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How to Become a Closer (Introduction to Persuasion)


How to Become a Closer (Introduction to Persuasion)

How to Become a Closer in the Sales Process

Introduction to Persuasion

Do you want to know how to become a closer? Have you ever wondered how to close deals over the phone? Or have you even wanted to close girls effortlessly on more dates?

Listen closely my friends. This article not only about dating, but this applies to all different scenarios you find yourself in.

You see the other day, this girl who I knew that had a thing for me, came in with her boyfriend. Introduced me to him.

Get this brothers, she said, “Adam please put my new phone number in your phone.” Female hypergamy, yet again.

And that was after he left for the bathroom. Brother’s, if you want to learn how to become a closer…

This requires you to bust through limiting beliefs that you shouldn’t sell. Because if you are a business man, and yet you have bad beliefs about persuasion, this will inhibit progress. Understanding effective sales techniques is crucial for closing deals successfully.

Brothers I want to show you proof that what you’re reading works. Proof that I’ve made money for one of the top white house entrepreneurs, Jason Capital.

Why You Must Listen to Me

Have any of you read my second dating eBook? If not, then I will briefly say this to all of you…

My book Closer’s Guide to Seduction project started shortly after they had to get rid of a project JC was working on.

No worries brothers. I recalled High Status Indifference. Yup, I just made that up. Let’s go with it. I remembered what I learned going through his 25-Day High Status Course.

And here’s the biggest a-ha moment going through it. Carefreeness and state control. Fuck yes, control that state like a pimp.

Let’s get back to how to become a closer, that’s right. Look at the screenshot. Look at the sales I’ve made for the LEGEND with some help of course.

I want to shout out a few people, Zack, Andy, Wally and Danny.

Here’s why you must listen to me, with the help of my team, I started as a setter. Then I got promoted to a closer because they saw my hard work.

Maintaining accurate records of client interactions and sales activities was crucial in this process.

Want to learn from someone who’s actually closed deals and isn’t blowing smoke up your ass? Read everything I’m telling you today.

You Must Understand Speed is King in Remote Closing

Never ever, ever TAKE from the person who you are conversing with.


And remember that if you ever close deals on Instagram for example, you need to look at the person you are conversing with as someone you want to help.

Don’t be annoyingly persistent. That means of persuasion does not fucking work and it never will.

However, when it comes to outreach, speed is king. Rejection is feedback. Move on. Respond with, “All good, take care.”

Phone calls are an effective tool for virtual communication, allowing you to convey messages quickly and clearly.

Recently I started working with another entrepreneur, I’ll keep those details to myself. Just understand that you must be unaffected by rejection.

Let the marketplace reject you. and stop fearing rejection.

Fear is false evidence appearing real. Learn how to conquer fears brothers.

And speed is king when you outreach to people you want to work with.

Never Compete With Prospects

Have a collaborative frame, not a combative frame. It’s time you all listen up, rejections happen all throughout the sale.

An interaction, for example, with a woman can go really good but then she throws you a shit test. How you respond matters.

However, when it’s with prospects, they aren’t going to test you, they will get annoyed with you if you don’t have a collaborative frame.

Understanding the different parties involved in the deal-closing process, such as remote closers, clients, and prospects, is crucial.

You are a team with the prospect. Look at the prospect as you ‘Get it.’

You understand them. You know how to solve their problem.

Want to know how to become a closer? Before I cover persuasion, understand that frame control matters.

But doesn’t mean you mistake frame control for being a stubborn, domineering, overbearing dick.

Instead, show the prospects you understand what they are going through. All human beings want to FEEL understood.

Closer Key Tip - Kindness Wins

All of my podcast listeners know I am an intense guy. However, throw all of that shit aside because I’m about to give advice that you would not expect…

Always be kind to everyone. Yes, even in social settings. That whole dark, intense vibes on my show, I want you to forget about that for this article.

A sales professional excels by being kind and understanding, listening carefully to clients' needs, and providing tailored solutions.

All of you would be shocked to know that I am completely chill in the real world. I tend to roll off the cuff and start listening to my conscious, I don’t always know what comes out of my mouth till I’m done…

Fuck what’s the point, right? KINDNESS BROTHERS!!

Be a bad-motherfucker at the times where it’s appropriate. But don’t be intense when it comes to learning persuasion

Liking Tendency 

If you’ve been through my dating articles, you know this as a powerful cognitive bias. But do not at all backstab people, and show a friendly face as a means to TAKE from whoever you are about to close.

Guiding potential customers through the sales process is crucial. Understanding client needs and adapting your approach can significantly improve your high-ticket sales.

This is the first biggest point on how to become a closer…

Be likable. But don’t be that friendly thief in Robert Cialdini’s book Influence.

Brother’s, I am going to write an article soon on Top 5 Books Every Man Must Read very soon. Influence will be one of them.

Here’s the biggest takeaway on sealing the deal…

Never force a close. It must happen naturally.

Liking tendency is a very powerful cognitive bias and it deserves an honorable mention to introduce persuasion.

Should You Persuade People?

I’m sure by clicking on this article, you saw I’ve started a new category on my website, geared towards persuasion. So here’s how I want to introduce this…

Persuasion happens every fucking day. Persuasion is like drinking water.

Listen to me brothers, if you have limiting beliefs in seduction. then it’s likely that you will struggle with persuasion.

Why? Well, most people have negative connotations with it.

Here’s the short answer, yes, you must learn persuasion. But your confidence is the most persuasive aspect on how to be a closer.

And persuasion is EXTREMELY important. Stop acting weird about persuasion. Here’s the big point…

Persuasion is neither good, nor bad, it can be used for both.

Effective sales strategies are crucial in planning and executing persuasive techniques. Prioritizing the client's genuine needs and adapting your approach can make a significant difference.

Persuasion is in marketing. Persuasion is in business. Persuasion is basically the same exact thing as seduction but it’s the mindset that matters most.

Here’s the biggest point you should all pick up on in this article…

I’ve been hinting at it this entire time. A taker mindset all human beings can sense it. If you have a taker mentality (which women are not attract to)

You will give off thirsty vibes. Here’s how to be persuasive brothers…

Lead with a giving hand. Have zero ulterior motives.

Strong Frame = Powerful Close

The topic of frame control is such a nebulous concept that I touch upon in my first dating ebook that I have no desire to go in to explicit detail.

Remote closing offers numerous job opportunities and requires specific skills such as effective communication, negotiation, and the ability to build rapport virtually.

Here’s what a strong frame is brothers…

You aren’t forceful. You never force a close. You are not a frame nazi.

This article I found on frame control sums up what it really is and how to use it to influence yourself and others.

Your frame of mind persuades others. However, your frame can have the wrong affect again, if you believe this is wrong.

Again, half of learning how to be a closer is just believing in yourself.

When you believe in yourself, you have a strong masculine frame.

Do you want to be more persuasive? Have a strong frame brothers.

Reader Question - Do You Consider Yourself a Closer?

If not, then I encourage you to practice asking for favors. Ask for a discount. Ask girls out on a date randomly (in a funny way.)

“Have you ever been asked out by a stranger? Because in my opinion, strangers are friends I haven’t met yet.”

Notice what’s being communicated here…

It’s kind. It’s not all about that dark shit I podcast about. It’s also ballsy.

Get uncomfortable socially. Put a little bit of pressure on yourself.

Now, get comfortable closing people on phone numbers as a means of making friends.

A remote closer is responsible for negotiating deals and closing sales remotely. Essential skills include communication, negotiation, problem-solving, and self-motivation.

Technically speaking, that comment above is you FRIEND ZONING the girl.

Learning Persuasion is Essential

There are so many pillars to persuasion that I can give you in this article, but if there is one goal I aim to achieve that is one thing…

Overcome your bad beliefs about persuasion. Because in order to influence people, you must understand that learning persuasion and influence is just scratching the surface on becoming an effective closer.

In today's evolving digital landscape, remote closers must adapt to new trends and challenges in online businesses, remote work, and online education.

Have a students mindset. Understand that an ego with closing is not a good plan. A good plan is you throwing away negative beliefs, rewrite your beliefs, and start believing this…

“If I want to network with people in my field, if I want to date more women, if I want to become more seductive, more importantly, if I want to seal the deal in general, I am going to trust myself to learn this essential skill.”

So here’s the big point to this article…

Get out of your own way if you believe selling, closing, and persuasion is wrong. Because that will always hold you back.

The Takeaway: How to Become a Closer in Closing Deals

If I could help just one of you that stumbled across this article overcome shitty beliefs on believing selling is wrong…. Spectacular.

Start believing in yourself to become a closer. Believe in yourself that you can become one.

Remote closer jobs offer significant advantages in terms of work-life balance and are poised to be a crucial part of the future of sales, embracing technology and new sales techniques.

Without that self-belief, it’s going to hinder you from closing deals. Without that self-belief, you won’t have powerful closes.

If there is one thing I’ve learned setting and closing with Jason Capital, formerly known as America’s Honest Dating Coach…

You must position yourself as a closer before you even seal the deal.

To be real with you all, closing is about being forward, blunt, and letting your prospects know that you want to work with them.

Be authentic, likable, show no ulterior motives, and show them how you want to help them. Get them to picture it in their minds.

And on a high note, ask for the close. Feel comfortable to comment below and share this article!

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