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#1 Reason You Must STOP Showing Jealousy in Relationships


Have you got suspicious and showed jealousy in relationships? Do you consistently wonder if your partner is cheating on you?

Here’s what I want to say to you starting out…

If your gut tells you that something is off, something is most definitely probably off. 

However, I’m here to give you some reason’s you gotta stop showing jealousy in relationships because I’m telling you my friend, this is not healthy.

Not only is it not healthy, you are likely going to get yourself caught if you go snooping because you’re insecure.

Identify Why You Are Jealous in Relationships

Number One Reason to Stop Showing Jealousy

Before you even confront your partner, you gotta watch yourself my friend. Grab a journal and write down why you feel jealous in relationships.

Because let me tell you something my friend. Years ago, I did get jealous but I had a valid reason, and I’ll get to that later.

Here’s the thing man, you cannot show women that your jealous, I know you want to, but speaking from the horses mouth…

It doesn’t work. It leads to fights, arguments and potential breakups. 

Again, I am speaking to you from experience my friend. Thinking back I was young, and I didn’t know how to control my jealousy and where it came from. 

You see, the feeling of jealousy is just a feeling, if you cannot identify why you feel jealous, then you won’t get awareness on it.

One can say in NLP that, “Awareness alone is curative.” 

What does that mean? My friend, I’m currently in the process of becoming an NLP practitioner…

What you must understand is that when you identify why you are jealous, you are THAT much closer to overcome jealousy.

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Story That Inspired This Article

Number One Reason to Stop Showing Jealousy

Years ago I remember when I caught a previous partner dirty texting another guy. And yes my friend, I got jealous.

Who wouldn’t? However, thinking back to what I know now, I would have Nixed her immediately.

Fuck, that pissed me off, I remember telling her…

“You are on time out. I won’t put up with that.”

Even though that did reprimand her poor behavior, she continued growing cold, angry, unhealthy, and turned psychotic.

So here’s my $3000 dollar learning lesson that I turned to coaches for my friend that I will tell you…


Fucking drop her bro, even if she’s hot. In fact, some of the hottest women are the biggest manipulators.

Dealing With Jealousy in Relationships

Number One Reason to Stop Showing Jealousy

Here’s my tip on how to deal with jealousy my friend. Go get some help here at betterhelp. 

If that’s nonnegotiable, you won’t do it, then I gotta suggest that you get input from friends.

Talk to them, make sure that your suspicions are even right. 

If they are, you gotta face your partner and risk potentially losing the relationship to confront her.

My friend, this is how to maintain masculinity in relationships. Believe me, you gotta do this.

Here’s another big point on dealing with jealousy my friend, and I got this from reading the book Mindset by Carol Dweck…

Stop trying to read her mind and assume what she’s thinking to behave like a hoe. 

Yeah, I make no apologies for calling unfaithful women that term because they know better, yet they still fucking do it.

More importantly, don’t fight with her about why she’s doing what she is doing.

Because that will raise up her defenses. And that’s the last thing you want my friend.

 Masculine Way to Deal With Jealousy

Number One Reason to Stop Showing Jealousy
Jealousy in relationships


This is the all important behind this entire article and what I would do if this happened to me today…

“Go to him, seriously. I don’t want to even be with you if you have to text another guy one time in front of me.”

“Leave right now, I no longer have the self-respect to trust you in my house.”

“You are unfaithful, get out of my fucking house.”

Now obviously, you may think that sounds malicious. It’s all your line delivery and how you say it. 

Brother, you have better things to do than to put up with women that disrespect you.

So yes, you gotta be willing to MAN THE FUCK UP.

Deal with rejection the masculine way by telling her to leave unapologetically. Do it in a calm, calibrated way.

Some of you might say, that just makes you sound jealous.

Well, here’s the all important point. If you have any self-respect, would you really let a woman do that?

No you wouldn’t. Even in this article here, you’ll see that I always say to break it off when women texts another guy.

Number One Reason to Stop Showing Jealousy

Number One Reason to Stop Showing Jealousy
Jealousy in relationships


Again my friend, I cannot stress enough that you cannot show jealousy. I’ll tell you why women do this brother…

They want to create a positive result out of negative behavior. And as you know from my psychological bias article…

Do you reward negative behavior? FUCK NO.

Here’s the number one reason you must stop showing jealousy in relationships brother…

It shows her actions can get you off of your inner balance point. 

Yes, I understand, it hurts you that she’s texting another dude.

But that’s when I say, follow your fears and break it off brother. You do not deserve her.

However, if she just so happens to be doing what she is doing because you have failed to be ambitious, you failed to be a man, and you failed to show masculinity…

Then you must look within because I don’t know your situation. If you email me at

I’ll see what I can do for you. However, just understand, I know where you are. Remember to never show jealousy.

Break it off and don’t regret it man.

The Takeaway

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Here’s what I want to say to you brother. Learn female psychology and understand women better.

This is how to understand female nature. I encourage you to get my book Closer’s Guide to Seduction as I go through all of the learning lessons that I learned to stop putting up with women’s BS.

More importantly, the whole point is for you to be a man because if a woman ever has to text another guy, I hate to call you out, but you’ve lost some power to your woman. 

And this is the whole point brother, women want to know that her actions won’t get you off of your center.

They want to see you have boundaries. They want to see you can stand up to them. 

Women want to know that you are willing to let it go if push comes to shove.

The strongest negotiating position is to walk away and mean it brother. Never forget that.

Feel comfortable to comment below and I will do my best to respond to all of your questions.



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