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How To Build SEXUAL TENSION With Women: Real Examples & Texts to ESCALATE


How To Build SEXUAL TENSION With Women: Real Examples & Texts to ESCALATE

Strap down and get ready for what I'm best known for on my podcast and that is giving you ways to seal the deal with women. 

I'm going to teach you all how to build sexual tension with women and provide you with screenshots throughout this article. 

All of these are real conversations. These are messages that show you I know what the fuck I'm talking about. 

First and foremost, understand that you must demonstrate a playful undertone throughout all of your interactions with women. 

How To Build Sexual Tension With Women 

Playful Vibe

No I will never do that. Any of you women reading, don't get ideas XD

The point of showing you this screenshot is to tell you that you must know the importance of being playful. 

True story my friend, I had a woman slap me in the face when I was in a hotel room with her getting freaky.

I told this story on my podcast episode called Learning Lessons in Dating, Attraction, and SEDUCTION With Matthew Gallant. 

Why do women do this? To them its fun, playful energy. Girls just want to have fun and that ties in to sexual tension.

But wait, you were slapped Adam, how is that fun you might ask? 

I say to you the reader, "Bro, women do a myriad of crazy shit to see what you are going to do and how you react." 

Let's just say I want you to listen to the podcast so you find out what I did after she did that.

How To Build Sexual Tension With Women


Something that I've learned is when you are escalating with women, you really gotta take control and not to mention, you can't hesitate. 

One bit of hesitation and they will see that as you aren't confident in your seduction skills. 

This ties in to the powerful masculine frame I talk about on my podcast frequently. 

But let's stick with texting my friends. Here's how you show assertiveness through texting. 

"I have something to admit to you..."

She will say, "What's that?"

You say, "I confess that I'm a recovering sex addict. So please do me a favor and don't tempt me." 

I gotta say that this does require you to be bold as fuck.

And not to mention, there's something to be said about social calibration, but for examples sake for demonstrating assertiveness, here's what she might say if she's in to you...

"Are you really? That sounds like an addiction that's hard to break."

You say, "You don't even want to know what I'm thinking of doing to you right now. But honestly, I gotta stop having sex. I don't want to."

This is when she will most definitely try to tempt you and when she does, this is what you say to her.

"That's it, you've really pushed it. I'm gonna have throw you up against the wall and make out with you now."

This sequence works in person very well, but if it's over text, you say this to her...

"When I see you next, you're in some deep trouble. Watch out."

That is how you show assertiveness and how to build sexual tension with women. 

How To Seal The Deal Over Text

It's all about trust my friend. I encourage you to buy my book Closer's Guide to Seduction, however, understand that you gotta show her that you are trustworthy. 

Build up the social flow and the social momentum over text, and then when she's really feeling good...

You seal the deal over text. It's not that hard. In fact, I'm sure some of you players out there that have come across my article, you know what I mean. 

Women want to know that you are confident in your ability to lead. That means over texting. 

In fact, here's a short video for you to check out. This really shows you how to REALLY amp up sexual tension!

But more importantly, understanding that high status flirting leads to sexual tension, that is if you use false disqualifiers. 

How you seal the deal is you first start flirting, then you lead that to sealing the deal over text to see her in-person.

How To Get Women To Want You Over Text

Now, here's where I will disagree with some dating coaches that say emojis are not for guys to use. 

Just don't overdo it my friend. I do promote masculinity and you'll hear some people say emoji's are feminine.

But here's where again, I disagree. In the context that you are flirting with her, and she is already longing for you...

Using a few emoji's communicates a lot. In case you didn't know, I'm the one in blue texting throughout these examples.

Again, this does require that you start flirting with women over text. This is why I cover flirting so much. 

Some lines to use that I recommend you use...

"Do you want something." <Say this when she messages you.>

"Are you trying to say something?" <Anytime she reaches out>

Some examples to use in-person because as we all know, women respond to sub-communications.

"You keep looking at me like you want something from me." <Very effective one!>

"Don't give me that look, it's making me uncomfortable." BOOM!

Remember this golden rule of texting my friend, you want her investing more in to you than you are.

So even though emoji's comes across as feminine and you might disagree with me...

Understand that in the right context where she is investing in you, it does not fucking matter.

How To Build Sexual Tension (NS Method)

This one is the most powerful throughout this entire article my friend. 

I call this the NS method. What does that stand for? No Sex!

I want to tell you the story behind this message, we both went awhile away from each other. 

I actually want to give FULL CREDIT TO DAVID D' ANGELO.

He would often say, "Give her the gift of missing you."

This is the best gift you can ever give a woman.

Don't aways be so available. 

I call this No Sex because we went awhile without seeing each other. 

That is the backstory if you will behind this real life example my friend. 

She might be thinking the following when she misses you...

"I fucking hate him for being busy."

"Okay, now I want to know what he's doing."

"Damn, I really miss him."

"Now I want to fuck him."

Don't be available my friend, be unavailable through texting.

This is one of the ways to get her obsessed with you.

David D' Angelo would be proud of you for using this one!

Word Association Game

Basically, you gotta have your seducer's mindset and your key pad on your phone for this game and yes, it works. 

This is how to build sexual tension over text with women. Here's the idea behind this game. 

Text a woman you've been with in the sheets already.

And say this to her, "I'm bored, creative minds think alike, what do you say we play the word association game? I text you one word and you text the very first word that comes to your mind."

This one is awesome brother. It's because it involves her imagination. Anything with her imagination is very fucking powerful. 

Try starting with "Lips" then let her respond. And you lead, you go first. 

Some words you can say are the following:

  • Relaxed
  • Panting
  • Choked
  • Nibble
  • Bite
  • Ravished
  • Spanked
  • Dripping
  • Handcuffs

Yep. I just went there. And you should too. This shit fucking works. I'm telling you through experience.

There's something to be said about sexual chemistry so using this one is fucking awesome when you know you've really given her amazing sex. 

She will play along with this game, and it's going to be much more fun than her being bored scrolling endlessly on social media. Have you checked out this short video yet? ;-))

Bottom Line: How To Build Sexual Tension With Women

Throughout this article, I've given you a myriad of ways to build sexual tension with women. 

I encourage you to get my book Closer's Guide to Seduction and you'll learn more important factors to spark sexual tension. 

Yes, there are ways to spark sexual tension. Your preconceived notions of what you think isn't possible is absolutely possible when you have the right mindset. 

In my book I cover the following:

  • A Deep Dive in to Female Psychology
  • Sex God Method To Give Her The BEST SEX EVER
  • Why Trust is An Important Factor to Seduction
  • How To Embody Masculine Power
  • Position Yourself As The Prize 
  • And much more!!

Feel comfortable to comment below and I'll do my best to respond to all of your questions. And be sure to listen to my podcasts!

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