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How To Make a Girl Obsessed With You Instantly


Make a Girl Obsessed With You Instantly

How To Make a Girl Obsessed With You Instantly

You are about to discover how to make a girl obsessed with you instantly. I have to add a warning…

My friend, this may be the most powerful article I’ve ever written to date.

I want to tell you a story of Bella the Barista that begged me for attention.

This is what inspired me to write this article…

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How It All Started To Make a Girl Obsessed

How It All Started

It began last year. I was at the Starbucks drive-thru, I rejected a woman that asked about coming to the gym I worked at.

I said, “Nah, honestly with how busy I am, and the clients I have, I don’t have room to fit you in.”

Then I saw the desire in her eyes. She got nervous and said, “Lauren, Adam is here!” I smirked and asked, “what’s the hold up?” Bella told me, “Lauren wants to ask you about your classes.”

I wrapped this up very fast and said, “Honestly I appreciate the thought but I told your friend here, I cannot fit you two in to my classes.” 

This is how it all started. They both started arguing with each other. I said, “Hey, can I get my cold brew?”

They gave me my drink and I said, “I’ll let you know when I’m more available.” Then I drove off.

This is what happened. True fucking story. And this is a big reason for the warning.

You are about to discover very powerful ways to influence people.

Tread lightly, I’m going to talk to you about how to make women obsessed with you.

Walk with me if you wish…

Why I'm Hesitant to Write This Article

Why I’m Hesitant to Write This Article

I remember when I first discovered the psychology of persuasion. It was literally all I studied for about 2 years.

I was fascinated and all I did was think of ways to get people to comply in social dynamics.

Common mistake I see guys do is complimenting as a means of persuasion.

Cut that shit out of your game completely, you’ll trigger friendly feelings in her mind.

It became clear to me when I played the field that I discovered the best way to persuade women is to give them full range of emotions.

So I REALLY have to warn you with some of the tactics and principles I talk about will in fact get women to comply to what you want them to do.

You can mis-use anything and quite frankly, I’ve dealt with stalkers because of what I’m writing about.

So my dude, I want you to write down your morals.



Why do I want you to write down your morals? Because when you get in to this game, you are responsible for every situation you get yourself into. That means if you don’t, you are likely to get yourself in a shitty situation.

I’ll tell you one more story before I proceed…

About 5 years ago I was in an LTR with an Italian woman, and I went to a concert with her, little did I know I saw Christina. The woman that said “I won’t come to the concert.” After I told her not to, she had no respect.

She knew that my girlfriend at that time would be pissed off. She came anyways.

Christina had a crush on me and the preselection triggered desire even more.

I told Christina over and over, “I’m in a relationship. Respect that.” Did she do that?

Not at all. I saw her and my ex at that time said, “Adam, why is that slut bitch staring at you?”

So I walked up and I said to Christina, “you need to leave, I asked you not to come.”

That’s what you’re dealing with when you make a woman obsessed with you.

One more big point – persuasion is going on every day. Look around you. 

It’s in business, negotiations, social dynamics, seduction, and more importantly, you can’t ignore that.

If you think persuasion is wrong, then you will come across as uncomfortable with it around everyone and that state is transferred to everyone else.

Ways To Make Her Obsessed With You

6 Ways To Make Her Obsessed With You

I want to first tell you that how you trigger obsession fast is you must let go of expectations.

That means you have to be completely detached from outcome of having sex with her.

What I mean to say is don’t put her on a fucking pedestal like most guys do in order to get an outcome. 

Demonstrate non-neediness, preselection, and a strong frame, you will easily trigger attraction.

However, that doesn’t mean she is obsessed with you yet.

What I want you to do is become more attractive and an Alpha Male.

Then secondly, make her feel comfortable.

Don’t go ass backwards that most guys do which is make her feel comfortable first. 

That’s a nice guy habit. All nice guys build too much comfort, not enough attraction.

What you want to do is attract her and then make her feel comfortable.

So you might be wondering, how does that make her obsessed? 

My friend, that’s the foundation for creating and triggering obsession, that’s having frame and non-neediness.

I’m literally just getting started 😉

“Attract women first,  build trust and comfort, and then you can seduce women” -Mystery Method

To Make a Girl Obsessed

Follow Your Own Lead

I really want to run this point home. You cannot trigger obsession when you follow other people’s lead and you are influenced by others. That is neediness.

You have to influence yourself to be your own hero. Literally, everyone will see how you value your time and your energy. Low value men give up their time for women.

You are a man on your path and you’re decisive to make your goals happen. You’re ambitious and everything that matters to you is making your goals a reality.

This is why women are turned on by a man on his path, but turned off by a man that put’s her in the masculine role. Never put a woman in that role if you want to create obsession.

From the story in the beginning, I clearly followed my own path, and I didn’t just say, “oh you can come to my class.”

No, honestly, I was very busy and that’s communicated by what I demonstrated when I left fast and lived my own life.

When you value your own time, energy, and even your mindset! You don’t allow your own mindset to get you down, you have a half full glass.

Following your own lead makes you highly masculine. Let me remind you that if you let women get in the way of your vision and your values, she loses respect for you. 

Why do they hate it so much? They hate it because you’re putting her above you. Stop putting women in the middle of your values and give them the benefit of the doubt.

It’s time that we turn this up a notch. I’m going to give you some fantastic ways to get her obsessed in this next section. 😉

Give Her Space To Chase After Foreplay

Give Her Space To Chase After Foreplay

So I want to tell you that this really only works if you’ve already hooked up with a woman, but you just did foreplay and ONLY foreplay!

It’s preferred that you stop the physical escalation after giving her head. Why?

Sexual attraction is created in space. I mean that. Stopping intensifies desire my friend.

It’s very powerful. Women think about you when you’re not around.

They are wondering what you’re up to. And it makes them want your attention my friend.

Then what happens as a result, she is going to hit you up. Trust me my dude, this fucking works.

Just read this message here. I’ll tell you some of the context, I gave her the best. head. ever. 

Then I left without having sex with her.

To Make a Girl Obsessed

Here’s what I can guess you’re thinking, why not just go for it?

Sure, I hear you, but stopping physical escalations is a powerful takeaway.

Think of it like this, if you just got sick duck from a woman and she says, “Let’s wait to have sex.”

I’m willing to guess that you’re going to want to have sex. 

How do I know that? Well it’s simple. The desire for sex is very real for a lot of people, not just men.

Make Her Shudder With Powerful Oral Sex

Make Her Shudder With Powerful Oral Sex

Bro, I want you to learn where the clitoris is. Then and only then can you stimulate her.

This is hands-down one of the most effective ways make her obsessed.

Women will call you the “Go Down Champion.” LOL

The point here is to make her climax.

No really, if you think just staying down there for a few minutes is going to make her cum, you thought wrong.

You must make her shudder my friend. I want you to put her on cloud nine.

Give her such a powerful orgasm that she screams. 

You’ll be remembered for that forever.

Be that man all women fantasize about. 

I want you to give her the gift of a very intense clitoral orgasm.

She will be obsessed.


Loss Aversion Bias

Loss Aversion Bias

I went to college for psychology and communications, what a coincidence. LOL.

Have you ever heard of loss aversion? It’s like you want to avoid losing something. Let me explain.

People want to avoid losing what they want. So in my case of the story I referenced from the beginning, it’s time we talk about it.

I went to Starbucks and these two baristas Bella and Lauren wanted to talk to me.

It was obvious, because they both showed IOI’s. That means indicators of interest. They asked about my classes.

“I don’t have time to fit you in my fitness classes, I’m super busy.” That’s what I said to them.

They asked why they can’t come to my fitness classes.

This literally got Bella to literally BEG for my phone number.

Ever since, I see her here and there, Bella loses her shit. She literally became mad that I wouldn’t give it away.

That triggered strong desire in them both. Make sense? 

You’ll see that loss aversion is used by players quite frequently.

Why? It’s because they understand that humans want what they can’t have and they push away women.

The more you push women away, you’ll realize that it plays a positive effect.

But my friend, don’t push them away them with a harsh tonality. That’s not cool. 

Playfully push them away and you’ll see loss aversion is triggered.

The pain of losing something that someone wants is more powerful than giving them what they want (that is gains).

I told you from the beginning my friend, this article is crazy, powerful shit.

When Texting Her, Fall Off The Map

When Texting Her, Fall Off The Map

This is similar to loss aversion but applied in texting. And it’s very powerful when you do it the right way.

I want you to fall off the map, meaning you leave the interaction when you’re either flirting, or texting dirty.

Why? Here’s what happens. She is going to start looking at your social media.

She’ll see what you’re up to and find other means of contacting you. 

Do you see a pattern here?

In order to get a woman obsessed, you do the opposite of what you want to do.

Because I’m sure you think falling off the map is just leading her on.

It’s all a part of getting her attracted man. I didn’t invent the rules. It’s been around for years.

In order to successfully make a woman obsessed with you, doing things like this will make her think of you.

She might think you’re with other women. You want the preselection to be in her head. Don’t brag.

That preselection spike does help, but don’t make it look like you’re hooking up. 

Demonstrate A Strong, Masculine Presence

Demonstrate A Strong, Masculine Presence

This may be the most important part of being that bad, edgy guy that women love.

All women love a man that can take social pressure while maintaining his composure, and be assertive.

It’s often why women test men to begin with. They want you to win! 

But if you fail their congruence tests, honestly, you are not in your masculine energy.

Because when they test you, it’s important you remain nonreactive (or misinterpret their test).

Either way, they want to know that you have a backbone. 

You do that by simply being masculine and don’t have shame surrounding it.

I can’t tell you how many times the women I’ve been with tell me “I love that you don’t take any shit.”

It helps them feel safe, that you can take care of them, and more importantly, they will crave your strong, masculine presence.

This is what women want, they want to know that you’re a man, not a wimp. They dream about a strong man that can take care of them in all of the right ways 😉



You now know how to make any woman obsessed with you. Tread lightly my dude.

I’ve had women literally offer to give me head in the bathroom with the stuff I just shared with you.

You’ll find that being masculine is hands-down the most powerful way to get compliance from woman.

Why? Because, if you demonstrate your assertive, disagreeable side to your personality, they see you as a man that can lead them.

Women want you to lead them. I don’t mean be a stubborn and arrogant, I mean learn to disagree, stand up for yourself and show that you follow your own lead.

Why is that so attractive to women? It’s because they are turned on by a man that values his time and lives life decisively, with purpose and passion. It ultimately shows that you’re ambitious.

My friend, if you’ve enjoyed this article, I suggest you check out my premium content.

Feel comfortable to leave any comments down below, I’ll do my best to answer your questions.





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