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How To Tease Women Effectively


How To Tease Women Effectively

In this article, I'm going to teach you how to tease women effectively in a way that turns them on fast!

With that said, understand that this is one of those topics of dating that most guys struggle with. 

It's because they don't want to offend women. But here's what I want to suggest to you starting out...

Tease Everyone, Not Just Women

Starting out, here's my suggestion to you the reader, start teasing everyone. 

You can't learn how to tease women if you don't tease at all. 

Practice teasing people you know. Practice teasing women you've known for years. Practice teasing even your family. 

Understand that you gotta learn how to tease women, because without teasing...

Women will find reason's to place you in the friend zone.

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Get Comfortable Teasing Women

If you've been following my dating advice for quite some time, you know that this is one of the ground rules to teasing women.

Just read this article written by me posted on The Wing Girl Method blog.

The number one tip I can give you on how to tease women effectively is to get comfortable teasing everyone. 

Then after you get comfortable teasing everyone, get comfortable teasing women effortlessly. 

How To Tease Women in Five Easy Ways

There are five easy ways on how to tease women effectively. 

Let's break this down:

  • Break rapport
  • False disqualifiers
  • Teasing questions
  • Emotional button pushes
  • Framing her for hitting on you

One of my all-time favorite ways to tease women is breaking rapport which I cover thoroughly on Ultimate Guide to Higher Status Flirting...

Breaking Rapport 

The single biggest mistake men make when teasing women is you look for commonalities.

Here's why this doesn't work...

It doesn't work because you have it all ass backwards. 

When flirting and teasing women, you must start with teasing and LEAD with teasing. 

Women love horoscopes. So, let's go with this example.

You meet someone named Nina, she asks you, "What's your sign?"

"The better question is what's your sign?"

She says, "I'm a pisces. Now you gotta answer."

You say, "Dammit, that's fucked up chick."

She says, "Why?"

You respond... "Well I was born in August, that means I'm a fire sign. Clearly, I'm much more feisty than you are. There's no way you can keep up with me because you're a pisces. It's too bad because you're somewhat attractive."

Did you notice the backhanded compliment towards the end? 

This is teasing at it's finest. And it's much better than you seeking commonalities. 

I'll say this one more time.. 

When you seek rapport, seek commonalities, you end up in the friend zone.

False Disqualifiers

"Wow, I can tell that you and I will not get along, because you drink coffee like I do, we have too much in common."

Notice that this is closely related to breaking rapport, but you are including the disqualifier... "You and I will not get along." 

Then you break rapport afterwards. 

Did you pick up on the cold reading in the first part? 😉

You know how much I love cold reading, let's keep going...

"God I can't even talk to you anymore, you're too sweet. You just seem so innocent. I don't want to corrupt your life."

Don't forget to master flirting with your eyes when you drop these teases. 

"Do you know why me and you would never get along? I'm far too adventurous for you. I'm not sure you can keep up with me."

Or you can use one of my favorite false disqualifiers...

"You have this epic smile, the fourth best I've ever seen."

I'll give you one more false disqualifer that works on all women.

"Wait, how tall are you? <She answers> 

"Ah shit, you are way too tall for me, I think I'm going through a midget phase right now." :-))

Teasing Questions 

"So how long have you been attracted to me?"

Cocky funny shit. You know I can't have a complete article on how to tease women without my favorite style of flirting.

"So I'm curious, just what is it that you find so intriguing about me, besides my ability to be humble of course."

Here's one that I've used all the time after I get a haircut...

"How sexy do I look right now?"

"I usually can't say stuff like this to most people but I feel like you can actually relate: How awesome is it to be this awesome all the time?"

Emotional Button Pushes

Have you at all downloaded my FREE eBook? 

I have some extremely polarizing teases that is designed to push her buttons. 

Remember, I want you to sound PLAYFUL. 

Don't deliver any of these button pushes without having that playful vibe.

Let's say you meet a tall woman, this is how to playfully push her buttons.

"This is weird, I don't talk to girls as short as you."

Or let's say you meet a talk to a woman with a small ass...

"Watch out there. you might trip someone with how big that ass is."


Practice having a sarcastic tone and work on cluing her in that you are just joking and busting her chops. 

One off-delivery, it comes across as being harsh. 

But if you sound like you are being playful, and not taking her too seriously...

This is fantastic way on how to tease women indeed. 

One more hilarious button push I've used several times on short girls...

"So what it's like seeing everyone down there?"

Frame Her For Hitting on You

Make it all about her! Blame her. Challenge her. It's all your fault!

"God, you want me so bad right now."

"Listen I understand you think I'm handsome, but you gotta stop looking at me like that, it's making me uncomfortable."

"Stop trying to take an advantage of me, it won't work."

"You're really the pick of the liter, aren't you?"

"Is that you're best pick-up line?"

"Would you stop hitting on me? It's not going to work, I'm not THAT easy."

"It would never workout between us... You're too much of an innocent girl for me." :-))

Did you notice the false disqualifier on the last one? 

This is what I love about making it about her. You can incorporate the button pushes and false disqualifiers in one single statement!

The Takeaway: How To Tease Women

First Kiss Strategies

Learning how to tease women can lead to the first kiss

Teasing is awesome. Teasing is fun. Teasing triggers desire. Teasing works like crazy! 

Some of these teases may seem harsh to some of you. 

Like I said, first get comfortable teasing everyone. Don't overlook teasing. 

If you aren't getting much progress in your social life...

Then it's likely you must tease women more often. 

Try the ones that you relate to the most. 

I recommend using all of it as it can and will trigger fast desire. 

Without teasing, you'll struggle in social dynamics because this has been proven to work by several other dating coaches. 

Getting laid will be easy if you learn how to tease women effectively. 

With that said, it's time for you to start taking action. 

Go forth in to the discomfort my pilgrim.

All jokes aside, I'll see you guys next time. Feel comfortable to comment below your questions and concerns.

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