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Amplifying Masculine Energy: 5 Tactical Strategies


Amplifying Masculine Energy: 5 Tactical Strategies

Do you want to amplify masculinity effortlessly without having to change who you are? In this article, I plan to give you five tactical strategies to amplify masculinity.

In fact, this is a VERY important article that all men must read as I fully believe we are in an epidemic of Beta Males. You see, there's such a word called beta-programming that I specifically address in my seduction book.

In fact, I plan on getting down to the penny honest on why most men believe the groupthink limiting beliefs that masculinity is toxic. So here's something I want to tell you before I get to the tactical strategies...

Society Hates Me For Publishing This Article

Here's a true story, I've had people call me sexist, misogynistic, and people already compare me to Andrew Tate. Funny enough, I roll my eyes because the real message I spread is for men to rediscover their masculine core. You'll even find out how I discovered my masculine core in my seduction book.

And honestly, because there is a war being fought against masculinity, we've come in to another wave of feminism as I consistently listen to updates from dating coaches I've worked with, more importantly, this is why my message to you is now more important than ever.

Brother, here are some coaches I keep in contact with still to this day that knows about this problem. Jon Anthony, Mark Sing, Tripp Kramer, Marni from the Wing Girl Method to name a few.

And this is why I feel fully justified to give you 5 powerful ways to amplify masculinity. If you don't follow these strategies, hate to say this, you are a part of what I call The Herd Appeal.*

Let's talk about The Herd Appeal before we get in to the five tactical strategies to amplify masculinity because this is important to know what this is.

This is Why You Don't Follow Your Own Lead

"Adam, you've been brainwashed by the coaches you've worked with. Yet you are saying how what I think about about masculinity being toxic is wrong."

These are some of the comments I hear from people that are close to me, little do they know that The Herd Appeal is strongly influenced by mass media and society.

Here's what The Herd Appeal does my friend, it is the herd behavior defined is the phenomenon of individuals deciding to follow others and imitating group behaviors rather than deciding independently (Keynes, 1930).*

This is a resource on a book about money, but more often than not, you'll find that if you have poor beliefs on what it means to be a man, then it's likely you have mental blocks in other areas of your life. How do I know this?

Brother, I've said this before, I've been studying NLP, when you have poor beliefs in one area of your life, it often transfers in to other areas of your life.

That's the first point I want to make. The second point I want to make is you gotta mentally detach yourself from friends that try to manipulate you to believe masculinity is wrong.

So let's get in to the number one way to amplifying masculinity where you literally stop caring what everyone else says to you.

Amplifying Masculine Energy


Brother, you've gotta follow your own lead as I consistently say on my blog. Be your own man, don't let society write who you are. More importantly, this is how to amplify your masculinity.

Might seem easy right? You'll find that most people really will never understand who you truly are deep down. No one will understand because you have your own story.

So here's an ugly reality you'll have to accept, self-leadership requires you to literally tune out everyone in your life who even appears to have your back. 

Because I've learned the hard way too many times, most people often don't understand your masculine purpose. They won't understand it, in fact, they will challenge it.

Anyways, here is the tactic I want you to do brother...

It's very simple, just don't people please and live up to anyone's expectations.

If you're at work, it's one thing. Other than that, be your own man outside of work.

Amplifying Masculine Energy


This past year, I've been going through a really tough situation, however, to sum this up for you, here's what I've learned...

You have not fully found who you truly are unless you start journaling out your goals and getting clarity on what you want with your life. 

Here's the tactical strategy, start taking notes in a journal on who you think you are. Yes you heard that right. I always journal my friend, I do this frequently, especially when I feel inspired to start another project, book, or podcast.

I've discovered some CRAZY shit to shatter your reality even more as to what it TRULY means to be a man that is polarizing in his masculinity. You will discover in my next work why most people are afraid of their dark side and why it's critical to know your dark side.

 As I'm writing this, I'm literally getting the fucking chills which tells me I must spread this message in my next work.

Here's what I know my friend, there's a very clear reason why women LOVE assertiveness and a powerful masculine frame.

Need I say more? I will go in to greater detail in my work on Machiavellianism, Narcissism, and Psychopathy.

 Amplifying Masculine Energy


You thought this would be some type of action based article didn't you? So here's the all important reason to include the inner work as tactical strategies...

It's because if you truly want to be carefree, less attached to outcome, draw validation from within, fully love yourself and find inner peace, you must learn the beauty of self-actualization.

And yes, this ABSOLUTELY enhances masculinity. When you practice the power of now, and work on being more present, your game comes forth to the open.

I'll tell you a quick story, as you already know, I don't like picking up any women at the gym. So let me preface this story by saying that...

Walking throughout the gym late at night there were several women giving glances and smiling at me for no reason. Felt like it just happened out of nowhere. It's not like I even asked for it.

I had another ego death in my car prior to walking in the gym which has literally been more frequent than ever since last November. Ego death is a MAJOR component to self-actualization.

Ego is broadly misinterpreted by everyone. I see it as a tool. It's a tool in your mind that can be used for good and for evil.

The whole point to this story is for me to communicate to you that in order for you to have what is called spiritual masculinity, you must tap in to your higher purpose to have self-actualization.

That requires reaching ego death. It's such a nebulous concept, it requires a full article that I have no time to cover in this article.

And I want to add a big caveat, that doesn't mean when you reach ego death you'll get a million checkouts out of nowhere from women you don't even know.

So here is the all important point to you the reader, self-actualization is the hardest to reach on this whole list. Hands down, the reason is because it requires three characteristics, fulfillment, spirituality, and significance. This is how to have spiritual masculinity.

Here's the tactical strategy. Meditate my friend. Just do it. I know, not what you thought you'd expect right?

Brother, I always cover the inner game and for good reason. I encourage you to read practicing the power of now as you can APPLY THE TEACHINGS.

That's how you take this information I'm giving you and put it to good use, don't just fucking read, TAKE ACTION.

Amplifying Masculine Energy Requires Self-Dominance

I shouldn't really even have to say a lot here if you've bought my dating eBooks. But in case you haven't here's what I'll say to you about becoming more influential.

This literally ties in to confidence, having a strong masculine powerful frame, and having the self-belief to having high value self-dominance. 

You must influence yourself to be a better man before you start winning friendships and influencing people effectively. You must know how to be likable, but not be that friendly thief as Robert Cialdini say's in the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

Here's the tactical strategy, instead of reading another book, just influence yourself to get to the fucking gym. Be better, don't listen to your bitch voice that talks you out of it.

Self-dominance is exactly that, you dominate your fucking path because your goals are ten times more important than your bitch voice that keeps you in your comfort zone.

Amplifying Masculine Energy Means You Have Good State Control

A lot of my first book on mastering having the frame and confidence of an Alpha Male, I really go in to detail on ways to train your state of mind.

In fact, the first blog I ever wrote you'll find here, it's simple habits anyone can implement, yet so many people overthink and they just go in to analysis paralysis. 

You wanna get out of your own way? Here's the tactical strategy, go through my first article ever written on my website, pick a habit you resonate with and just FUCKING DO IT.

Nowadays, action is essential. As my man Wes Watson says himself, "We don't have an education issue, we have an application issue." And it's true, look around you.

Just simple action will separate you from everyone else. Action is the number one masculine trait of all. When you take action to have better state control by developing healthier habits, you are an Alpha Male.

State control is fucking simple, it's you getting in to a better mood than you are right now. Wanna control your state? Meditate, go to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, go on a walk on the beach, or write down your values like I say in my book Become The Alpha Women Want.

You will become more Alpha when you take action. You will become more Alpha when you are decisive. You will become more Alpha when you have good state control and you aren't blown to and from by the whims of circumstance. 

The Final Verdict: Amplifying Masculine Energy

Here's what we can conclude my friend. You are a powerful creator. You have no idea what you are TRULY capable of. Beta-programming is what we were all raised to believe. "Stay quiet when the adults are speaking."

That's basically a polite way of saying shut the fuck up when the adults are talking at the table. And it TRULY saddens me because I used to be where you are at.

I was the quiet, timid, passive, soft spoken BITCH to be blunt. Now I'm louder than ever. I recently said on a podcast how I believe having healthy self-entitlement is attractive, and FUCK did that get some reactions from people.

Here's the whole important point to this article, if I can amplify masculinity, you can ABSOLUTELY do it too. You can become polarizing in your masculinity.

Let's face it, being polarizing takes balls, in fact, it takes courage. It requires amplifying masculinity and everything I am giving you today to implement will help you get in to a masculine mindset.

This is why I started my blog, to help guys like you rediscover your masculine core before society fucked up your mind. I encourage you to listen to my podcast.

Or reach out to me at AdamSkoda@MasculineMindsetCoach.com. 

Feel comfortable to reach out to me at anytime or comment below, I'll answer any questions that you have.


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