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How To Flirt Using Push Pull With Women


How To Flirt Using Push Pull With Women

Flirting using push pull is one of the biggest indicators in a woman's mind that you are higher status. No, this doesn't mean you gotta own a million properties. I encourage you to go through this article before we proceed forward.

So many guys are under the impression higher status means becoming a millionaire. Your money doesn't make you higher status. What makes you higher status is how you talk to women. 

It's not the words you say, it's how you say it. Essentially, it's the underlying place it comes from when you flirt. That means you can absolutely become higher status by flirting using push pull.

So don't get it twisted, sure its good to make bank, but you don't need to have a net worth of 1 million to look higher status in a woman's mind. Not at all, this is what society teaches everyone. 

More importantly, you must understand that in the dating field, money really only matters if you are looking for a long-term partner. So get all of the beta-programming out of your head.

Nice Guys Never Flirt Using Push Pull

This guy doesn't know how to flirt using push pull

Let me state this very clearly, most, if not all nice guys are scared to flirt using push pull...

The reason? Well, they don't like social discomfort. They run away from it. They are frightened to use shit like push pull to get women attracted. 

More importantly, it's important that you take note here because if you are just willing to step outside your comfort zone to flirt using push pull...

You will get more women in your bed. That is if you practice. You gotta practice my friend because without practice...

This is a useless article, you should stop reading any further if you don't plan on taking action.

Here's the thing brother, if you want to overcome the nice guy syndrome, you must flirt using push pull.

Because not a single nice guy will push. It freaks them out too much. If you consider yourself a nice guy, it's time you push your comfort zone...

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Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone

So it's time that I really push your buttons to get socially uncomfortable because if you consider yourself as a nice guy...

Then you gotta really take this advice on board. Start pushing your comfort zone in social situations. 

Practice being more firm in your tone. Practice being more bold. Start speaking your mind. 

This is the first step to flirt using push pull. I haven't got to the lines yet. The reason? It's due to the fact that you gotta have the courage to put yourself out there.

Speak your truth brother. Be bold, have a strong frame, and more importantly, be a man that has a strong masculine presence. Now let's get to the good shit.

Have Fun When Flirting Using Push Pull

Be self-entertained brother, this is the key because the all important point of push pull is giving women the full range of emotions. 

Women are drawn to good varying positive emotions. Take that to the bank and cash the check. 

Let's say you are ready to flirt, here's what I want you to do. Be present, calm, cool, and flirt using push pull...

"You know, it's too bad you're not my type, we could have had so much fun."

Not so bad right? You see, in my high status flirting article, the lines are much more polarizing. So I'm starting out with a light push pull. 

But just letting you know, they will build up to more ballsier lines. Anyways, always remember, flirting is in all good playful fun.

Let's just say for example sake, she test's you and says...

"Is that you're pick up line?"

"You caught me, but even though you caught on my magical spell I placed on you, I think it's time we need to find you another man now."

Do you see how this is better than being uptight, serious, and entirely uncomfortable? 

It's much better than trying to get something from her right away. When you flirt using push pull with women, they light up. 

So let's break this down...

"Even though you caught on my magical spell I place on you..." 

That is a pull because you admitted to it.

"I think it's time we need to find you another man now."

That is a push because you express disinterest.

Get Good at Banter Using Push Pull

Flirting using push pull is very closely related to banter

Banter. Attraction. Wittiness. Clever words. All the good shit. 

Brother, this in my humble opinion may be the most important tip I can give you in this entire article...

Be unpredictable. Playfully challenge, more importantly flirt using push pull. 

I fucking love this shit, it makes your masculine mindset coach ADAM excited as fuck. 

"Why do you have to be so cute, but so much like trouble? You have those bad girl eyes with a good girl face. It's honestly super confusing to me. Like I consider myself a smart motherfucker, but putting together those bad girl eyes with an innocent face like that is preposterous."

Push then pull, mixed signals, random funny shit.

Unpredictable. She might say something like...

"You're preposterous. I'm not doing anything." <with dilated pupils>

"Nah, honestly, I'm out of your league chick. You definitely seem fun though. Maybe we can be friends."

How To Pass The "Player" Challenge

There's a term in this field called shit tests. And you gotta be a ninja my friend, pass these tests effortlessly. 

The most common test you'll get when you get good is, "You're a player, aren't you?"

I look at her and sarcastically say this...

"Yes I am, but you gotta get the term right, it's actually PREMIUM manwhore."

Now we are in, ready to flirt. She's going to bite on. 

"You're such an asshole, I bet you flirt with all the girls."

"How did you know? Shit, you caught me. But honestly, it doesn't matter anyways, even though you're kinda cute, I must confess, you aren't really my type."

This is how to flirt using push pull with women and pass tests expertly.

Be fun, imply that you're not fully pushing her away in your line delivery.

Blame Her For Being Aroused

"You gotta stop giving me that sexy look, it's all your fault. Even though you're kinda cute, you gotta stop it right now."

Blame her for flirting with you. Blame her for arousing you. 

Do you see how everything gets more and more advanced to the level of sexual tension? 

So here's how to flirt using push pull in this section...

"Seriously, I cannot talk to you anymore. Even though you're super cute, you keep sending blood to certain regions and it's highly inappropriate Nicole. I'm actually going on a six month break of no sex. I'm working on getting up to 7 months."

Let's break this down...

"Even though you're super cute, you keep sending blood to certain regions and it's highly inappropriate." 

This is a pull, do you notice that? Good.

"I'm actually going on a six month break of no sex. I'm working on getting up to 7 months of no sex."

Create Nonexistent Fake Barriers 

Fucking awesome, but it's highly advanced for guys that know what they are doing so here's what barriers are.

They are made-up reasons you two shouldn't hookup. Since flirting using push pull is playing hard-to-get...

This even amplifies desire even more. Evil, I know, but you already know that I have a dark side, don't you?

Let's say you are with a woman named Jessica in a public place, here's what to say to her...

"I would honestly pick you up, put you on my shoulder and take you to the bathroom and have my way with you since you're so adorable, but we are in a public place so we can't."

Here's the push, the push is the barrier you created. 

And the pull is you describing to her what you want to do to her. 

It's a strong pull, so that's why I suggest you take a mixed and nuanced approach my friend. Be calibrated.


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I know I threw a lot of ways to flirt using push pull, so honestly, do yourself the favor of using one at a time. 

Each has its own place. And it is a very effective form of flirting. But here is the biggest caveat to this entire article...

You've gotta look for attraction signs. Make sure she is giving you indicators of interest. 

Laughing at jokes that aren't funny, dilated pupils, open body language, and body scanning you. 

Heck I had a woman feel my shoulders once and it was like, "Woah chick, I have boundaries."

You see, this is what happens when you get really good at push pull, women pull that on you. They feel your arms, especially if you've done the workouts I provide on my health and fitness section of my blog. 

Here's what we can conclude, flirting using push pull is super fucking effective and it can and will trigger desire effortlessly. 

So take action brother. Write down what you like on notecards. Then practice them before you go out in the field. 

After that, go fucking crush it and comment below. Don't forget to check out this short video before it's taken down by midnight!

Feel comfortable to reach out to me on social media or leave your takeaways down below, I'd love to hear from you. 

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