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How To Lead Women With Your Masculinity


My friend, this article is not for you if you aren’t in a relationship, it’s more on how to lead women with your masculinity.

So I suggest that you read my Ultimate Guide to Pick-Up and apply it in your life before proceeding.

This article is for men in relationships. So if you are in a relationship, then keep reading. 

I have to address very quickly how so many men nowadays are at odds with their own masculine identity.

So do me a favor and look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself the following questions…

“Can I show my woman that I trust in my ability to be decisive?”

“Are you able to be more bold?”

“Can you learn to take more risks?”

“Are you able to be quicker in making fast decisions?”

“Can I lead my woman better?”

Why do I want you to ask yourself these questions? Because man, you teach people how to treat you. Meaning, if you want that all important sexual tension, you have to show through actions that you can lead her!

And if you can’t have an honest talk with yourself and look at yourself in the mirror to answer these questions honestly, because in order for you to lead women, you must become more decisive yourself and in your own life. Why?

Because you always have to start with yourself. You have to be responsible for everything that happens in your relationship.

You have to address the underlying issue, and that’s your decisiveness to lead your woman. She wants you to!

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Lead Women Without Apology

Lead Women Without Apology

This may get me some hate, because some of you might jump to conclusions and assume that this is toxic. I’m here to give you a perspective shift.

I have another profound realization that I want to give you. Masculinity is NOT toxic when you learn to lead with a giving hand. I really want to say that again because I’m sure there are potential readers that are already misinterpreting my message.


So when I say lead women without apology, I don’t mean exercise domineering control. That’s exactly why I have to address this early on. In fact in my book Become The Alpha Women Want, I talk about why dominance is healthy and how to use it properly.

The problem is in this third wave feminism movement, most people confuse dominance with domineering. So let me define the word domineering. 

From Merriam Webster, domineering is defined as “exercising arbitrary and overbearing control over others.”

Dominance is defined as having power and influence over yourself. I have no time to get in to the weeds as to why dominance is broadly misinterpreted. Read my book to understand this better.

Plain and simple, I want you to lead your woman without apology. That means doing what YOU want to do and having her join you for the thrill ride. 

Meaning when you lead without apology, you don’t change your preferences on what you want to do to please her.

And this is what so many guys get wrong, you never want to change your mind to do what she wants. 

She’s doing that to test you and see if you’re going follow her. You must lead without apology and follow your own lead my friend.

That means I want you to lead unapologetically. Don’t be hesitant to lead her.

In this world of indecisive men, when you lead women, you are demonstrating a strong masculine presence.

This is your foundation my friend. And it is how to lead women with your masculinity.

You never second guess yourself and your actions.

Masculine men are confident and certain to lead their woman without apology.

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Lead Women With Your Masculine Presence

Lead Women With Your Masculine Presence

That goes without saying, you really have to have the manly vibe to your presence.

Your woman wants to feel your masculine presence. So learn to get highly in to your testosterone.

A very fast way to get in to your testosterone is to lift heavy weights. Get in the zone and focus on working out.

Because women love when men improve themselves.

Masculinity is about taking action, going for your fitness goals. Or any goals you have, it is very masculine to set goals.

Once you achieve goals, set another one. There is always another mountain to climb.

When you lead down your own path of accomplishing your own goals, you can lead others better.

That means you can be more confident to lead your woman. Lead yourself to your goals and you can lead your woman 😉

I know I went on a tangent, but it’s important that you understand something.

The more you act on your own goals, and make them happen, the better you can lead your woman, because it translates in to all areas of your life.

When you take action, and achieve goals, you get momentum. Meaning when you get momentum, you can lead your woman more confidently and with certainty.

Leading your woman with your masculine presence is not the same as being aggressive. 

You’re simply showing her where you want to go, and what you want to do. You go for what you want to do.

You do that by planning out dates, and scheduling them. I’ll get to that later in this article.

And when you lead with that manly vibe to your presence, she is going to go in to her feminine energy.

That’s very important that women go in to their feminine.

Nowadays, women are refusing to go their feminine and want to have control. 

If you’re a woman reading my article, understand that if you want your man to be masculine, you must trust in his leadership.

Unless he’s shown that he can’t, then I understand why you’d challenge him. 

But if he has shown to you more than enough times that he can lead, I suggest you stop trying to control him.

Lead Her Without Uncertainty

Lead Her Without Uncertainty

My friend this is all about your confidence. If you can’t be confident in front of your woman, then it’s likely she’s disappointed.

I don’t want you to think I’m attacking you because you’re uncertain in your ability to lead. 

I have compassion for you my friend. I want you to show her that you are confident in your ability to lead her.

Here’s a quick confidence tip, listen to this video every night before you go to bed.

And you’ll start feeling more confident. But you have to do it every night. Don’t skip one night!

The more confident you are, the better you can lead her to where she wants to go.

Leading with uncertainty will make her doubt your masculine presence.

And she will test you, challenge you, and nag you if you doubt yourself in your ability to lead.

So listen to the confidence affirmations. Believe me, it’s very powerful.

Lead Her Through a Passionate Experience
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Lead Her Through a Passionate Experience

This one is very important, in fact, I’d say that if you can do this the right way, she will crave your masculine presence!

A great way to lead her through a passionate experience is to seduce her with seductive language.

Tell her what she wants in the bedroom…

“This feels really good, being with you right here. I can tell that you are a woman that loves good sex and letting go. There might even be a part of you that wonder’s if there is more to sex you haven’t experienced before. I’m willing to bet that there is a part of you that wants to have that passionate, intense experience you’ve never had before. But this is too much, we shouldn’t go there, it’s a bad idea.”

How many men out there are saying this to women? Not many. This takes balls and it’s very effective to build up strong investment and she will literally assume you have the answer, that you can take her through that experience!

I briefly covered pacing and leading on my blog before. And it’s time to bring it back up. 

Pacing and leading is this unbelievable powerful way to match her energy.

You temporarily follow her by matching and mirroring her body language, then you start leading by stating that cold read!

Matching and mirroring simply put, you match what her body language looks like. 

Why does pacing and leading work so well?

You see, I’m not certified in NLP, however, I know enough about it to know that pacing is describing her current frame of reality.

“I can tell that you are a woman that loves good sex and letting go.” It’s virtually true for all women.

And then when you describe to her that, “you wonder if there is more to sex that you haven’t experienced.”

That right there my friend is advanced frame control. You are leading the interaction. You are living in the CAUSE, not the effect.

The most powerful part is when you say, “this is too much, we shouldn’t go there, it’s a bad idea.”

It’s called a takeaway and it’s kinda evil, meaning it’s genius. Because this is pure human influence to its very core.

You demonstrate that you understand her world, and then when you take-it-away, FUCK. 

I’ve used this many times and I’m telling you from experience, it’s very powerful in seduction.

Bro she is going to want to fuck you when you say that to her.



Assume the close and lead her to the date. Women love a decisive man that doesn’t waste time #datingadvice #datingtipsformen #masculinemindsetblog

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Lead Her to an Epic, Romantic Dinner

Remember this as it will serve you when you take your woman out to dinner.

Prior preparation prevents poor performance.

I learned this through one of my mentors and I recommend that you implement this strategy.

You simply plan dates and then you don’t tell her where it’s at.

She asks you, “Where are we going?”

You grin and say, “Don’t worry, I got this covered.”

Bro if you can lead her to a very nice dinner without her having to tell you to do anything, she loves you man.

Like I mean that, she fucking loves you. All women love it when a man can lead them.

Especially when you call the place and make reservations.

I like to tell them, “dress casually.” 

Because it puts you in the masculine role when you say it with certainty.

She now wants to live up to your level and dress up to look good for you.

Beautiful, right? You are in the living in the CAUSE. Important concept in leading.

This may be the most important part to leading women with your masculinity. 

Lead Women With Your Masculinity

The Bottom Line

Leading women the right way is very powerful and when you do this right, you can literally make women fall hard for you.

This is critical to getting good with women. Knowing how to lead is extremely important.

Not knowing how to lead can annoy women because all women want to feel their man’s strong presence.

It’s one of their fantasies to have a man that understands them and can take the lead! 

So I cannot stress this enough that you implement everything in this article if you want to have a better relationship.

Don’t just read this and not act, it will break my heart.

And it can potentially lead to a divorce if you’re in a marriage and you’ve gone soft and stopped leading your woman.

I don’t want to have anyone email me at AdamSkoda@MasculineMindsetCoach.com and hear that you’re currently going through a hard time with your woman and it’s due to you not leading her.

Your woman wants you to lead my friend. So do her the favor of being that sanctuary and listen to her, don’t try to solve her problems. 

Sometimes leading means that you listen to her, this is called Venus Talk. And then, here’s the secret my friend, listen to her, hug it out, then smack her ass.

If you have any questions, concerns, and feedback, leave me some in the comments. See you soon stud.

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