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How to Conquer Fear to Achieve Your Goals: 10 Key Lessons


This article has been a long time coming, and I’m excited to tell you why you must follow your fears if you want to achieve your goals. I’m super stoked to tell you about the benefits of why this is going to help you achieve goals in your fitness and dating life. Not to mention when you follow your fears, it puts you in your masculine mindset.

And I won’t lie, because I have the belief of following your fears, I make it a daily habit to face my anxiety symptoms by doing something that I absolutely hate doing. For example, I will go out and approach women. Some of you know I’m in a relationship and will question that.

I say to you, “I really don’t always enjoy cold approaching. But I train my state of mind so that I snap out of it.” Quite frankly, I know that the more women I approach, the better I get at social skills.

You see, I’ve mastered the discipline to workout and lift weights and do my german volume training workouts It’s literally who I am, it’s what I love doing, and you don’t have to tell me to hit the gym. So anything that challenges me, I will discipline myself to do it.

So in this article, I am going to give you ten reasons why following your fears will help you achieve goals. And yes, I’m extremely passionate about this topic, so be prepared for the rants because I believe we are in an epidemic of laziness.

Conquer Your Fears Requires Having Courage

Follow Your Fears
Click the image to find out how conquering fears requires taking courageous action

You my friend must develop the courage to take more action because as I said, we are in an epidemic of laziness. I know that’s a bold statement, but I hold true to what I say. I’ll day game and I often see guys just staring at their phones and then they look up when they see an attractive woman.

THEN THEY DON’T APPROACH. It’s like bro, any missed opportunity is a potential woman you can give charisma and brighten her day. Here’s some news for you my friend, 60% of women want to be approached!

The other 39% are open to it if you have no ulterior motives, and there are 1% of them that will be an asshole. So that should tell you that most women love it when a guy takes courageous action and approaches them. And obviously, the 1% most definitely are having a bad day.

That means they are simply not in a good state. It has NOTHING to do with you. I want to say that again, these 1% of women that are assholes are simply not worth your time and they are having a bad day and their mood has nothing to do with you.

Now that I addressed that, you really must start cold approaching because for the most part, women are approachable. So follow your fears my friend, as it will help you manage fear and anxiety and enhance your masculinity.

When You Don’t Conquer Your Fears, You’re Too Complacent (TRUTH HURTS)

If you have a challenge that comes up (which by the way this happens to everyone me included) I suggest you stop trying to ignore it. Because the more you ignore it, the more it becomes a bigger problem.

Let’s say you are in a relationship for example, if you ignore a problem that your woman brings up, I can guarantee you she’s going to test you on it. And this is what women are looking at, they want to know you are bigger than the problems.

Address your problems my friend, because ignoring them put’s you in a complacent state. Ignoring your fears can lead to anxiety problems that are harder to manage over time. You should always hold yourself to a higher level and lean just beyond your edges.

Conquering Your Fears Addresses Your Problems

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I don’t think I can really say this enough. My friend, if you have fears such as you are afraid of going to the gym for example for fear of what people think of you if you think you’re fat, my friend, you have to address that.

Because not addressing it isn’t healthy. I’ve met many people that live in fear and it blows my mind how much fear they have. But let me tell you something super motivating, do you know what happens when you embrace your fears?

Here’s what happens, the universe picks up on it and the chances of you encountering challenges with that fear goes down substantially. But when you don’t embrace it, your fears have a way of sneaking up on you in the form of anxiety. In some cases, untreated fears can develop into an anxiety disorder, which may require professional intervention.

So let’s get in to the ten reasons why you must follow your fears if you want to achieve your goals…

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Everything You’re Afraid of Turns You In To A Better Man

Follow Your Fears

Following your fears helps you find your deepest wound. It’s how you discover your deepest, darkest wound.

And so many people are afraid to explore that because they cannot bear the thought of being uncomfortable.

So essentially they stay in their comfort zone and never go in to uncomfortable situations.

I’ll give you an example, I recently posted a video of me foam rolling in Target on Instagram..

And I had someone comment and said that, “This country is going to shit”

Like I really care (because I don’t) however, this is to show you how many people are living in A STATE OF FEAR.

I can guarantee you that that guy is living in a fear-based state or he wouldn’t have said what he said.

So if you are afraid to do something, go do it because it makes you in to a better man. Understanding your emotional response to fear can help you manage it more effectively.

Conquer Your Fears Increases Testosterone

Fears Increases Testosterone
Are You CREEPY For Learning How To Pick-Up Women?

Check this out my friend, I’m sure you’ll find this interesting, did you know that when you follow your fears it increases testosterone? [R]

Read this and you’ll see how there is a link between high testosterone and lower anxiety.

I can vouch for this as I openly said in one of my articles about a month ago in which I used to this pick-up is creepy.

But then I realized that the more women I approached, the more I got in to my masculine mindset

And it’s honestly the most exhilarating feeling I got when I met and attracted more women, which helped lower my anxiety levels.

It’s the act of pushing myself in to that situation purposely. And taking action in spite of my uncomfortable nerves.

As I’m writing this, I remember how I used to be terrified of rejection. Yes, true story. I had anxiety about it.

Then here was this simple mindset shift I had that helped me get through that discomfort.

That is most people are friendly and they are in their heads just as much as you are, if not, they are in their heads more.

So following your fears to approach more women can increase testosterone, I know this through experience. So go out there man!

Conquering Your Fears Get’s You Out of Your Head

Not only does it get you out of your head, but it forces you to do the painful tasks you don’t want to do.

Like for example, I don’t always want to approach women when I’m not in the right state.

But I do it regardless. Because I know that following your fears gets you out of your head.

And it’s so powerful to getting you in to the present moment. Addressing negative thoughts is crucial for staying present and focused. As I always say, it’s extremely important to be present when conversing with women.

Most women know when you’re not present with them. How can they tell? It’s because it shows in your body language.

Word of thumb – you never want to have submissive body language around women. Take up space and be expansive.

Let’s circle to fitness for two seconds, when you follow your fears in fitness, you get HIGHLY in to your masculine energy.

Anytime I made huge progress with increasing my bench press for example, immediately, I got out of my head and just had someone spot me when I was ready to do it.

Growth Happens When You Are Overcoming Fear


I mean that, especially when you hit the gym HARD and you’re nervous to do a hard exercise and you do it anyways, it seriously improves your confidence, assertiveness, and of course, you get the benefits of improving your health.

I remember training a classmate at Anytime Fitness and she was really nervous to do burpees. I told Lisa, “just try it.” Then she did.

Then I said to her, “You should be REALLY proud of yourself because you just proved yourself wrong.”

You see, if you don’t have an injury or any limitations, the only thing holding you back from achieving your fitness goals is YOU.

So cut the crap, because I’ve literally seen classmates overcome fear and do hard exercises when they told me prior to that, “I can’t do it.”

Your mindset is not in a good place if you consistently doubt yourself. You are capable of doing hard exercises my friend.

Anxiety Disorders Keep You From Achieving Your Goals

This is the one fact of life that most people absolutely hate hearing. Why is that? Because they feel safe in their own little world.

Throughout this entire article, you’ll notice that I am going to start challenging you to do things that you don’t want to do.

If you are new to my blog, here’s what I want you to do, go approach ten women within the span of one hour.

Why am I challenging you to do that? Because you’d be surprised how many guys are afraid of approaching women.

They think they are bothering them with their own existence. This is often a perceived threat rather than a real one. That’s a fucked up belief. Stop being like that man.

Women love it when even a man can say, “Not going to lie, I’m nervous, but I wanted to come meet you and see if you’re interesting.”

Why do they love it? Because it comes across to them as charming, and they will go deeply in to their feminine.

It makes them feel good when you have good intentions and you can “eat the elephant.”

You’re Goals Are In The Cave That You Fear To Enter

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Fear keeps you from living the life you want. Fear keeps you from being the man that you want to be. Fear keeps you trapped and stuck.

One can say that if you are always in a state of fear, you don’t have a purpose or a path aiming for your goals.

A lack of clarity can also put you in a state of fear. Clarity in your goals is essential for maintaining good mental health. One of my favorite coaches Craig Ballantyne taught me this.

That is you must have clarity on your goals, and this is why writing down your goals is so damn important.

As I said in previous articles, writing down goals is how you gain mass in your upper body.

My friend, I want you to write down how much muscle you want to gain. Here’s what I want you to write down.

“What do you want your body to look like be ten months from now? “How can I get myself to my goals faster?”

This is what success-oriented people do. If you want to be successful in any area of life, whether that’s becoming a girl-magnet and getting absolutely shredded, I’m telling you now, you must set goals and take action towards it regardless of other people’s opinions.

Achievement Requires You To Conquer Your Fears

Achievement Requires You To Follow Your Fears

You have these five stages, Uninformed Optimism, Informed Pessimism, Valley of Despair, Informed Optimism, then Achievement.

My friend, this is EXACTLY what I went through with writing my book Become The Alpha Woman Want.

I remember like it was yesterday (even though it happened last year. I had my laptop act up and it stopped working.

And this literally happened when I WAS ABOUT TO PUT THIS ON AMAZON!

Just imagine the frustration I had. Not only that, but I had a ton of shit stacked against me. It took me longer than what I wanted it to.

Because when you set a deadline, you want to get that shit DONE.

And this is what most people do, they give up. You have to fight through the valley of despair.

Most people when they start something, they never fucking finish. Not only do they not finish, but they quit.

This is what separates the winners from the losers: the ability to keep overcoming fear. I got that book published about 3 months later than planned but it got done!

I’m going to challenge you to start a project, and don’t fucking quit till it’s finished.

When You Don’t Conquer Your Fears, You Refuse The Call to Life

I’m going to make a big statement and say to you my friend that when you do not follow your fears, you are essentially refusing to live your best life. Not only that, but you have genius inside you. And when you tap in to your higher purpose, you can achieve whatever the hell you want.

The more you live life like a leaf in the wind, you are behind. Not only are you behind, you could be doing GREAT THINGS. People want to see what you are capable of.

And when you don’t follow your fears, you stay in the same situation you are in. I wholeheartedly believe that you have a GENIUS inside you. But I can’t make that decision for you to follow your fears. Unaddressed fears can escalate into extreme fear, which can be paralyzing.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. This is why I know for certain that you are refusing the call to life when you stay inside, watch porn (which kills masculinity) and have a victim mindset.

Times Will Be Tough, Panic Attacks Don’t Mean You Give Up

Don’t you fucking give up man. Instead of talking shit to yourself, go to the gym and get in a good shoulder workout Because even if you have hard times, that means growth.

Most people quit in the fitness scene. Wanna know why? It’s because they set goals on New Year’s and then they never follow through leading up to October, they start eating sugar for Halloween and then they eat the biggest meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You see, this is a cycle that everyone can’t handle just a little discipline to say “No” to the five course meals. It would blow your mind on how I actually attained a body at 7% body fat.

Here’s how I did it my friend. I planned my HIIT workouts accordingly and for them to be done AFTER  I ate the thanksgiving meal and also when Christmas came, I simply said, “No” to the desserts.

The real question is can you do the same? Can you develop the discipline to say “No” to the sweets and say, “I have goals, this won’t help me, it will hinder my progress.”

People ask me all the time, how are you so lean? Managing your diet and exercise can also help reduce the risk of panic attacks. It really wasn’t that hard. But you see, most people cannot control themselves around sugar. So here’s my challenge to you…


Masculine Men Never Quit When Faced With Atrocities

Never Give Up

Take for example Jocko Willink and David Goggin’s, they are some of the hardest motherfuckers out there and takes a shit on some of the men I see nowadays that can’t even go one day when they try NoFap.

It’s like bro, harden the fuck up. You have no idea what about that drive you have within you. It’s time you tap in to it. Understanding your fear response can help you manage it more effectively.

Be the man that can you are born to be and write down your goals, put them on a vision board, then achieve them one at a time.

Because trying to do too many things at once isn’t productive. Focus, put on your thinking cap, and ask yourself if you’re a hardgainer, how much muscle do I want in my biceps, triceps, and shoulders?

Think about this man, and get clarity. Brain dump your goals as I said earlier.

This is what you want my friend. You are gonna want to achieve your goals.

Because the number one quality women want in a man is ambition.

They also want to know that you won’t fucking quit, that you’ll do whatever it takes to succeed.

The more passionate you are about your goals, the better and easier it will be for you to attract a quality woman.

Conquered My Fears To Publishing A Very Powerful Book

Closer Guide to Seduction


I have something to admit to you. That is this past six months I’ve been writing and finishing up my book on Seduction. And I confess..

That this is going to be one of the most valuable and powerful books on Seduction that will ever be released.

I stand by that statement. In fact, I’ve got drinks poured on me, women getting jealous, calling me a “player” but it was all worth it.

That is to bring you an eBook that teaches you how to attract and seduce women.

However, this is what makes me uncomfortable. And that is there are going to be some weird, creepy guys that will use it for the wrong reasons.

And for that reason, I’m going to focus on conquering fear to publish this powerful material.

So I want you all to stay tuned for this to be released.

Because if you’re smart, you’ll use it for good intentions. Have some integrity my friend.

The Bottom Line: How to Conquer Fears

Stop Wishing Start Doing

It’s clear that you must start following your fears to achieve success. No one will make your goals happen. So go start getting uncomfortable.

The minute you feel safe is the minute you stop challenging yourself to do things that make you feel afraid. So do yourself the favor of achieving your goals.

Go start approaching more women, they are harmless. And get in a good workout.

The more you get outside of your comfort zone is the minute you see progress.

In case you didn’t know, most people don’t follow their fears. So you finishing this article tells me that you want to improve yourself.

That means I strongly urge you to take more action.

If I were to light a fire under your chair, what would you do? You’d get out of that chair.

And you’d start taking more action. No more time are you going waste sitting on the sidelines.

This is crucial because you must have a burning desire to succeed in your goals.

I want to ask you one more time, what would you do if I lit a fire under your chair?

Comment down below and tell me the first goal you’d do in your social life and/or your fitness life.

Feel comfortable to comment below with any questions and concerns.

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