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CELEBRATING The First Year of The Masculine Mindset Show


Celebrating First Year of the Masculine Mindset Show

In this article, I am going to come out with several stories that I have neglected to share and I must share them as it really impacted the growth I've seen with releasing my podcast, Masculine Mindset Show.

First and foremost, my very first podcast was released June 15th of 2022 and I honestly confess that I had my previous partner show me how to upload a podcast when it was known as Anchor. 

Now known as Spotify for Podcasters, I can confidently say that I have posted over 100 episodes and now I've reached over 100 articles on my website.

I've gotta say that this past year was one hell of a year. Going through a separation with Emily, even though she still holds some of the scar tissue in my heart as one of the most kind, loving women I've ever met. 

I have nothing but great things to say about her as there are good women out there, don't fall in to the limiting belief that women are manipulators. 

I get off course, back to the Masculine Mindset Show, the very first episode has triggered people. Not only has it triggered people, I stirred up some envy and admiration from people I've met through dating coaches I've worked with.

I want to address this moving forward, I remember that night with Emily, we both talked about how most people are not at all comfortable in their sex lives. And that's what made us a great couple for the two years we were together. 

What I Learned in Healthy Relationships

Strong masculine and feminine polarity, we laughed and cried, we went on trips in to the camp grounds, we even had a strong connection, it wasn't just about the podcast.

Read my preselection article to get an idea of how awesome Emily was supporting me and the work I do. I remember those pictures, fun camping trip in Hocking Hills.

It wasn't about the conversation on sex. It wasn't about getting laid. It wasn't even about my own writing when I honestly neglected to spend time with her to blog instead.

I learned that this is what relationships are all about. This is what loving relationships can do. I learned that you must be vulnerable.

I learned that seduction is completely vulnerable. I learned that masculinity is vulnerable. I also learned that what most people teach on vulnerability is completely wrong. 

They say it's weak. They say it's wrong. They say boys shouldn't cry. They encourage men to suppress emotions. This is not vulnerability. Vulnerability is living with an open heart, regardless if it hurts.

The release of the Masculine Mindset Show made me realize that without vulnerability, relationships fail. Authenticity is what everyone wants.

Sometimes I catch myself still being cut off from my emotional side, and what does that do? 

I literally start getting too caught up in the dark side of myself, and I feel a disconnect. There must be balance between being authenticity and showing masculinity.

To be clear, I want to remind you all that masculinity is not always about turning in to an aggressive beast and acting fake hard. 

Be real, be genuine, be authentic, and let the world see who you are.

That in my mind is true masculinity. It takes strength to be vulnerable the right way without supplicating.

How Healthy Relationships Work

Early on with podcasting, Emily and I both talked about do nice guys finish last? And it led to fun banter. 

This is how healthy relationships work. We had a very powerful connection that wasn't about sex. We just laughed and we knew how to have fun, flirted with push pull frequently. 

She knew about what I taught guys. She loved it. And as the amount of people who think pick-up is creepy that found my podcast, she would always say, "Fuck them Adam, they don't get it."

This is how healthy relationships work. And this is how it will always work. Going on adventures, always blaming her for giving me a sexy glance, consistent play fights that were light and fun over the phone.

I honestly care less to tell you what led to a fun night. I want you all to know what this relationship taught me. Before Emily, I had screwed up situations happen in booty bars, nothing but toxic transactional relationships.

And I came out with only ONE of the stories on the next section. Understand that these bars are not worth gaming girls. The women there are highly manipulative with their feminine energy.

Hannah Has An Inspiring Story

Hannah if you are reading this article, all I have to say is at 26 years old, you've been through hell and back. She has an inspiring story.

This woman went through a lot of bullshit in her life, I would know this because I heard the stories on her show Fuck Yourself Happy.

I was so moved by how much inner work she's done and how young she is that I referred her to Marni of the Wing Girl Method. Congratulations Hannah, for becoming a part of Marni's Wing Girls. Your welcome 😉

Do yourself the favor of going through her podcast library. For how much she's been through, I believe she can write a very successful book and help out women to leave the booty club scene. 

Honestly, all I gotta say is if you are not subscribed to her show, you are missing episodes that will make you laugh and also feel what she is going through.

Keep fucking pushing Hannah, keep fucking going, and don't stop helping couples. If you ever find the time, post more podcasts.

How To Enhance Masculinity With Zack Zeller

I'll keep the details vague, but this man is working on a secret project. 

In the mean time, here's what Zack did, he honestly, knocked some sense in to me to get out of my all-or-nothing mentality that likes to get extreme.

He picked up on the fact that I go a little too hard with writing, and I realized quickly, I gotta calm down.

You hear my episodes such as 10X Your Masculinity, on how much I get extremely intense. This is my highest ranking podcast to date.

And sometimes, I go back, listen to these episodes and say to myself, 'Bro chill your fucking balls.'

In case you didn't know my friend, Zack used to be CEO of Team Capital. This man in my mind is a genius marketer and sales expert.

Always a pleasure interviewing you brother!!

The Courageous Man Mike Nova

Badass motherfucker, owner of The Courageous Man and a black belt in BJJ, this man inspired me to attend those classes. 

The episodes I interviewed him are as follows:

  • 5 Easy Ways to Increase MASCULINE Energy and Hilarious Bar Stories
  • A Deep Dive in to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • 5 Gambits That Drive Women Wild

All I have to say is this guy is one of the brothers I met through Mark Sing that genuinely pushes me which says a lot. 

As the host of the Masculine Mindset Show, I understand that as superior men, we must have brothers that push each other outside of our comfort zone. Mike, you are a fucking legend.

Elisabeth From The Wing Girl Method

Click to play

Elisabeth from the Wing Girl Method Team has so much knowledge on why breaking the rules is so damn powerful. 

If there is one coach on Marni's team I can recommend to you the reader, go work with her. She taught me a lot about myself. 

The topic we cover is why breaking the rules is a turn-on. More importantly, why you the reader must start living on the edge.

There is nothing more powerful than pushing beyond your limits. Elisabeth shared some vulnerable stories on my show. Taking courageous action, love it Elisabeth 😉

Do me a favor my friend, go follow her on Instagram. And go break some rules my friend!!

Celebrating 2023: Masculine Mindset Show

I've interviewed even more people, such as Matthew Gallant, Shane Clark, and of course, not forgetting Emily. 

What really changed my life with podcasting is we all can network with each other and empower each other to live our best lives. 

This year has brought me many great memories on podcasting. And what I can celebrate is just having a community. Marni's community of wing girls, Mark's community, Jason Capital's community, we all change each others lives. 

Cannot forget Wes Watson's community like Calvin and James. I will continue podcasting, and I'm working on a project about to be finished by 2024. 

Watch each video throughout this article, and email me any questions at

I will come swinging in with more health and fitness articles as I expanded my fitness certifications in the coming weeks. Feel comfortable to comment below any questions you have.


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