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How To Set Realistic Achievable Goals


Have you ever wanted to set realistic goals? Does it seem impossible to achieve goals that you want out of life?

By the end of this article, I will get you to realize that it’s not as hard as you put it out in your mind to be.

Half of success is in your mindset brother. And because of that, this is half of the reason most men are leading lives of quiet desperation when it doesn’t have to be this way.

Being able to set realistic achievable goals is a huge determinant of your success in life brother. So let’s not waste any time.

Step 1. Self-Awareness


“You haven’t fully thought something out unless if you’ve written it down.” -Warren Buffet

You gotta be aware of your goals my dude. You can’t just live life like a floating turd. That’s how you end up settling for an average life with an average woman and an average job.

Do you want to live the best life possible? Then here’s my suggestion my friend, get awareness of your goals. You gotta know your goals because without knowing them, you won’t achieve anything.

Get specific brother. Let’s say for example you want to manage a rotation of women. Awesome. Write that down. Or let’s say you want to gain mass in your upper body. Write that down brother!

You must have a very deep and clear self-awareness on your goals. This is going to help you set realistic goals brother. Always be thinking about your goals my friend. If you want to lose weight through HIIT training, write that down as well!

I’ll tell you something about me, I’ll often think of my next milestone on what I want to achieve in my social life when I work third shift. Yes my friend, I work third shift on top of podcasting and blogging.

So there are no excuses, you can develop self-awareness even if you are busy as fuck like me.

An Experiment I Want You To Do

This is the experiment I want you to do my friend. Go grab a journal and a pen:

  • Write down the first three goals that come to your mind in the next 3 months
  • They can be short-term goals or intermediate-goals

I want you to do this right now brother, okay? Just do it, success loves speed of implementation man.

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Step 2. Cross Out The Goals That Take Too Long

Cross Out The Goals That Take Too Long
set realistic goals

Have you wrote down three goals? If not, then stop reading any further. You gotta take this more seriously and stop slacking.

There are so many people that think doing a million things a day is being successful. 

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. You must understand that this is critical. Not listening guarantees you being lazy.

It also guarantees you comfort. More importantly, you won’t see your goals through.

The next important point is for you to cross out the goals that you know that is too far out of reach.

But leave the one that is achievable in the quickest, easiest way possible.

And remember this brother, success is a matter of maximizing productivity.

It’s super important that you have a clear metric such as if you want to fuck 20 women. All good brother, go do it if you want.

Or if you want to start an eCommerce business, doesn’t matter, just write that shit down.

Step 3. Take Courageous Action on Your Goals

Take Courageous Action on Your Goals
set realistic goals

In case you haven’t read my article on taking courageous action, I suggest you do that right away. This next step is fucking critical. Knowledge is not power brother unless it’s applied.

You won’t achieve jack shit sitting around and beating off to porn, then watching Netflix and being unproductive. So get your head out of your own ass.

This may be the most important step out of the entire article because its fucking crazy how many people I’ve met that have a hard time with just taking simple action on their health and fitness.

I just want to slap my forehead with the laziness that people have. Success doesn’t happen when you don’t take action. Setting goals are fucking useless if you can’t do this.

So do yourself the favor of getting specific and narrow down your goals to one at a time. Doing a million things can overwhelm you. And not to mention so many people talk about big goals, but the actions show otherwise. How many times have you heard this…

  • “Oh I want to lose weight.”
  • “Oh I want to make more money.”
  • “Oh I want a 10 for a girlfriend by my side.”
  • “Oh I want more muscle.”

Then you see this dude four months later and you know his true character. Not taking action is detrimental to your success.

You can even know six fitness tips for realistic goal setting in fitness, but without the application, no one takes your word that seriously. How can you trust yourself to follow through? You can’t.

So make sure you write down your goals, take courageous action on the ones that are top priority. Is your goal to get jacked? I suggest you go through my three powerful pre-workouts that will increase the chances of getting jacked.

Step 4. Look At Your Goals Consistently

Look At Your Goals Consistently

Now here’s the most important tip in this entire article my friend, you gotta get a vision board because let me tell you something..

Goals that are not written down are just dreams. Dreams are never achieved. Because that’s what it is, a fucking fairytale visualization if you can’t take some sort of immediate action.

This is how you see your goals consistently, and as I said, I wanted you to write down three goals. Don’t do what I do with my vision board because I have A LOT of fucking goals.

Remember this brother, it’s not about taking action once in awhile. No man, even if you have goals for your business, you gotta take consistent and sustainable action brother.

You can have a ton of goals, but this step right here in my mind is even more important than the previous ones. Because you are bound to have shit happen in your life.

And that means you gotta remind yourself of your goals in the midst of everything going on. I encourage you to get a vision board.

I have my most important goals in black. Social life goals are red. Monetary goals are in blue on the vision board.

Step 5. Keep This System Going

Keep This System Going
Visualize Yourself to A Successful GIRL MAGNET Fast !

Brother this is all in your mindset. You gotta keep persisting through. This is the section where I say think in terms of systems. Wash rinse and repeat.

One of my all time most important goals on the vision board my friend is to live life on my own terms and publish the four seduction books in Clickfunnels. Will it happen? Maybe. I choose to trust myself nonetheless and I will fucking die before I quit.

So that’s the type of mentality I have to achieve my goals. The real question is do you have that mentality? If not, I have to question why you started. Find your masculine purpose and find your why my dude.

The whole big message behind this article is this brother…

“Success is simple once you accept how hard it is.” -Craig B.

The Bottom Line

If you have vague goals and you are uncertain, I suggest you go all out and just brain dump everything in a journal. Write down what’s most important to you.

Do you want to pick up women every Friday when you go out? Write that down. Do you want to lose weight? Write that down brother. Do you want to buy a new car? Write that down.

I don’t fucking care if you want to fuck 100 women, just write down your goals.

This is the whole point brother, you’ve got to understand that most people cannot even do the simplest of tasks and journal this shit. The bottom line my friend is you gotta get clarity on your goals.

This will help you develop what I call higher status direction. You will realize that everything you’ve ever wanted to achieve is where you must follow your fears. 

Your goals are in that cave you fear to enter. Your goals must be top priority. Your goals must be placed above everything. I have a goal of coming out with more seduction secrets to give to you.

So my goal is to serve the world, give men the action steps they must take to be best fucking man they can be in their social life so they can get laid consistently. 

What are your goals? Grab that pen my friend and write down what you want to achieve!

Feel comfortable to comment below with any questions you may have or email me at

Peace out you charmingly handsome stud.





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