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NoFap Benefits: How To Get Masculine Energy


In this article, I’m making a very bold promise, but I intend to share with you NoFap benefits that transformed my life for the better.

However, I know that there are many mixed opinions on NoFap and I’m sure that just by clicking on this, you are wondering how NoFap can give you masculine energy.

First off, let’s address something, do you masturbate? If you answered “Yes,” then I am proud of for being honest with yourself for choking the chicken.

Second off, do you have the discipline to tell yourself, “No I will not masturbate?”

If you answered “No I don’t,” then I send you compassion because this is what most men struggle with.

They cannot hold themselves back from thinking with their dick. You see if you want to be less thirsty with women, then I strongly advise you to do NoFap.

The Golden Rules of NoFap

The Golden Rules of NoFap - NoFap Benefits

Before we talk about the golden rules of NoFap, I have to tell you something man.

We must understand why this gives you POWER over your sex drive. 

When you stop masturbating, and you learn to discipline yourself to say “No you motherfucker, I will NOT polish the dolphin.”

Throughout this article, I am going to tell you the benefits, however, I gotta be real with you, your sex drive is a powerful drive.

In fact, it’s so powerful that guys have been known to be thirsty as hell and creep women out by trying to pull them in to an outcome. 

You see I can confidently say that doing NoFap personally gave me outcome independence when I’m out at nightclubs.

I literally didn’t give a flying fuck if I got a lay, or just a phone number.

Now, that is my experience. However, with that said, I’m going to talk about the golden rules of NoFap.

  • Cut out all porn completely
  • Do not bash the bishop

When I say “polish the dolphin, choke the chicken, or bash the bishop,” I mean you touching your package my friend.

Porn Addiction is one of the Biggest Issues Facing Men Today

NoFap Benefits

I strongly back this up because I’ve seen and heard stories, and I’m even working with some clients right now that I’ve encouraged to stop watching porn.

Why is that? Dude, it puts you in a shitty mindset, and it distorts what sex should be all about. Sex is synergistic energetic exchange with the masculine and feminine energies merging together.

It’s supposed to be spiritual, emotional, passionate, and very intense. I have to briefly reference a book I’ve read years ago that sums it up best and it is called the Sex God Method, it involves dominance, emotion, variety and intensity.

That is what good sex is, and porn literally gives men terrible programming that shows these fucked up fetishes that can HURT WOMEN in the real world!

And also as we both know, porn addiction is one of the habits that kills your masculinity. 

I will tell you through experience, years ago I watched it too much myself, and all it did is put me in a terrible state.

Not Watching Porn puts You in a Good State

Not Watching Porn puts You in a Good State

I have to tell you something man, there is so much dopamine from porn that when you watch it too much, you have no desire to meet women, you just want to go back to your laptop and pull up your PornHub premium content.

You see life is about balance. If you can manage to discipline yourself to stop watching porn for a long period of time say for example 5 months then you can go back to watching Asa Akira or Tori Black once in awhile.


Whatever the fuck people are watching, I’m honestly so damn behind on it because I have better things to do such as flirting with women in a higher status way at a local popular nightclub in my home state.

You see let me tell you the facts, learning game will be one of the hardest tasks that you will ever do in your life, but it is the most rewarding once you start seeing progress. 

In fact, a lot of people think that learning game can be manipulative, but honestly, here’s my brutal honest ‘red pill’ truth to you my friend…


I’ve saved this huge rant for this particular article for a good reason. I personally think that the reason why most men have no game and masculinity is because they watch too much porn and they can’t admit to themselves of what they REALLY want and that is they want a beautiful, feminine woman that loves them.

Too Much Dopamine Decreases Testosterone

Too Much Dopamine Decreases Testosterone - NoFap Benefits

I want to get in to why too much dopamine literally eliminates testosterone when you bust a nut. You see, dopamine is the pleasure neurotransmitter which means that when you nut, you dump out your testosterone.

You can actually use that energy to lift weights, do HIIT training, and have higher motivation. Do you ever wonder why you feel tired after nutting too much?

This is what porn addiction does, it literally stops you from being productive, and you sit around too much. You have zero motivation. Why? Because as I just said, when you dump out your load, there’s no motivation.

How can you get motivated to do a good HIIT routine when you’re sitting around the house? You can’t. You’re too busy choking the chicken. Your chicken needs a break from too much choking.

Five NoFap Benefits Guaranteed to Raise Testosterone

Five NoFap Benefits Guaranteed to Raise Testosterone


NoFap Benefit #1 – More Energy

As we all know testosterone does have an effect on your state of mind, energy levels, physical fitness, and muscle growth.

When you stop polishing the dolphin, you are guaranteed to have higher testosterone levels. Just read this research study my friend. [R]

I’m not bullshitting you. In this study, researchers found that NoFap increased testosterone up to 145% when the seventh day of abstinence, this what the researchers reported:

A clear peak of serum testosterone appeared, reaching 145.7% of the baseline ( P < 0.01). *

A Research on the Relationship Between Ejaculation and Serum Testosterone in Men *

And I briefly want to mention my experience. When I first began doing NoFap about five years ago, I had a hard time doing it. But damn, I remember having higher energy levels, higher motivation, and more discipline to workout.

To this day, I feel my masculine power surging through my veins when I take Testogen and I hold myself back from bashing the bishop, you know what I mean.

If you have a temptation to polish the dolphin, just remember what I said, you get masculine power when you stop polishing the dolphin.

You see dopamine is responsible for motivation and conquering hard tasks, and holding yourself back, you will have higher motivation and more energy guaranteed.

NoFap Benefit #2 – Higher Focus and Clarity

NoFap gives you higher focus and mental clarity my friend. I mean let’s really go down to the weeds on why this is.

When you get older, men take what is called Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

And part of why this is is due to having clarity. Let’s face it, the more clarity you have, the more focused you are on your goals.

You see, higher focus and clarity go hand in hand. Instead of taking TRT, it would be wise of you to do NoFap.

I’ve been doing NoFap for about five years (before that I polished the dolphin every 2 months) and every time I discipline myself to do NoFap, crazy enough, I actually get my goals done.

And that’s because I have higher focus and clarity. I can think ten times more clearly and stay on task.

In fact, if you don’t want to invest in Brain FM (which is ridiculous in my opinion that you’d buy PornHub Premium) yet you make a big deal on paying $7 a month blows my fucking mind, but you do you man.

NoFap Benefit #3 – Rock Solid Frame Control

This is something that I did not expect. Honestly, I never would have thought choking the chicken can give you a weak frame.

But you see the reason why that is gives you a weak frame is because when you’re out of balance, and you masturbate too much, your frame sucks ass.

If you don’t know what frame control is, read this article here. Ever since I have been doing NoFap, I kid you not my discipline and frame is very strong. 

I can say no to eating shit fast food, I can say no to eating sugar, I can say no to a beautiful woman when she offers me a drink.

Right now I’m working with a client and he recently told me how he feels more confident and strong in his reality from doing NoFap.

I’d say this is a Nofap benefit that you wouldn’t expect. However, it is true. So consider stop choking the chicken man.

NoFap Benefit #4 – More Confidence

Hands down I’d say this is the first thing I noticed when I stopped bashing the bishop. I was way more confident in social situations.

And more importantly, I felt like I can control my sex drive when I stopped choking the chicken. Which gave me the confidence to talk to more women confidently.

You see watching porn puts bad programming in your mind. Stop watching porn and doing NoFap will give you the confidence to talk to girls because you’re motivated to meet and fuck more women.

But don’t be thirsty my friend. Control that sex drive you have. Often you’ll find that when you turn down sex, it REALLY gets thrown at you faster!

NoFap Benefit #5 – You Last as Long as You Want in Bed

Speaking from experience, I literally can control when I climax during sex. So again all the more reason to do NoFap.

I am telling you the truth, some of the best sex I’ve had has went as long as two hours and I literally hear her saying “come on, I want you to!”

I don’t do it because of doing NoFap, but also I don’t want kids. So my friend, if you don’t want kids, do NoFap and the next time you get a girl in your bed, you can last as long as you want.

Let’s really think about why you’d last as long as you want, if you have more energy, higher focus and clarity, a strong frame, much higher confidence, wouldn’t you agree you can literally control when you climax?

That’s how it works man. More importantly, its really fucking important that you stop watching porn because you end up training your mind and your package to cum really fast, so when you’re in the sack with a woman, you do cum fast!

However, without porn, your body knows the difference between actual sex and polishing the dolphin. Plus man, I want you to pleasure her first, don’t be selfish and just focus on yourself.

Give her the gift of an intense clitoral orgasm. She wants you to! This is how to make her obsessed with you 😉

A Quick Story From Five Years Ago

A Quick Story From Five Years Ago

I want to tell you what happened after a very shitty breakup. I would go out three days and nights a week to practice game..

But I started watching porn and it wasn’t a fun experience. In fact, watching too much porn is demotivating.

In fact, I remember feeling guilty from doing it. Not only did I feel shitty, I was not in a good place mentally.

This was due to being with a few toxic women that have a “taker” mentality and were emotionally incapable.

Since starting NoFap five years ago, I have never felt better. 

I have dated several women from Hinge, Bumble, Tinder, even Coffee Meets Bagel.

I’ve went through several sexual experiences, and when I was doing NoFap, the sexual energy I have is incomparable.

I’ve not only been told that “no one gave me head like that before.”

You see, this is what cutting out porn can do. You get the energy to play the field and women can tell that you’re a fertile male.

All from doing NoFap. This might sound all crazy to you, so I’ll show you the subreddit here of the large community of people doing NoFap. 

Bonus Tip – Stop Feeling Guilty if You Relapse

Stop Feeling Guilty if You Relapse

Okay so I want to be clear, any habit that you try to break is going to be difficult so unless you have insanely high discipline like me, you’ll realize that this will be hard to stop.

Here’s what I have to say, if you relapse within seven days (go ahead and do fifty not modified push-ups.)

What I really mean to say if you absolutely cannot control yourself and it’s too much, you have to start disciplining yourself in other areas of your life.

Start working out, lifting weights, do HIIT training and this will stop you from wanting to relapse.

You see a lot of guys feel guilty when they relapse because of a lack of discipline. 

Here’s the one thing I have to say about that, unless your relapsing within seven days of starting, don’t beat yourself up if you’ve managed to stop polishing the dolphin for several months.

We all have that strong urge, I’d rather have you bash the bishop to a cam girl than to creep out a woman because you can’t control yourself. You should honestly know better than that my dude.

Do what’s right my man. Women love it when you have the discipline to pull away. It shows your masculine.

The Bottom Line

NoFap Benefits

As you can tell, the NoFap Benefits are very high and from my story and my clients that are doing it, I’m sure you are realizing by now that it would be wise of you to start doing NoFap.

Not only will you develop power over your sex drive, you will gain a strong sense of masculinity. Porn addiction is a very bad habit to cut out as you know now that it destroys relationships in the real world.

Every time you watch it, you end up having extremely high expectations from women when you meet them and often this is what stops men from being good in bed. 

You don’t want to watch porn and start doing what it shows when you successfully pull a girl back to your place.

I will eventually write an article on mistakes men make in bed, however, I’ll just state one real quick.


The bottom line is that you want to dominate women in bed THE RIGHT WAY. Not in the screwed up fantasies you watch.

And when you start doing NoFap, you’ll realize it for yourself that you develop masculine energy.

That means you have a rock solid frame, confidence of an Alpha Male, higher focus and clarity, more importantly, you won’t bust a nut so fucking fast when you have sex with a woman.

You literally have power over your sex drive when you can discipline yourself from polishing the dolphin.

As always, I’d love for you to comment, and share this article with a friend that you know struggles with porn addiction.

Please leave any questions down below, I’ll do my best to respond to all of them.


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