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How To Discover Your Masculine Purpose


How To Discover Your Masculine Purpose

As I am writing my next digital product, I am reminded of how I discovered my masculine purpose but more importantly this is more about how you can discover YOUR masculine purpose.

The reason for this article? Well the emotions came up my friend, I remember when a good buddy of mine named Drew passed on and I honestly will save the rest of the story for my next digital product.

The purpose behind this article is to give you hope if you feel stuck. This man was a very good man, and this is my tribute to him. I love you brother, I'll never forget that last water damage job I did with him, he is one heck of a warrior as he was in the Marines.

Without A Masculine Purpose, You Will Feel Lost

Let's have you brain dump your passions. No really, do this brother. There are two essential tasks I want you to complete:

  • Brain dump your passions
  • Brain dump your strengths

Get it all out in a journal my friend. Go all out. I want you to do this. You see in an accountability group I'm currently in...

I consistently see people journaling all the time just about every day. Why?

It's because you will find that this gives you clarity on what you want to achieve in this lifetime.

Without a masculine purpose you will feel lost. In fact, David Deida says this consistently...

"Every man knows that his highest purpose in life cannot be reduced to any particular relationship."

-David Deida from The Way of The Superior Man

Your Masculine Purpose Must Come First

My friend, if there is one AudioBook I can recommend to you, this is the one. It is an essential reading for all men to go through.

You see, this book changed my life completely. If we ever meet through a FREE Masculinity Discovery call, here's what I'd ask you brother...

"Do you want to play the field and chase women just get your dick wet? Or do you want to pursue women but follow your own lead to live your best life and they are all a side benefit?"

Here's why I will ask you that question, it is because you must find your reason why you want to meet, date, and seduce women.

Because really, the answer I'm looking for is that you follow your own lead and women are secondary.

When it comes down to dating, this is the epitome of a highly masculine mindset. Your masculine purpose is number one.

Never throw anything aside to appease anyone as this is common simp behavior.

What Are Your Passions?

Have you brain dumped your passions yet? Or are you just another excuse-maker?

"Adam, I don't have time. I have a ton of crap on my plate."

Bro, that's a bunch of BS. Seriously, just pull out your notes app if you don't want to get a journal.

I'm here to get you to realize that without passions, your life will feel lost.

Do you want to get unstuck? Do you want to live with an open heart?

Do you want to have the drive to push through adversity? When everything doesn't go your way, are you going to quit?

Here's the thing brother, without passions, you are likely to get bored.

Boredom leads to desire, then it leads to vices. Take that to the bank.

Here's what you gotta do brother, instead of desiring a woman...

Start journaling, and go all out. Don't hold back. Get your desires out on paper.

More importantly, get clear on your passions brother, I cannot stress this point home. Without passions, it's likely you will get in a funk.

"I'm just hanging in there, Adam." "I'm really not doing that great."

This is the shit I hear on the regular. And I am FULLY convinced that most people can have passions.

They just forget all about it because of all the shit going on in their relationships or at work.

How To Find Your Passions

Listen to this podcast my friend, you'll hear it from the man himself, Bedros Keuilian.

You see, I can give you all the tasks in the world to complete, but if you have no fire in your belly...

Then you are likely always searching for something new and the next shiny object.

In fact, two masculine traits I haven't mentioned on my blog yet is the following...

  • Singularity of focus
  • One task at a time

So here's how you find your passions brother, I heard this from a coaching call I had 8 years ago...

"Find your deepest wound Adam. Dig deep. Let it all out."

In fact that reminds me of a very profound quote from Robert Bly...

"Your greatest gift to the world will emerge from the deepest wound that the world gave you."

How has the world wounded you? Honestly, you gotta read my seduction book if you want to know my story.

Because that's too long. More importantly, you gotta find out how the world wounded you the most.

Masculine Purpose Must Be Strong Enough to Achieve

If you don't have a wound, then I suggest you find a powerful why.

If it means travel the world, then do it my friend. Go out there, be in a ton of different cities.

Consider traveling to Florida, Hawaii, California, or even travel to Australia.

Shout out to my Aussie readers, you know who you are 😉

Do me a favor and don't wait my friend, you've got to take courageous action on your goals and discover your masculine purpose.

You most definitely gotta shake things up my friend and experience what there is out there.

The whole point is for you to have what is called uncertainty. Be calm in the discomfort brother.

And if you haven't travelled the world, it's likely that this will help you strengthen your purpose.

Often I hear from people that have travelled (my sister for example) she found her husband. True story my friend.

Great things can happen when you travel brother, so go out there, you are worth it!

Go fly out to a country you've always wanted to see. Don't wait till you are 73 years old. Just fucking do it.

Monetize Your Passions

Real quick, I'll tell you how I monetized my passion, I became a NESTA Certified Personal Trainer as I fell in love with fitness.

I can confidently say I've trained 100 people. However, this is more about you brother.

More importantly, you gotta know your expertise, what you excel in, what you love doing.

When was the last time you stopped thinking? That's what you love doing.

You are in flow state when you lose all track of time and it's something that no one can know other than you.

One other thing I love is to write. Do you love writing? Or do you love daily meditation?

I'd suggest that you become a meditation coach if that's something you love doing.

Look at monetizing the passions you have my friend, there is nothing better than to teach what you love.

Learn Pick-Up

You might be wondering why I'm including this on the list of discovering your passions. Here's why...

Having healthy functional relationships is actually really fucking important. So learning pick-up can and will help you get more passionate.

The reason is because it's about getting you in touch with having more empathy as I cover deeper in my recent seduction book.

It gets you in touch with that part of you that is slightly effeminate. I know, some of you guys are thinking...


Yeah bro, I hear you, as a Stoic man myself, I'm with you. I'm also excited to tell you that my next project I'm working on is all about masculinity 😉

However, here's something interesting I've learned about learning game, I've learned that game equals passion. I had to learn to accept rejections like a mother-fucking man.

I don't care if you consider yourself good with women. Your game can always improve! And learning game is the biggest ego check life will ever throw at you brother.

So yes, I encourage you to learn game, understand that the beta-orbiters will be the whiny loser's that think pick-up is creepy. You learning game isn't creepy my friend. It's becoming your best self. Our ancestors learned all of this naturally.

The problem is society is shaming you for being masculine. You gotta tune out societies loud noise and follow your own lead.

I can hear a common objection in the comments coming...

"Adam! How the FUCK does that give you passion? It's really shallow and conceals your intentions of wanting sex."

My friend, you've been brainwashed by the masses. Pick-up has been shamed throughout the years, unfortunately most people cannot swallow the "red pill" truth that learning game is essential.

And I don't mean you get mad at women for their hypergamous nature when I bring up "Red Pill." Instead, become an Alpha Male brother. Then you won't have that problem.

The Final Verdict

A large amount of thinking cannot help you discover your passions brother. That's why in this article, I laid out several ways for you to discover your masculine purpose.

You can also join clubs that help you feel better and around like-minded people that share your interests. For example, I'll give you several groups you can join:

  • Yoga classes
  • Pilates studio
  • Country swing dancing
  • Salsa dancing
  • PUA Lairs
  • BJJ classes
  • OrangeTheory Classes
  • CrossFit

I'm not the biggest fan of CrossFit because it's so easy to get hurt, however, you gotta find the ones where they have good personal trainers.

This will help you find your masculine purpose. And even if you're a video gamer and don't like the sounds of this, then find a group of people that play video games.

Maybe your masculine purpose is to be the best Call-of-Duty player of all time. Or any video game. Just do it brother. Show other shitty players how to be better.

Find a way to serve the world, that's in essence highly masculine. So do everything I listed out my friends. And let me know if this article has helped you in any way whatsoever in the comments.

Feel comfortable to follow me on TikTok and Instagram. See you later!

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