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How To Maintain MASCULINITY in Relationships


For all of you PC people that are easily offended, warning to you, this article is all about maintaining masculinity in relationships. Which means I’m going to give you one of the most powerful ways to keep a woman interested in you.

However, this is where I want to warn you about getting women to be drawn to you and thinking about you all the time. I’m telling you from experience, this shit fucking works. So stay with me my dude, let’s get in to the good shit.

Masculinity is Spiritually Attractive

Maintain Masculinity in Relationships
Women are intuitively turned on by masculinity


Those of you that already think this is bullshit, since when has a woman said, “I want my man to behave like a woman?”

Not any women that I’ve met on the face of the earth likes it when a man behaves like a fucking pussy. 

Go ahead, get mad at the wording I’m using here, however, here’s why masculinity is spiritually attractive…

In an ideal relationship, something that happens that is fucking beautiful and will shift your perspective on what it means to be a masculine man…

His masculinity complements her feminine energy and they literally become one. This is why when couples have sex, it is a synergistic energetic exchange. Therefore, this is a spiritual exchange.

That goes without saying, even though I’m being vulgar about this, when a man behaves in a way that comes across as feminine, women are intuitively turned off. 

That means when a man embodies masculine energy, women are intuitively turned on. It’s because it makes her feel safe.

Masculinity is Calm and Centered

Maintain Masculinity in Relationships

In case you didn’t know my friend, masculinity doesn’t always mean turn in to a raging BEAST and start throwing chairs.

Naw man, here’s what is awesome about becoming an Alpha Male, that is they are calm, centered, and grounded.

That means how you maintain masculinity in relationships is you don’t lose your shooter marble. 

You don’t come unpeeled and start throwing chairs, or mis-use the killer instinct most men have.

In fact, the most masculine men you’ll ever meet are some of the most chill and laid back dudes.

Masculinity is often broadly misinterpreted as toxic, however, this is where I draw the line. 

You must understand that masculinity is healthy and actually it’s quite the opposite of toxic.

Essentially what I’m saying to you is masculinity is calm and centered.

So be proud of your manly calm vibe my friend.

Be Outcome Independent

Maintain Masculinity in Relationships
Outcome independence communicates masculinity


Here’s where I’m going to give you some tactical ways to maintain masculinity in relationships…

Simply be outcome independent, even if it doesn’t work out with a woman you’re seeing.

So this is the reason for the warning in the beginning, you must act as if you can get another woman if push comes to shove.

And I bet some of you women are pissed off at this reality.

So here’s what I have to say to all you potential women reading this, since when do you want a man to be FULLY attached to you?

On some level you think you want that, but on a deep emotional level, the idea of him walking way is attractive.

That’s what outcome independence is my friends. You must understand that when a man is needy, it’s a turn-off.

That abundance mindset is going to keep her interested in you, I wouldn’t steer you wrong my dude.

Show Don’t Tell Maintains Masculinity

Maintain Masculinity in Relationships
show her through actions your masculinity


What do I mean by show don’t tell? I mean your actions are not mismatched.

What you say is aligned with what you do. This is called congruence in PUA terms.

However, this is about relationships, so let’s stick to the topic of relationships.

Show don’t tell means that you are impeccable with your word. And you don’t fucking lie.

This is often why assholes attract women but cannot keep them as I recently posted an article on.

Alpha Male’s often show through their actions that they are congruent.

Beta Male’s are often incongruent and second guess their decisions. “What can go wrong in this relationship?”

BRO, don’t ever even think about that if you are with a woman, she can sense that quite easily.

Then she’s going to test you. Fail her tests consistently, she won’t stay attracted.

This is how to maintain masculinity in relationships. Show women that you are impeccable with your word.

Be Willing to Let it Go

Maintain Masculinity in Relationships

This is similar to outcome independence, however, it’s now communicated through your actions.

Because you can mentally think of other women when you’re dating someone, however, this is you acting on it.

There have been MANY times I’ve done this and it’s always worked to keep my masculinity intact and to show her she can leave.

“Listen if me having a blog about dating and seduction is a dealbreaker, let me know now, it’s all good.”

True story, I’ve said this. In fact, this puts women alive and in to her body and she thinks, “is he leaving?”

Here’s the thing, you have to show her that you are not afraid to do it.

And that’s what most guys are afraid to do. They think, “how does this work?”

Brother, as I said already I wouldn’t steer you wrong. 

It’s called Loss Aversion Bias, and it’s one of the ways to get her obsessed with you.

That’s my warning to you, tread lightly, when you take action on this, you’ll see how powerful this really is.

The Bottom Line

Maintain Masculinity in Relationships

Here’s what I want you to takeaway from this article, instead of the woman always initiating break-ups, flip the script.

If you cannot do this, then it communicates to her that you still have some type of neediness for the relationship.

Listen man, I’m giving you no illusions, masculinity is calm and centered, yes.

However, to TRULY maintain your masculinity you must be willing to let her go.

And it’s not from apathy, it’s not from passive aggressiveness like being an ass, its from love.

If you know the relationship doesn’t suit you anymore, move on. It’s all good. 

If you love your woman, but you don’t love her in the way you used to, it’s okay to tell her.

The true way to maintain masculinity in relationships is to demonstrate that you follow your heart. 

And that is okay, don’t ever break up from a place of anger, it never ends well.

Be calm, cool, collected, and always remain on your inner balance point.

Stay grounded my handsome friend. This is how to maintain masculinity in relationships.

You are immovable in the face of adversity. So be that masculine man you are meant to be.

Keep going my brother, even though this is probably not what you want to hear…

I believe that you can follow your fears my handsome friend.

Feel comfortable to comment down below if you have any questions on relationships. See you soon!


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