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How To Take Courageous Action (Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Decisive)


This article is a step-by-step guide to becoming more decisive and how to take action on your goals in every area of your life.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I should workout, I should learn pick-up, I should start a business?”

And then you never follow through. You see, this is why most men nowadays lack a strong masculine presence.

Little do they know that not taking action, you are literally putting off the life that you REALLY want to live.

I’m not going to sugarcoat anything in this article, I’m going to tell you like it is.

If you don’t like hard truths, then don’t continue reading. I mean that, don’t read this.

Because if you read this, you’re going to be highly uncomfortable due to the fact that I’m about to make you self-evaluate your lack of inaction.

That means I’m going to test you, challenge you, and make you look in the mirror on why you’re NOT taking action.

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Sleeping Passed Your Alarm is NOT How To Take Action

How To Take Courageous Action

I can tell you from experience that this is the most common mistake most people make which starts your day off on the wrong note.

What you’re doing when you sleep passed your alarm is you’re saying to yourself, “my goals are unimportant.”

Because sleeping passed your alarm starts your day on the note of running late to a gym class for example.

As a personal trainer, I’ve seen this in MANY people. And I’ll tell you my friend, I am not a morning person either.

In fact, my inner circle of friends knows I’m a night owl. So I can relate to you with sleeping passed your alarm.

But you see, this was one of those life learning lessons I’ve learned years ago by sleeping in too much that nothing got done.

So this is the first step my friend. You have to learn to stick to your guns if you have goals of getting fit and working out in the morning.

When you set the goal of simply waking up earlier, it just feels good knowing you’ve got up at a reasonable time.

Because then when you do wake up earlier, you start your day off on the right note to start taking courageous action on your goals.

Step 1. Eliminate All Excuses

I mean that my friend. Your excuses won’t get you in that towards driven masculine mindset. In fact, I’m calling you out on your shit.

I made excuses once upon a time. What did that do? It stopped me from progressing on my fitness goals. 

So I can guarantee you that you’ve made excuses. Because being a certified personal trainer, I hear a boat load of excuses from potential clients.

You see, I get a TON of people hitting me up, so for you to ask me that question, that tells me I don’t want to work with you.

I simply move on to the next client that I know for CERTAIN he is committed to investing in his health.

You see, if you have to question me on health and fitness advice, then I’m not your guy. 

That’s my first rant in this article, there’s more to come. The whole point of this section is for you to stop coming up with excuses to working out, or even come up with excuses to learn game.

“I can’t learn game, it’s creepy.” I hear that objection coming from a mile away.

You’re not creepy learning pick-up. You’re improving your social skills. So don’t tell yourself, it’s creepy to meet women.

That’s not masculine, nor is it attractive. It’s a limiting belief programmed by society and the parents who raised you.

If you feel creepy approaching, you transfer that emotion to her and she feels creeped out.

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Step 2. Don’t Wait For The Perfect Time

Don't Wait For The Perfect Time
Are You CREEPY For Learning How To Pick-Up Women?

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” -George S Patton

There comes a point where you realize that when you are stuck in thought, you get sick and tired of sitting around.

One of my biggest life lessons I’ve learned from successful entrepreneurs, Craig Ballantyne taught me, “Action beats procrastination.”

Man, I really want to say that again because it’s sooo damn true, ACTION always beats procrastination.

In this society, we are all lazy. I mean, look around, the norm is to wake up, go to work, then have the same boring routine of falling asleep.

Does this sound empowering to you? It definitely doesn’t. If you’re wondering why you feel stuck, then here’s my suggestion.

Get a hobby, learn how to cook, get good with women, go to the gym and lift weights if you’re a hardgainer.

If we really go down to weeds of what masculine self-driven men do, they are action-focused and they make ZERO excuses.

More importantly, masculine men are not depressed, they have direction, they know what they want and they have purpose, drive and passion.

You see, the biggest tip I can give you on becoming more decisive is to stop getting stuck in thought.

I’ll give you an example, sometimes I read “Red pill” content because it’s interesting to me. 

Then I see the screwed up twisted perception they have on women and they just have a victim mentality of female hypergamy.

There comes a point where you have to stop beating yourself up and acting like a baby because “I cannot get girls because of hypergamy!”

Let’s really think of why guys are mad at women, they’re mad because they want a reason to justify their lack of inaction.

They are feeling sorry for themselves for not having game. 

So cut this crap, victim mentality screams lower status behavior. Learn pick-up and start approaching women.

Step 3. Speed of Implementation is Key

Speed of Implementation is Key

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When you start becoming more decisive, you realize that you get speed. I’ll give you an example…

One time I was approaching numerous people with a friend I met up with in Cincinnati, Ohio.

And we were approaching as many people as possible in the evening. This is called Night game. 

You can click here to see us night gaming.

We approached TONS women within the span of two days. I honestly lost count, it was a minimum of forty people.

You see, if you want to good with people and learn social skills, this is what it takes.

Have the mentality that, “the more women I approach, the better.”

I’m telling you, if you want to grow in your social life, get a wing man, and go practice game by approaching.

Masculine energy is all about the numbers, it doesn’t care about rejection, it just wants to practice because success loves speed of implementation.

That’s what it takes to become more decisive my friend.

Step 4. Have a Growth Mindset on Failure

Have a Growth Mindset on Failure

I can tell you how many times I have failed my friend. It takes time, practice, patience, and resilience to push through failure.

This is key, and I’m telling you now, this is half of the reason people get in to the dating game and give up when one women flakes on them.

You see, I had two cornflakes before I met Emily, and this is what you must understand. Failure is GOOD.

This is what hardens you the fuck up my friend. This is what makes you in to a MAN. 

Are you going to give up after your woman cheats on you because of female hypergamy?

Or are you going to do what is necessary to grow?

And that is to better yourself, and be responsible for your mistakes.

I’ll tell you something, I’ve been through HELL when it comes to getting good with learning game.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek, I’m sure you’ve heard that, and it’s so fucking true.

I used to be a serious introvert. Then I realized the more I followed my fears and leaned in to my edges to get rejected…

The more I got VERY FAR outside of my comfort zone did I grow leaps and bounds.

So the next time a woman rejects you, it doesn’t matter to you anymore.

This is how you become decisive man, you must reframe failure. Say it like this in your mind, say it over and over…


Step 5. Lean Just Beyond Your Comfort Zone in to The Courage Zone

Beyond Your Comfort Zone - Take Courageous Action

Whether you want to admit it to yourself or not, we all have our lazy side. And that means you have to take courageous action.

Not just go to the gym for one day and call it quits the next day. No, that is not taking courageous action. 

You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to grow your body in to the most attractive version of yourself possible.

And women will be attracted to you as a side benefit. 

Honestly, learning game is great, but it’s not so much about lines and routines and being incongruent.

What’s more satisfying is following your purpose, and being your own man. 

There comes a time where you read my articles right, and you’re motivated to get jacked, get women, and become more masculine.

However, to a point you can consume too much content and then you’re in consumer mode.

Again, I gotta bring up one of my coaches that sincerely helped me years ago when I wasn’t taking action.

Craig Ballantyne, brother, I sincerely appreciate you. He taught me the following…


Step 6. Get Out of Your Head When You’re Down

Get Out of Your Head When You're Down - Take Courageous Action
This is the result of taking courageous action on my health and fitness


So here’s a big point to this entire article, yes I know you are lazy, fuck I am sometimes, I at least have the balls to be vulnerable.

There comes a point where you have to get out of your head and start being productive.

Masculine energy is productive, and it’s towards driven, action-focused, and doesn’t care about rejection. 

I’ll tell you a quick story that happened recently when I ordered chipotle, the girl was SUPER full of herself and had the “hot girl blaise” attitude.

I simply asked “how’s your day?” And she acted super egotistical like, “I’m too cool for school.”

I saw right passed it and said, “Hope your day get’s better.” You catch more bees with honey my dude, so stay calm during rejection.

This is how to respond to rejection with class. Be calm under pressure.

And most women will look at you differently when you respond in a higher status way.

So that means get out of your head when you’re down and don’t let rejection bother you.

To be clear, when I first met Emily, she had that same shit test. Guess where we’re at now?

She is in love with me my friend.

The Bottom Line

Take Courageous Action


This is what I want to say to you my friend, go to the gym and lift more heavy weights, it increases testosterone.

I also strongly advise you to learn game as well. But don’t overwhelm yourself.

I always suggest getting fit first because working out is the gateway to discipline.

And when you’re more confident, it translates in to all areas of life. You’ll be more certain in yourself and have better body language.

The bottom line is that you cannot expect yourself to get twenty inch arms in twenty days. 

You have to take initiative and be more decisive. I want that for you but you have to want it for yourself first.

So implement these strategies to become more masculine, action-focused man, because there are too many men emasculated by society.

Sometimes you have to tap in to your killer instinct (I mean your dark side) to take action when you don’t want to take action!

The majority of all successful people did not get where they were on accident.

That is again (a fixed viewpoint.)

You can develop higher status decisiveness and not make a boat load of cash to prove it.

That’s the thing is our society is HIGHLY egotistical and you’ll find that when you try to impress women with money, it doesn’t work.

You have to develop the self-trust to act on your goals no matter what comes up against you.

So that means take courageous action and stop standing on the sidelines.

Don’t be a wannabe girl magnet or a wannabe fitness junkie.

You must take courageous action in spite of fear and lean just beyond your edge as David Deida says from the book Way of the Superior Man.

Feel comfortable to comment below on this article if you have any takeaways, questions, and concerns on taking courageous action.


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