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Non-Negotiable by Wes Watson (Book Review)


Before I jump in to this book review of Non-Negotiable by Wes Watson, I want to preface this book review by saying if you do not like the guy, you won't learn anything from this article. 

If anything, you'll just throw a chair in my general direction for giving this book the highest rating I possibly can... 

An 11 out of 10. I have nothing but mad respect for Wes for essentially calling out weakness on the average male in today's society, 

If he stumbles across this book review, he may scroll through my dating and attraction articles and straight up say to me, "Adam, you're still chasing short-term pleasures."

And yes, Wes, I will fully agree with you on that. Quite frankly I don't give two shits. I am always passionate on teaching men how to be a player the right way. With that rant out of the way, let's get started...

Non-Negotiable by Wes Watson is a Phenomenal Book

Nothing short of a phenomenal book. You will hear a ton of MADE-UP stories from his ex-wife. None of it is true.

This is where I want to start out, you will see how he dedicated this book to his ex-wife and he is now, currently, in a loving relationship.

However, I want to make one thing clear to all of you, he is like a big brother to most men who struggle with impulsivity and how he gets most addicts clean...

He says consistently and I heard it from Live Zoom Recordings myself that he is not that great with relationship advice. 

But one thing I liked that he did say is to "Let go of anyone who never supports your vision and your purpose."

Good job there Wes, I tell most of my podcast listeners the same exact message. However, I also say, "Don't commit," when it comes to social dynamics.

Which he would fully disagree with. Again, I come from the perspective of not giving away your power too soon.

Go through that article before all of you potential women reading throw me a shit ton of labels I've heard already.

A Story on How Wes Watson Reached Out

I want each and every one of you to fully comprehend this. In November of 2022, Wes Watson reached out to me.

I am literally getting fucking fed up of some people who accuse me of being a liar. I wouldn't lie about a provocative world-wide trainer messaged me first.

It's because I know how he coaches. He has a polarizing loud mouth, but here's the thing, I'm the same way but I'm in the dating advice field. 

To some extent, I believe every single one of the GP members have healthy narcissism because we understand that impulse control is extremely effective to never fucking tap out when shit hits the fucking fan.

What the hell Adam, are you calling GP members narcissists? 

In a way, yes I am, but it's only to point out that we are egotistical motherfuckers. Let me explain real quick before you snap in the comments...

I think all of you reading who have a healthy ego, you shouldn't be SHAMEFUL of having a superiority complex. 

Successful people have that superiority complex. It's called Ethical Egoism.

However, don't be a hater and tell someone to stop working out because you feel threatened by someone else's success story. 

That's when the ego is not ethical and you are just being a genuine asshole.

Pay Karmic Debt

Those of you who have not read this book, it's time I set aside my tangents on why it's okay to have an ethical ego. To be clear, you will even hear Wes himself talk about that term.

Learn to pay karmic debt. What does Wes mean when he says that? He means the universe knows when you fuck up. 

He covers this deeply Non-Negotiable by Wes Watson. I love this section. In fact, sometimes I have to turn down thirsty women.

The universe tells you that regret is your guideline. For example, I started having fun and then run... One night stands. 

And I do feel some karmic debt. But you know what? I know what I signed up for when I told myself to give my readers unorthodox ways to turn women on.

However, what I want you all to understand is all of us have a dark side. My dark side is I love attention from women. Do I use them?

FUCK NO. Here's my take on one-night stands, give them the best sex ever. Then they are getting something good out of it. Don't half ass anything. 

Here's my weakness that I will fully admit to you all... If a woman is taken, she offers herself to me, and she is hot... I will never turn them down.

No Days Off of Working Out

"Science says you're a bitch motherfucker." -Wes Watson

Haha. I always laughed at this comment because in a way, he makes a point. 

Even though I have a night job, literally it starts at 11PM and it ends at 7AM...

I never take days off. In fact, if anyone has heard my interview with James called How to Man-Up (Dark Triad, Fitness, Mindset and More!)

You hear me say on this episode saying, "I don't want to listen to anyone out of shape telling me I how I should eat because then I'll look like you."

I met James through Wes Watson. In fact, I told Wes about the podcast interview in the Trainerize App.

Am I still doing the workouts? You bet your ass I have been. In fact, I've been working on my own fitness program and taking people through it.

Adversity Introduces a Man to Himself

"Adversity introduces a man to his motherfucking self." -Wes Watson

Something one of my mentors recently found out about me (more of a friend) is he noticed that I thrive under pressure, yes Mark I'm referring to you.

However, this is also a weakness of mine I gotta call myself out on. Why is it a weakness? Because this is self-inflicted adversity. 

Have all of you motherfuckers notice a pattern? I call myself out consistently. In his book Non-Negotiable, this section taught me a lot about myself.

In fact, in my recently released hard cover book, I explain why this is what Wes and I relate on most.

When you call yourself out TOO MUCH, it becomes self-inflicted adversity. Then again, part of my ego just wants to improve more, in my online business.

Heck even in my dating life when I get the urge to fuck a girl who throws herself at me but then I find out she's married.

I tell myself, "No Adam, she can be attracted but don't go there."

I'm just giving you an example. Here's why adversity in your life introduces a man to himself...

It's because you find out how to respond when all the stakes are on the line. This is when I choose purpose over pleasure. 

A Story on Self-Investment Podcast

What in the literal fuck Adam? I thought you were reviewing his book.

Here's the whole purpose behind this section brothers. I have a short-fuse. This is nothing new. 

The story behind this podcast is I literally just rolled off the cuff and got in to the flow state and started talking shit.

Ha. Let me tell you all something, in the book Non-Negotiable, he says this consistently. Self-Investment is Self-Love.

Fuck your feelings on how you feel about MONEY. Fuck your feelings on what you believe on giving tips, as you'll hear me lose my fucking shit.

In the book Non-Negotiable by Wes Watson, he states that when he was in his pleasure-seeking mindset and always expecting money FAST, it never worked out. 

In fact, he always had karmic debt when he validated himself for the money he makes. I really want that message to sink in to all of you RICH GUYS reading.


Stay Hungry and Intermittent Fast

Use a powerful pre-workout on an empty stomach for maximum affect 

"We don't have an education issue... We have a mother-fucking application issue." -Wes Watson

Here's what Wes Watson taught me the very first time we started working together. He taught me to stay hungry. 

And I got his book Non-Negotiable and this is what made me start doing fasted workouts. 

I used to always eat first and then go to the gym. But now I started staying hungry, doing fasted workouts. 

Listen you guys, seriously. I want you to take what you can learn from Wes Watson's book and take courageous action. 

The Bottom Line

Working Discipline

This book review is more how I have taken the principles of what Wes teaches and admit to myself where I can still improve.

Because I have that growth mindset. Let me remind you all that even though I cover all kinds of topics on my blog...

Understand that a masculine mentality involves having a student's mindset. That means you're never done. If you've thought that if you've arrived to a destination that you are done...

That is the error of the masculine way. Instead, be happily dissatisfied. Another reason I resonate with Wes so much...

You are never fucking satisfied. You want more. You have that all-or-nothing mindset. You must be a fucking psychopath to reach your goals.

Have you guys forgot that I consistently talk about The Dark Triad? It's okay to be psychotic to want to get to your fucking goals.

Wes Watson encourages ACTION above all. So I know you wanted me to dissect each section. But here's my foul language coming out again...

FUCK THAT. Stop acting like reading Wes Watson's book is going to get you to a point where you will be ripped, rich, and rare.

It doesn't happen. Wes encourages you to get your habits right. He covers long-term view deeply.

With that said, I love Non-Negotiable by Wes Watson I am rating this book 11 out of 10. 

Wes not only changed my life, he brought me in to his community himself. 

What a mother-fucking legend. For that reason alone, you can get his book, but always remember that success loves speed.

That means be a mother-fucking man and be decisive. Take notes when you read his book. And journal out what it means to you.

See you guys next time. I know this is a harsh article. Good for you for making it through all the way to the end. Support Wes and grab his book.


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