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How To Overcome The Nice Guy Syndrome


Do you think you have the nice guy syndrome? At about 16 years old, in fact I definitely was. However, I’ve grown in to a more dominant, assertive man that my entire social circle frames me of being way more assertive. In fact, I’ve done some shit. I have much more push in my game (which I will get to later in this article).

I want to tell you that if you are a nice guy, you can overcome the nice guy syndrome by becoming more masculine. Let’s just start out with the obvious, shall we? After reading this article, no more beta-orbiter status for you my friend.

Nice Guy Syndrome Positions You as Inauthentic

Why are you so nice brother? Have you asked yourself that? Do you think you are too agreeable? If you thought that, chances are that you are inauthentic.

You think of the picture, you paint it, you step inside of it. If you think of yourself as agreeable, yes, you’re inauthentic. In fact women prefer raw unfiltered authenticity. Express yourself brother, don’t hold back. 

Let me give you three people that are authentic that are a good example of this is to model TV characters with good game such as Hank Moody, Don Draper, heck I like Damon Salvatore. However, I know you’re not all three, so here’s what I have to say to you, choose a character you like and model them. Don’t fucking copy and become them. It’s not congruent with who you are.

Just model their body language, don’t try too hard though. Modeling is a powerful way to adjust your body language and the way you walk. Obviously, this takes inner game and mindset tweaks, just note that you don’t have to be a loud motherfucker like me to overcome the nice guy syndrome.

Obviously my friend, DO NOT MISINTERPRET this as for you to put on a mask and act like you are someone else. What I mean by modeling is you simply take inspiration from them.

For example, it’s no lie that one of my favorite TV characters is Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. He is someone that I model on occasion when I’m flirting with women.

Remember this my friend, when you model people you like, you emulate higher confidence. This is the first step to overcoming the nice guy syndrome. Be more authentic with your body language and the way you walk brother, you got this.

Nice Guy Syndrome Makes You Weak

Nice Guy Syndrome Makes You Weak

This is the one you’re not gonna want to hear. But I didn’t want to hear this either when my mentor called me out a long time ago! Brother, you gotta realize that when you are too nice and women comment about it to you, “I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

You’ve gotta go through this article to get out of the friend zone. However, here is the quickest way to overcome this objection you’ll hear from women…

“I don’t want to be your friend anymore. We are through. I honestly don’t know why I even took this long to tell you but you know what fuck it, I gotta say this, we are done.”

Yes, my friend, this line will make all women look at you like, “Damn, did he really just say that?” And you gotta walk away and mean it. If you don’t mean it, you look incongruent.

End friendships brother. Seriously, just try it. You are one step closer to overcoming the nice guy syndrome. Nervous to do that? Then here’s another reason you gotta realize that the nice guy finishes last every time.

Nice Guys Are Actually Highly Manipulative

Nice Guys Are Actually Highly Manipulative

Let’s really think about why women are highly turned off by nice guys, they intuitively understand that when you try to impress them, it looks try-hard. You put her in the masculine role.

Stop asking for example, “where do you want to go?” Fuck that. Instead, assume the close, lead her to the destination and be motherfucking man. Because asking women to lead is like asking a woman to be a fucking man.

Give her the badge of honor, she just won because you put her in the masculine role. Not only is that weak, but it’s manipulative. Especially when you wine and dine her. It looks highly manipulative, like you want sex for the nice favor.

Basically that’s like you using your resources thinking it will get you laid, but that shit lands you in the friend zone. Stop this bullshit, come on man, don’t make me mad and have you to do one hundred burpees. Just don’t wine and dine women to five star restaurants.

They might say they like it, but deep down, she wants you to be a man and show that your nice dates must be earned. Don’t take her to a nice restaurant for the first date.

Take her to Taco Bell. Obviously I’m just fucking kidding, however, Aladdin’s Eatery would be a good place for a first date and not a five star restaurant.

Become More Decisive

Become More Decisive

This formula will get you laid INSTANTLY!

My friend, it’s time for you to check out my new podcast all about the nice guy and what my ex-girlfriend has to say about it.

Heck you’ll hear the same message from Marni of the Wing Girl Method. Women want to know you are masculine.

You’ll hear why it comes across as you are trying to be something you are not. Here’s one of the best ways to overcome the nice guy syndrome. Have no fear my pilgrim:

  • Take more action in your own life.
  • Become more decisive.
  • Follow your own lead and trust your own instincts.

Read this step-by-step guide to becoming decisive. Or just learn to make quicker decisions for you!

Disagree With Women More

Disagree With Women More

The more disagreeable you are, the better. Women like this as you can hear proof in the podcast. If you are a ‘Yes’ man, you won’t get laid, not to mention you will have blue balls. Don’t be the average male Myron talks about in his hardcover book.

Just do this my friend, I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Women choose tension over agreeable every day of the week. This is why assholes do get girls.

I once told one of my previous partners, “I was done with you a long time ago.” 

She got slightly butthurt, then I said, “Obviously, you know I’m just fucking around right?” 

Then she said, “You wanna fuck?”

So now you see how powerful this really is. It’s all about the emotional mind brother. Women want to feel the full range of emotions my dude.

Add More Push To Your Game

Add More Push To Your Game


“Can you stop being so fucking cute, honestly woman, what’s your deal? Are you just that beautiful that you’re kinda ugly?”

I bet you’re thinking, “What gives Adam? Why would I say that?”

Brother this is called mixed signals. Listen to my podcast to for more awesome lines to say.

But honestly you gotta add more push…

“You are my existential crisis.” 

“You seem like such an innocent girl.” 

“You have bad girl eyes with a good girl face.” 

“Do you use emoticons when you text?” <she will respond>

Here’s what you say after she responds to you brother…

“I’ve met some girls in the past who use tons of emoticons when they text. Please tell me that you’re not one of those girls that sends rainbows and unicorns and one-hundred emoticons when you text.”

Fuck yes. That’s what I’m talking about. Steal these lines my friend. Write them down on a note card.

You will end up getting a phone number 😉

The Bottom Line

Nice Guy Syndrome

Isn’t it obvious how to overcome the nice guy syndrome? You simply develop a masculine assertive frame.

More importantly, when you have confidence, you just know what you will and will not put up with.

Your standards are top priority, that is also the most important part and bottom line to this entire article.

Qualify women brother, be the man that tells women unconsciously that you are the prize. 

What kind of man does that? Not many. In fact, that positions you as an Alpha Male. Be that handsome Alpha Male brother.

Alpha males know how to flirt like a proNice guys are not Alpha. They are nervous as hell to speak up.

But if you follow everything laid out in this article and you are willing to add more push…

I’m telling you, that will position you as a very attractive man. So keep fucking going brother, become that savage badass that knows how to playfully push women’s buttons.

Feel comfortable to comment below and ask me any questions or any concerns you have.


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