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How To Become High Status (In a World of FALSE STATUS Signals)


Have you ever wondered how to become high status? Are you STRONGLY convinced its about being good-looking and having a shit load of money?

Let me add a big caveat, I fully own the fact that I fall under the "looks matters" mold, however, here's the major point to this entire article that I must say...

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Don't Have Insecurities About Your Looks

Here's the whole point, in one of my seduction articles, I stated that when you work out, you are in essence higher status, or for lack of a better word, this is a high value trigger.

Meaning there is a big mating switch in a woman's mind that signals 'higher value' when you workout. And here's the all important point that a lot of guys that make working out harder than what it means to be...

Yes, I know the argument "game overrides good looks." Leave that in the comments below all you want, however, self-improvement is what all women consider higher value above all.

So if you are lazy and cannot swallow the hard lesson that working out is the gateway to discipline, here's my suggestion to you. Start improving your style and personal hygiene. Also get good at higher status flirting.

Without that, you are not desirable. I don't care if you have a six pack, basic hygiene such as brushing your teeth and flossing can lead to gum disease.

If you can get the basics down, brushing and flossing, cleaning your ears, even use tactical soap in the shower, you will have more attention from women. 

At that point of getting basics down, it's time you stop having insecurities about your looks. If you know you can maintain hygiene and a good style, there's no reason why you are insecure. That becomes a mindset problem if it still persists.

Be Kind to Yourself on Your Looks

Here's the all important point that I've mastered in my life is I am simply kind to myself, but are you kind to yourself?

Can you start saying positive affirmations and do NLP Modeling? 

I'm telling you brother, simple affirmations are really fucking powerful. Becoming higher status is a lot in your mindset.

I address this specifically in my first book I've written on why higher status is in your mindset. 

If you can talk kind to yourself about your looks, you will even find that this will help you in your fitness journey.

But let's stick to the dating topic, you gotta understand my friend that half of why you are insecure is your self-talk.

Instead of self-sabotage, be kind to yourself, develop better habits to be a better, more higher status man.

High Status vs Social Status

Higher status as I said is everything not faked. In fact, it's not the words you say to women, it's the energy behind it that makes it higher status. You can be fat and out of shape, but also make women laugh.

And we see this frequently, men with beer bellies that can pull women. This is because they have accepted themselves. They don't give a single fuck about what women will say about their beer bellies. 

Even though deep down, he still knows that his fitness can improve, this is the guy that I will commend for having game. Good shit brother, keep pulling women if you must.

Just understand that their comes a point where you gotta take in to account getting rid of your vices. Anyways, here's what social status is my friend. 

Think of preselection, you are popular among your friend group. You are the leader of men and women. This is where I fall under. Because I follow my own lead, I have many friends, also mentors that connected me to other podcast hosts for example.

I encourage you to take in to consideration the importance of social status. Choose to fight for a cause and get people to follow your lead.

Here's my cause, I'm here to help timid men become more masculine in their mindset, and more importantly become polarizing in their masculinity. 

Money is a False Status Signal

You've heard this before in the wing girl method article, but it's deemed to be repeated. Higher status is not bought through cars, shiny objects and your next dopamine hit if you have a shopping addiction.

No my friend, here's a sad reality about rich guys, and this is why trying to make more money will be a hinderance for you if you believe that is a higher status.

Women use rich guys all the time. This has deemed to be true time and time again. I know guys who have bought women flights to go blow more money overseas.

This is extremely fucked up I know. But this is why if your convinced that making more money is the answer, it will hinder you from getting laid.

Brother, I've got a married woman attracted to me in this field report, her husband is pretty damn successful. So you gotta stop believing this shitty limiting belief.

You cannot buy your way in to a woman's panties. Doctor David Buss constantly says this in his work, "Status and possession of resources are separate qualities."

I will sear that in to your brain and repeat myself over and over if I have to because society shoves this bullshit down your throat.

Biggest Misconception on High Status

Here's the biggest point behind this entire article, you've been manipulated by friends, teachers, authorities to believe that higher status is all that fake shit.

I'll give you an example, having a Gucci shirt and wearing $1200 dollar shoes on top of having the most expensive car in the world simply put is you buy that. 

After you buy it, you are the same person on the other side of that experience. That means, when you buy something that appears to be higher status, you simply bought that because you want the feeling of what it would be like to show everyone.

That tells me my friend that you are try-hard. Yes, I make no illusions to my readers, you are try-hard. As I said in my hater article, this is a low status attempt at being higher status.

Look bro, it's cool if you can afford that, great, I'm happy for you if you can. But that doesn't really impress me. It just tells me you are still in your ego, and you haven't fully evolved passed the stage of forced confidence.

All of these are material items that go down in value after you buy it, year after year. Essentially, here's the point brother, status is not bought through items. 

 It Takes Time to Become High Status

Strongly encourage you to listen to this podcast on human mating practices and strategies, dominance hierarchies, female preferences, and they even touch upon one of the most interesting topics in my opinion, the dark triad.

You'll learn a lot on what women find attractive, what they are evolutionarily attracted to. And by the way, those of you guys that need to have scientific evidence for everything to be convinced, David Buss's work is based on science.

Here's the one thing I can tell you about becoming higher status I've learned in my life. Becoming higher status is having Alpha body language, have an authoritative voice, strong eye contact and good state control. 

However, this is an every day learning process brother. You shouldn't try to act hot shot because you have the most expensive shit in the world. That's short-term instant gratification.

Women see right through this. They can tell when you try too hard to be higher status. In fact, they will test you. And if you behave in a low status way, they will immediately look at you like you just went from being a hot guy to an ugly guy.

Essentially, I will come out and say to you, even good looking guys can and will mistake higher status for being too egotistical. So really, the right way to become higher status is to make self-improvement top priority.

Practice daily meditation, go to the gym, make more money (FOR YOURSELF), and more importantly, be relaxed, slow and controlled, less anxious. When you are fidgety, it becomes out of control. It's no longer high status.

Becoming High Status Requires Leadership

This may be the single most important aspect of becoming higher status. As I said, it's not about short term pleasures and being lazy thinking that when you get one success towards your goals that you are done.

FUCK THAT. Brother as a man, I really gotta ask you, are you willing to push passed your limits? Are you willing to follow your fears and take big risks to follow your own lead?

Brother, I'm here for you, but this may be the single most important aspect of becoming higher status. You've gotta be resilient through adversity. 

You cannot become higher status by being lazy, you'll never convince me other wise. You gotta learn to have values, boundaries, and more importantly you cannot be indecisive!

This is why I have very dark article on persuasion techniques to fire you off of your own lazy fucking ass to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Here's the reality brother, the answer on becoming higher status is simple but it's not what you want to hear. You gotta be willing to do whatever the fuck it takes to persist through the days that you want to tap out and be a pussy.

Becoming higher status requires sacrifice, it requires you to be a motherfucking man and not throw in the towel. If you are ever indecisive as a business owner, they will doubt your leadership.

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The Bottom Line: How To Become High Status

This is what it takes to become higher status my friend. It's no easy answer, but it's worth it in the long run.

I strongly encourage you to listen to each podcast in this article. Even though I focused on dating, this definitely applies to who you are outside of your social life.

When you are the leader of men, it's an attraction shortcut for women to get turned on. And this is the key to becoming higher status. 

Even though in my books I cover the all importance of inner game and high status carefreeness, I want to go above an beyond, give you the most value that I can.

That is to tell you the most efficient way to become higher status in several areas of your life. Don't neglect this my friend, this article may just even change your life if you take courageous action on your goals and see your vision through.

Feel comfortable to reach out to me at AdamSkoda@MasculineMindsetCoach.com for coaching inquires. 

I am currently accepting a select few clients to work with. I will show you how to develop higher status purpose in your dating life.

Comment below and share your thoughts, I'll do my best to respond.

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