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How To Use Rich Piana’s Feeder Workouts For MAXIMUM Gains


Have you ever heard of Rich Piana's feeder workouts? If you haven't, you'll learn all about it by the end of this article and you will gain maximum arm size. This will definitely burn out your biceps and triceps so bring your bucket if you are just starting out!

I will give full credit to the man I heard about this from, in fact, he is a well-known worldwide trainer, Wes Watson. This man is hands down the most efficient trainer out there today. He doesn't play around, and will make sure you don't miss.

Introducing Wes Watson

So you are probably wondering why I am talking about Wes when this is technically Rich Piana's routine. Here's why I want to briefly talk about Wes...

This is the man that told me (on top of several other people) about Rich Piana's feeder workouts in the Zoom Call I attended. And fuck, am I glad I found out about it, because I've been doing the feeder workouts, they fucking kick ass my friend.

It will challenge you guaranteed. Why? Because you gotta do a high volume, low intensity workout consistently back-to-back. That is what a feeder workout is my friend.

These supersets are designed to have only two exercises but you are doing HUNDREDS of reps! Yes my friend, you will reach over 500 hundred by the end of the workout.

I recommend you take creatine after doing this workout. Go ahead and read this article to see how much that shit works. Creatine is the shit, I cannot recommend any better way to look diced as fuck.

Feeder Workout's Are Designed For Muscle Growth

This is designed to be done after your usual workout routine. And it's designed for muscle growth guaranteed. Although it won't be sufficient enough to help you build a strong physique, you will definitely build mass if you do this for example after Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps.

Training for more volume does increase lactic acid my friend, and this is why I encourage you starting out to do lighter weights. You'll find that some people say 15 pounds on the skullcrushers.

But as a personal trainer, I encourage you to start out small, you can't just overwhelm yourself. If you overwhelm yourself, you'll likely start doing it and trigger what is called DOMS. That means delayed onset muscle soreness. 

You don't want that my friend. I want you to train smart because I've seen people hurt themselves when they ego lift. 

What is a Feeder Workout?

Listen to this video my friend. You'll hear it from the man himself, Richard Piana. The idea is you feed the muscle a shit load of blood and the more its pumped, the muscle expands.

The quicker the reps, the higher the reps, the more you feel it brother. I've been doing this workout I'll show you here in a little bit for about two full months.

Feeder workouts are traditionally performed in addition to your normal workout routine. This means that you are doubling up on workouts, I encourage that you foam roll for recovery as this is good for mobility in your muscles.

Rich Piana, love you brother, you are an inspiration to all of us, this article is my tribute to you. Take note here my friends and watch this youtube video. 

 What Weight Should You Use?

Great question my friends, this workout I am giving you is specifically for arms, however, as I said, I really want you to go as light as possible starting out as this is in addition to your regular workout routine.

The two exercises you will be doing are skull crushers and hammer curls. However, I am going to give you a guideline to follow if you want to do different muscle groups for a different feeder workout.

  • 5-8 pounds for lateral shoulder raises.
  • 10-15 pound dumbbells for arms.
  • 45-95 pounds for chest and back with a barbell.
  • 100-200 pounds for legs and calves using leg press or calve raise machines.

This is an excellent way to gain muscle as a hardgainer my friend, so I strongly encourage you to the following workout...

Rich Piana's Feeder Workout for Arms

So as I said, these are the exercises you are going to do my friend, Skull Crushers and Hammer Curls.

Rich Piana says that, "feeder workouts are the single most effective training technique to increase muscle size fast."

We can agree that most body builders have been on steroids, however, Rich Piana had his own gnarly way of achieving this crazy intense look, and that is his feeder arm workouts.

And this is word for word what Rich Piana say's to do brother:

"Using 15 pounds with no rest three times in a row. No squeeze, no rest, just pump the arms." -Rich

Skull Crushers - 100 Reps

Hammer Curls - 60 Reps

That means you must do this three times brother! After the 160 reps, my tip to you is to shake out your arms.

And then jump back in to do this two more times. Now if you are crazy like me, you can to this four to five times.

What Should I Eat?

I encourage you to go through my weight loss foods article. Even though it's designed for weight loss, the foods in that article are high in protein such as quinoa, chicken, 93% ground turkey.

Never overlook nutrition my friend, I'd say this is more important that the workout itself. So take this workout for what it is, an amazing pump and you'll get more out of it when you take in to account your food intake.

More importantly, never overlook this part to your fitness journey. Check out this Healthline article for any more questions you have on nutrition.

It's extremely important that you follow a good nutrition blueprint.

The Takeaway

Listen to this video my friend, again, Rich Piana is educating this man on what feeder workouts have done and how they have changed this body builders life.

You are guaranteed to gain muscle size. And if you want to do it the way Wes Watson taught me, do this before you go to bed every night.

I also encourage you to not forget supplementation either, having good protein before bed can and will maximize your muscle recovery.

The takeaway is to not forget that you do this workout after you do your normal workout, this means you will be doing doubles, but its 100% worth it for you to get maximum results my friend!

Feel free to leave your comments, concerns and questions below. See you legends next time.


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