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How Can Narcissism Be A Good Thing?


How Can Narcissism Be a Good Thing?

I've really thrown many people mixed signals on my podcast by releasing an episode called Positive Narcissistic Self-Image, and this article is going to address some alarming questions you may have about it. 

First and foremost, I want to tell you a story on what inspired this article. In fact, I have been talking to a woman named Mandy who has studied psychology and she challenged me on this. So here is how it went down.

Story That Inspired This Article

"Adam I don't really know why you think it's okay to encourage narcissistic behaviors."

I said this to her...

"I hear you, but here's how I see it, healthy narcissism is a subtle mindset shift and it doesn't have to be full blown narcissism."

She really challenged me and said...

"Adam, this is a personality disorder. Narcissists are abusive. They have nothing good to offer."

Then I responded...

"I do not see the harm in just thinking of yourself highly, like a narcissist, but obviously, I don't encourage abuse. I never will. I simply believe that everyone in some type of way has traits of entitlement, which stems from Narcissism."

She really went back and forth about this and wouldn't stop challenging me. So I ended it by saying...

"I'm not saying what you've learned is wrong. Just know that I never encourage emotional abuse like people who really have the disorder."

Then I saw her reaction, she felt better when I affirmed her viewpoint of saying she isn't wrong. Which tells me, she even has an ego. That leads me to my next point...

Everyone Has Subtle Hints of Narcissism

I am not calling Mindy a narcissist. I am simply pointing out that we all have hints of it. 

We have what is called WIIFM mindset. That stands for "what's in it for me." We all have this, most people don't even realize it. 

People naturally think about themselves. They naturally look out for themselves before they look out for anyone else.

You can't tell me that you the reader have a natural urge to lookout for your own well-being. That's self-centeredness.

Which technically speaking, this is a subtle hint of narcissism. Why do people think I encourage a positive narcissistic self-image?...

It's because when you have a positive viewpoint of oneself, combine that with seductive narcissism, you are in essence entitled to your own sex drive.

Don't Be a Bully And Put Other's Down

This should be the glaring obvious reason that Mandy made a valid point. People with narcissistic personality disorder will put others down. 

However, this is where I will say to you the reader...

If you have done this at all, even to anyone, this is not a positive narcissistic self-image. 

The self-image is what I'm referring to. When I say narcissistic self-image, I never mean you put others down because you think you are better. 

Yes, on my podcast, you'll hear cocky funny episodes. But that's the huge difference isn't it? 

When you are playfully cocky, that doesn't make you a bully. That makes you just a fun guy with a healthy ego.

And that's okay. Just don't put anyone down.

Narcissism is Good When it's Not Forced 

Book Review: Why Women Deserve Less by Myron Gaines

There is a term called Ethical Egoism that I cover extensively in my upcoming book, but here's how I want to spell this out to you...

All of you know that I cover authority in my premium work, and how it's a weapon of mass influence.

That means when you position yourself as an authority (not becoming a frame freak) people will just call you arrogant. 

Because that's how most people act. They get it all wrong. As I've said on my podcast, self-absorption is not all a good thing. But here is when narcissism can be a good thing...

It's only a good thing when you use it as a means to never place women as your purpose, you place yourself and your own personal development as your purpose. 

Your purpose on this world is to grow. And if that means thinking of women as a side benefit as a result of self-entitlement...

This is when narcissism is a good thing. It's only a good thing when it's not shown, but it is implied. Never forced.

What is a Positive Narcissistic Self-Image?

Your self-image is your own self-perception. It's how you perceive yourself. 

When you combine narcissism with a positive attitude, essentially, you come across as having  delusional confidence. 

And yes, this is narcissistic to the average person. Let's face it, most people are judgmental. 

The second they see a confident man who shows his assets and accomplishments, they throw hate towards them.

That's precisely what you hear in the podcast episode in this article. People have called me so many labels, it's ridiculous. 

I've had women call me cocky, a player and a fuckboy. It's like tell me something I don't already know. 

If you want to be a girl magnet my friend, be ready for women to challenge the hell out of you and call you labels. 

You gotta be independent of their opinions. And take it as a compliment like she just inflated your ego.

Don't be ashamed of your ego. Own it. But don't shove it down people's throats. Narcissism is a good thing when you think highly of yourself.

The Bottom Line

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Don't ever put people down. Don't be a bully. Don't go fully in to the narcissistic personality disorder direction as Mindy said to me. 

Understand that most people put a bad spin on this term. I'm here to get you to see that when you combine narcissism with a good positive attitude...

You are way more self-entitled. You are way more sexually confident. You are way more confident than the average man.

Narcissism is a good thing only when you never intend to abuse anyone with it, you simply keep your arrogant thoughts to yourself. 

And you control yourself to step back when you want to claim superiority over others. That's when narcissism is no longer healthy. 

You just went too far. Understand that there's a balance to this entire article. I will never encourage abuse as some people might say. 

I encourage the MINDSET shift of becoming delusional in your confidence because this is how naturals think when it comes to dating.

But more importantly, never be self-absorbed. That is the caveat to this entire article. The paradox I touch upon is empathy in the podcast above.

The bottom line is narcissism can be good that is if you don't be obnoxious about it in social situations.

Feel free to comment below any questions you have.

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