques are imagined. You never want to actually do this for real. I really fucking mean that. So with that said, let’s keep going…

All of these persuasion techniques are incredibly powerful and will help you take more action in your life. So let’s say you want to meet more women, but you are nervous.

These persuasion techniques are so damn useful that you will be taking more action regardless of fear. You already know if you’re a reader of my blog that you must conquer your fears to achieve goals.

Which means that you must use these persuasion techniques for good and for good only! So I urge you to listen to me very carefully…


Have you ever heard of what urgency is? Or have you just thought, “Yeah, that’s not going to work on me, I naturally procrastinate Adam, you’d never get me to make a decision.”

After this article, I highly doubt that you will be saying that because what I’m teaching you is very powerful persuasion techniques guaranteed to get your head out of your ass and take courageous action.

I don’t think you’ll fully understand the sheer power of each technique till you actually do this. So let me rephrase this entire section… This must be imagined, don’t take what I’m saying literally my friend.

Mentally Prepare Yourself For Persuasion Techniques

Mentally Prepare Yourself For Persuasion Techniques
testosterone will aid in intensifying all three persuasion techniques to get you in a action-taking state


Why do I want you to mentally prepare yourself for these powerful powerful persuasion techniques? Because they are dark. Not only are they dark, but they can be mis-used. 

So the persuasion techniques I’m giving you must be used properly as I already said, it MUST be imagined and never taken too literal. If you take it these persuasion techniques too literal, then you’re not doing this the way I want you to.

The way I want you to practice this I first want you to use your mind to visualize yourself taking action on the goal that you have. Let’s say for example, you haven’t even done my shoulder workout

I want you to visualize yourself getting in the car and going to the gym, grabbing dumbbells and doing dumbbell power push presses.

Got that practice session done? Awesome, now next visualization I want you to do is go to my state training article, down to the The Prize Visualization session and practice visualizing women wanting you all around you.

Done that? Awesome. THAT is how to mentally prepare yourself to get ready for what I’m about to tell you because quite frankly, this is dark, not only is it dark, but you’ll most definitely feel the effects if you do it properly.

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Each Persuasion Technique Forces Action

Each Persuasion Technique Forces Action
each persuasion technique inspires action and decisiveness


How bold do you think you really are? How much action have you taken towards your goals? I don’t care what goals you have, even if you came across my blog and you have no intentions of meeting women but you just want to achieve fitness goals, I can guarantee you that these techniques are going to JOLT an aliveness in your body.

Why is that? Well as I said, urgency is one hell of a powerful way to get you out of your fucking head and take immediate action. So I really want to get this in your fucking head and I’m going to challenge the hell out of you throughout this article. 

So here’s what urgency does my friend, it FORCES action. That’s exactly right, in fact, urgency is the only reason decisions are made. Without urgency every decision gets put off. I’ll say that again in case it didn’t fucking sear in to your goddamn brain…


You are a procrastinator, don’t you fucking deny it. From the minute you wake up, I can guarantee you that you are putting off that hard conversation you’re supposed to have at work. I can also guarantee that you’ll put off going to the gym.

I can also guarantee you that you’ll put off most decisions because you can. Urgency forces decisions to happen. In case you didn’t fucking hear me the first two times, without urgency every decision gets put off!

Why the FUCK am I being so persistent with saying that? Because my friend, look at how many choice and abundance people have, it’s no wonder so many fucking people are natural procrastinators.

The Reason You Procrastinate is Because You Are Lazy (RANT AHEAD)


Why most procrastinators are LAZY 🤦‍♂️#masculinity #manup #stopbeingweak #noexcuses

♬ original sound – Adam Skoda

You are going to notice a big loud mouth from me on this article, and the reason is because I’ve had to deal with lazy people throughout the years I’ve been a personal trainer and here’s what people do.

They act like they can get away with not taking action and then they come to me and say, “Why can’t I see results Adam?”

Doctor idiot, captain obvious, could you not get anymore LAZY? Yep you can, because you sit on your ass. “Why are you being a smart ass you might ask?” 

Because I’ve heard so many fucking excuses for the six years I’ve been in fitness and training people. It’s like people are trained to lie when they know they’ve been caught in an attempt to fix the situation by coming up with an excuse to stay in their safe space.

Like grow the fuck up, you see, yes, I am swearing a lot in this article because I heard that crap more times than I can count. This is why in the shocking truth of Adam Skoda, I call out weakness in today’s society.

Then I see people scrolling through facebook. It’s like come the fuck on, you come to me because you have fitness goals, and then you procrastinate, you actually have the goddamn nerve to tell me, “Why can’t I see results?”

I bet you right now, you’re pissed off at me. GOOD. I’m glad I hit a nerve. Because that nerve is going to get you out of your procrastination, because whether you want to hear it or not, YOU ARE LAZY.

That is your natural urge to go back to your phone because it guarantees you safety. Did you know that? Most people naturally default to scrolling on their phone because it guarantees you safety. 

Your goals must be more important to you than you getting a fucking dopamine hit on social media and getting likes. That’s fucking stupid if you have to browse through social media, that tells me you aren’t high value.

Now that I hit your emotions, it’s time we go in to the three secret persuasion techniques that will silence your excuse-making brain that rationalizes you out of taking the right actions you know you must take.

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A Woman Threatens You With A Gun

persuasion technique
This persuasion technique is for you to choose to lead a sedentary lifestyle or go to the gym


Imagine this scenario, a hot woman asks you with a real weapon in her hand, “gym or sedentary lifestyle?”

Now I have to remind you this is imagined, don’t have anyone do this as that’s not the purpose or aim here.

Let’s say you answer, “Gym.” Then she says loudly, “give me a date on when you’ll go right now!”

The purpose is for you to come up with a DEADLINE on when you hit the gym.

You can either put off your fitness goals and choose to lead a sedentary lifestyle, or you can choose to go to the gym.

I’m willing to make a bold statement and say you’ll make a decision. Almost any decision is better than no decision, regardless of how indecisive you are.

Why is that? Because let’s face it, even if you’re a natural procrastinator, if a woman with a gun would ask you this question, I am 100% certain that your urgency will spike up in real time and you’d give her a deadline.

What else can you do? She’s asking you with a weapon! What other choice would you have?

Now you can see why urgency is really fucking powerful in making people be more decisive.

This next persuasion technique is my favorite as it’s very powerful for becoming decisive…

Every Chair You Own Bursts in Flames

Every Chair You Own Bursts in Flames
You cannot sit down, you have no fucking choice till you take action. My favorite persuasion technique on this list.


Imagine this, you cannot sit down anymore, you see all of your sofas and furniture light up in flames. What would you do if this happened to you?

Brother, you really have no choice, but to do something that does not involve sitting down!

Right here is the strategy I used when I spotted a hot lead that is ready to be closed. 

You see, always strike when the iron is hot my friend. This is one of the most effective ways to become more decisive.

The awesome part about this is it’s not super over-the-top like the previous one. 

So if you’re thinking, “Damn Adam, I don’t like that first one, it’s too much.”

Then you’re better off going with this one and you might want to check your T level’s if that first one is TOO MUCH.

Obviously, I’m being a smart ass, but you get it, most people I’ve told that strategy said they think it’s too much.

If you truly hate the first one and you ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT DO IT, then use this one, it’s just as effective as the first.

Because I told you that this is a darker article, it’s obviously a darker step-by-step guide to becoming decisive.

This technique is so damn powerful, I closed SEVERAL deals in a single day with the help of the people who trained me. 

True story my friend, I worked for Jason Capital (Formerly known as America’s Honest Dating Coach).

I stay in touch with my coworkers on Instagram. Shout out to Andy, Danny, and Zack 😉

Anyways, this is the technique I used, and this technique is so damn powerful, you will stop being a lazy procrastinator.

Write down a scheduled day that you will close a woman on a date (of course without being pushy) when you know she is ready to be closed. 

That means she is showing attraction signs. I have no time to talk about attraction signs, read my higher status flirting article.

I’ll say one thing about this, women do not like being under pressure (so it’s best that you imply urgency) do not verbalize it.

The underlying concept of urgency is you have a deadline, you make sure you close her on a high note, but you get that done let’s say for example by five-o-clock PM.

BOOM. You’ve done it, nice work, that’s what the fuck I’m talking about! 

Now it’s time to talk about the timer persuasion technique…

The Timer Persuasion Technique ‘Creeper Following You’

The Timer Persuasion Technique 'Creeper Following You'
Imagine this creepy guy is following you if you find yourself procrastinating, this is a powerful persuasion technique


This one REALLY forces you to take fast action as when you set a timer to get your tasks done, you have no choice but to get everything done that you wrote down.

It would be wise of you to start out by writing down your goals, and imagine that if you don’t write down your goals, that a creepy gray man is going to follow you unless you do it.

Have a list of tasks to get done my friend, this is the only way this strategy works. Then you start a timer, say for example two hours. Start taking action and then you’ll get momentum!

Every decision you know you MUST act on but you haven’t done it yet, you imagine that creeper following you. I’m not saying become paranoid, I’m saying use it in a way where it is commands urgency. Nothing more, nothing less.

I strongly suggest you always use your imagination like you are putting pressure on yourself to get your goals done. Why? Because the subconscious mind cannot tell what is real and what is not real.

In fact, there is a whole book written on this called Pscyho-Cybernetics. You’ll learn about how to use your mind and perceptions to make your goals happen. It’s a lot different than how I am suggesting it.

However, it still goes a long the same idea as what you desire is REAL to the subconscious mind. Just simply set a timer to get everything done by a certain time and the closer you get to the timer going off…

The closer this gray man comes to you, that means you have to take fast action and stop procrastinating!

Set your timer for 30 minutes of getting shit done. The more shit you get done, the better off you’ll be. So never forget that.

Always Have A Deadline For Your Goals to Get Done
This book teaches you persuasion techniques on visualizing yourself taking action.

Always Have A Deadline For Your Goals to Get Done

Remember that having a deadline is the underlying backbone of all of these persuasion techniques.


“I want to go lift weights at Gold’s Gym on Saturday at 8AM.”

“I want to approach 10 women within a span of one hour at a haunted house.”

I’m obviously making this suggestion because it’s October as I’m writing this article.

Just be specific on your goals and have clarity and a vision on what you want to achieve.

If you don’t write down a deadline, honestly, I have no clue what you’re doing on my blog…

Because you clearly have no sense of urgency to achieve your goals that you want and that tells me you’re not high value.

As I said my friend, if you’re new to my blog, you should know this, and that is unlike most bloggers…


And if I have to ruffle a few feathers and agitate you, get you out of your excuse-making brain, I have no problem doing that.

I’m not here to just give you information. I’m not here to just say, “Yo bro, here’s my book Become The Alpha Women Want and the minute you finish it, you’re an Alpha Male.”

Naw man, that’s not how it works. What most people don’t understand is they think, “if I just read one more blog or listen to one more podcast, then I’ll take more action.”

You have that ass backwards. David Deida once said, “You’re always searching for freedom.”

That basically means your ego (the conditioned mind) is always thinking that if you arrive to a circumstance, you will have it all figured out. 

This is why you have to stop your brain from getting shiny object syndrome. It’s going to be hard, but you have to trust yourself to do it. Have healthy self-trust my friend, you can do it.

In case you didn’t notice, most people have a perfectionist mindset. Learn to stop caring, and just focus on taking more action, becoming more decisive, and be more aggressive towards achieving your goals.

Female Hypergamy
Persuasion techniques for learning game is important for attracting women as all women are attracted to a man of action and decisiveness

The Most Important Tip to This Entire Article

All of these persuasion techniques are designed for you to realize that you must have the following to achieve your goals, and that is urgency, a reason why you want to achieve it, and a deadline.

Have you noticed that I always give you a reason to take more courageous action? That right there is how you have purpose behind your goals. 

The most important tip to this entire article is to have a Start Time and an End Time and how much time you will allow yourself to work on your business for example. Or how much time you will allow yourself to learn social skills.

Or maybe you’re now motivated to go to the gym, it doesn’t matter, you MUST have a start time and an end time. Like I said, start a timer and go approach ten women within one hour, give them the gift of your good looks and good energy.

Now it’s time for you to get in a TOWARDS mentality because most people have an AWAY from mentality. Worrying what can go wrong, if I do this x, y, z goal, what can go wrong? That’s not a masculine mindset my friend.

Here’s what doesn’t get you in a masculine mindset, that is thinking, “If I just read another article, If I just find a funny line to say to girls, If I just listen to another podcast, I’ll get what I’m looking for.”

No my dude, that’s you running away from your problems thinking that consumption will get you results. I’ll remind you what one of my coaches taught me, “Consumption is not productive.” Never fucking forget that.

In fact, I’ve openly said to you in my other articles that I have been rejected. Why? Because that is to show you I’m just like you, I get that slap in the face sometimes. 

I’ll be honest with you man, if you thought that I don’t get rejected, you thought wrong. I have a certain amount of approaches I’ve done, that is up to 500 women I’ve interacted with. I’ve attracted married women as a side benefit.

Women look at your ACTIONS. This is why you must DEMONSTRATE DECISIVENESS and you do that by leading them with your masculinity and don’t make any apologies for it.

That is why you must use these persuasion techniques and stop basing rejection on your worth as a man. That is a mistake, and if you keep doing that you’re going to attract rejection after rejection after rejection.

So do these persuasion techniques and comment below that you’ve done it, and feel comfortable to follow me on Instagram at MasculineMindsetCoach.

And you can find me on Twitter at AdamSkoda5.


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