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How To Get A STRONG FRAME Fast in Two Simple Steps


Do you want to know how to get a strong frame in two simple steps? Have you ever wondered how this works in to the darker topics I consistently talk about? 

First and foremost, understand that this topic is such a MASSIVE field of study that I know people to break this down in so MANY ways that it can just overwhelm the average man learning about frame control. 

I've also worked with Mark Sing who in my mind, teaches this EXTREMELY well. However, I want to break this down so it's EASIER to understand. 

How To Get A Strong Frame

How Can Narcissism Be A Good Thing?

The way I am approaching this topic is in terms of the dark triad of personality. Do you know what this is?

I have a podcast coming out in a few weeks on How I Found Out About THE DARK TRIAD.

So stay tuned for that podcast episode. Here's what most people wouldn't think can apply to frame control but it absolutely does!

That is having the certainty of a psychopath. What the fuck? REALLY ADAM?

Yes brothers! Understanding that having complete certainty in who you are is a strong frame.

When you are uncertain in yourself, you look insecure. Little do all of you know that having certainty is actually a step above just being confident in yourself. 

Confidence is great, but as you know from my healthy ego article, confidence can easily be faked with expensive suits and expensive watches. 

The person you are behind the shiny, flashy items is what counts. You can't buy confidence my friends. You just can't. 

How to get a strong frame starting out is I want you to understand that having frame is eerily similar to confidence.

The Certainty of a Psychopath 

This right here is masculinity. This is also frame control. How can you get certain in yourself? 

Write down 25 things you love about yourself. Recognize this strategy? If you want to get a strong frame fast, do this self-worth exercise.

Seasoned readers of my blog, you should recognize this as I put this in The Ultimate Guide to Pick-Up.

The more you are certain in who you are, the better off you'll be. Don't overlook the power of being certain in yourself. 

Haven't written it down? Stop reading my articles. This is meant for you to take courageous action.

Not just information. Don't be a wannabe girl magnet. Don't read articles and act like that's taking action. 

That self-worth exercise is designed for you to become more certain in yourself to the point where you lose touch of reality.

What do you mean ADAM? You want me to lose touch with reality? 

Fuck yeah bro. Put your head in the fucking clouds. Self-sabotage kills your masculinity, never forget that.

Think so fucking positive about yourself that you laugh when someone says something negative about you.

Believe your own convictions. Own who you are. Have a masculine vibe.

A strong frame also requires you to believe your own bullshit. 

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The certainty of a psychopath is simple, you believe in yourself so highly that if people say anything else to you, it literally makes you LAUGH. 

Did you know I had a woman compare me to Andrew Tate? I laughed when I heard the comparison. Ha. Ha. HA!

Like I give a fuck what she thinks. Psychopaths are good at only ONE THING. That is certainty. Notice what I said there, I didn't say they are good people. 

But psychopaths are certain in themselves. And they don't question it.

They convince themselves that they are the fucking shit. And they laugh at the feedback from the outside world that disagrees with them. Write that down.

Self-Validation and Self-Amusement

Do you ever notice what attractive guys are good at? Do you ever see how their strong frame gets them to have fun in their own world?

This is the second step on how to get a strong frame, validate yourself for not the money you make, but who you are as a man.

Too many times I've helped guys and I notice they attach their ego to the money they make. 

Validate yourself for being a legend without all the superficial fake shit. This is how to get a strong frame fast. 

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The next important point is self-amusement. The whole purpose for the massive contrast from talking about psychopathy and now covering self-amusement...

Is to show you that there is always a balance from light to dark. Don't stay in the shadows my friends. 

Be likable and approachable, but at the same time have the certainty of a psychopath.  

Hilariously enough, that picture above reminds me of a world-renowned PUA. Can you guess who? Comment below. I'll select the winner to get a copy of my upcoming book.

Self-amusement is actually extremely powerful, and it does give you frame. Because you don't live on the reactions of others. 

In result, you are internally validated. You value yourself. You love yourself as I always come back to.

You are in your own little world. I have a great podcast on this topic called Why Breaking The Rules is ATTRACTIVE with Elisabeth from the Wing Girl Method.

The Bottom Line

I just gave you a PREVIEW to what is covered in my hardcover book. You will get a strong frame from reading it. 

How to get a strong frame is not hard to understand. Even though my first book goes in to detail on leading interactions...

That book mostly touches upon movie mirages that give men poor beliefs and lies you've been told on what women are attracted to. It does cover how to pass shit tests.

However, this new book 77 Ways to Develop a Masculine Mindset covers way more on frame control. 

It covers why everyone neglects to express their dark side. In result, they feel shame surrounding their masculinity. 

Because they believe masculinity is wrong. They believe its toxic. They believe completely fucked up to be masculine. 

What does this do to men in the world today?...

It makes them feel miserable. And this is the world we live in. We live in a world of men that are living lives of quiet desperation. 

I want to start a movement to help guys become more polarizing in their own masculine energy. It all starts with the release of this book. 

Place your order soon. Or the prices will go up. Did I mention this one will be on hardcover? :-))

Feel free to comment below and questions and concerns. I appreciate you guys!

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