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How to Be a Player That Drives Women WILD!


In this article, I'm going to give you tactical ways on how to be a player. However, if you are insecure, this will be much harder to do. 

So I want to address something before we get started, because I cover how to never be fake-hard in my hardcover book...

Never Be Fake Hard, Be Authentic

Fake hard is you being fake. Let's be honest, most men out there put out a tough exterior, but then when women test you...

It shows everything about your character. You are clearly not masculine. Fake hard means you are not masculine. 

So here's how to be a player starting out...

Become authentic in your masculinity. Never be fake-hard. If you want to know what I mean by that, I encourage you to get 77 Ways to Develop a Masculine Mindset.

Let's move forward. Some people asked me what Wing Girl Method YouTube video I was commenting about in my podcast episode, How I Found Out About The Dark Triad.

Thank you Marni, for this blog idea. You are a fucking legend.

Have The Seducer's Mindset

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Damn Marni, when I heard you say, "Slow down up to the kiss."

That reminded me of how important it is to appeal to women's fantasies. 

I'll get to that later in this article. Brace yourself because this is a steamy one.

I want to tell you all a story...

One time I went to a place called Westlake Nutrition in Westlake, Ohio.

All I did prior to walking in is I just closed my eyes, and then I meditated.

Daily meditation is very fucking powerful to bring you present to the moment.

After the meditation, I walked in to the juice bar, and the girls immediately started laughing when they saw me.

I said, "What did I just walk in to?"

She said, "Nothing." And I know there was something going on. Lol.

I smiled at her, and then I said, "I'd love to get a chocolate whey protein shake with two scoops. Can you do that for me?" Then I looked at her in a sexy way.

She laughed again. I said, "That's a cute laugh."

And then I left the Juice Bar. 

Notice how I didn't jump to my steamy escalate and release techniques. 

You might be wondering why...

Never over-sexualize a conversation when you go out in the field to practice talking to girls.

You must be natural. You must be genuine. But a very simple way to get in touch with your seducer's mindset is simple daily meditation.

Some of you might find this hard to believe, but I'm telling you the fucking facts. 

When you meditate, you don't only get in touch with your flowy energy, but you also get in touch with your dark side.

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Reformed Rake Gambit

Just converse with any woman at all and let them know that you are the reformed rake. You have a bad reputation. You shouldn't have a girlfriend. 

That's not a good idea. No girlfriends. Bad idea. They might have the cooties. Ha. Definitely might have the cooties.

"Can you help me? I think I might be going through a problem..."

Any women would jump at the opportunity. This shit is fucking brilliant. 

"I have this part of me that is completely addicted to sex. This part of me is called the Reformed Rake. I cannot date anyone. You seem like trouble anyways."

She will love this. I'm telling you brother, this is POWERFUL. 

She might ask you what that is...

"The Reformed Rake? Here's what it is. It's a seducer type. This seducer type has a bad reputation. And like I said, I cannot date anyone. Maybe I can make an exception for just one kiss. But be careful, I'm a very passionate kisser."

Sub-Personalities You Must Focus On

I cannot believe I'm about to reveal this to you but you know what? 

I am the masculine mindset coach. I know that from the women I've been with, they all have a dismissive part of their personality. 

As my friend Karrie put it, "We have an inner mean girl."

They have an adventurous part of their personality. They have a wild part of their personality. They even have a sexually aggressive personality!

What the fuck Adam... REALLY? 

Yes brother. This is how to be player. Have sexual self-esteem.

Half of you know my seducer's mindset because you hear it constantly on my show. Every single women has a sexual side. 

If you want to know how to be a player that drives women wild, then here's what I suggest you do...

Start describing to women how you see them in your eyes. And always focus on the ones aren't so nit-picky. Those women are very masculine. Fuck that.

The whole point of this section in this article is you must remember this brother.

When you are in the seduction process, focus on these sub personalities:

  • Dismissive side
  • Naughty side
  • Sexually aggressive side
  • Wild side
  • Adventurous side

I strongly encourage you to go through how to turn women on to understand this. Essentially you can bring out women's naughty side.

They have a naughty side. They have an adventurous side. They have a bitchy side. They can even be a tad bitchy in the sheets. 

Any of you women reading, please do not misinterpret my message. I've seen women's dark side manifest in the bedroom. 

It's fucking hot. I encourage you to push women's buttons in the bedroom. But obviously, always read her comfort. ALWAYS.

Emotional Stimulation 

In my book Become The Alpha Women Want, I cover the importance of telling stories.

Here's what's covered that you must include in storytelling:

  • DHV without over-compensating, imply it instead
  • Include girls in your stories for Preselection
  • Communicate in the story you are safe

BROTHERS, do not overlook the safety element as you can hear Hannah Spanke say on my podcast say that women are ALWAYS looking out for their safety.

Since you want to know how to be a player, this will scream red flags in their mind. You cannot overlook safety. 

Even though I have podcasts naughty as fuck, that doesn't mean I always act like that when I am actually talking to girls in public. 

I think five steps ahead. I know that you must be harmless. You must show safety, don't say "Oh, I'm a safe guy."

Don't just TRY to communicate safety. Women need more proof than that, especially if you want to know how to be a player.

However, always remember, emotional stimulation is very powerful to build massive attraction, especially when telling stories.

If you go all the way back to the end of time, storytelling works to get women entranced. People tell stories around campfires for a reason.

This is emotional stimulation well done. To be clear, this isn't manipulation. This is you learning how to be a player the right way.

I would start here before using the other sequences in this article. Be a good storyteller. If you can, tell sex stories and be completely comfortable in yourself.

How to Imply Safety with Women

Have you seen one of my favorite articles on Masculine Development? 

As I said, imply safety. Here's how to do that...

Solidify a deep, powerful connection with women. She wants to feel appreciated. She wants to feel special.

"I don't know what it is about you, I don't meet girls in places like this, you know (because I really don't drink alcohol), I never meet girls like you I can actually feel like I connect with and can spend time with."

Do you see how BRILLIANT this is? So much VALUE being communicated here. A man that can balance safety and DHV is the quality of a player.

Appeal to Women's Fantasies

This is where I want to shout out Marni yet again. She will always give amazing dating advice.

Slow. Down. You're. Voice. 

Speak slowly. Take your time leading up to this kiss.

Listen brother, even though I admitted on my show that I started having fun and then run...

That doesn't mean I don't keep some girls around. They tend to catch feelings.

A player has one-night stands. I know a lot of you women reading this, you're getting mad. 

But this blog is for men. Here's the point...

Don't fucking use women. I don't agree with that. I tend to be overboard on my show, to be honest.

Just be good sex. Always be on her mind when what she thinks about you...

She just thinks, "He's a fun boy toy."

And appeal to women's fantasies. It would be wise of you to read 50 Shades of Gray. 

Onward we roll...

Tell Her How She Wants to Be Fucked

Yep, I'm getting more explicit as I tend to do on my podcast. 

You must be willing to embrace your sexuality. Player's embrace sexuality.

To be clear, I don't mean be forceful, I mean you simply show that you know female sexuality.

Use physical push pull with girls. Damn, I'm revealing some of my best secrets.

Pull her in physically and say, "You're so cute the way you smile."

Push her GENTLY and say, "Stop giving me that sexy glance."

Now tell her how she wants to be fucked. Oh shit, I'm kinda crazy. 

But you know what? I own my fun craziness.

"You seem like a very strong women, and obviously you're independent, you don't really need a man to take care of you...

But when it comes down to sex, you want the man to naturally take control during sex, and take the lead so that you can let go and be totally immersed and filled up as a whole, and be embraced by the entire experience."

And slow down your voice. Thank you for that one Marni. BOOM!

This cold read is from 5 Insanely Powerful Cold Reads. And it's very effective with women that feel like they don't need a man.

And you are still telling her how she wants to be fucked. All women want to be seduced. They just want it from a man that gets it.

The Bottom Line

"Act as if and you will become." Ralph Waldo Emerson

As you can tell, player's are naturals. If you don't think you are a natural, here's what I want you to do...

Just start acting like it, look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I am a boy toy."

Player's and boy toys are the same thing. Literally, there is no difference. 

I want to tell you all one more story to drive this point home...

One of my friends from college started liking my cocky funny lines on social media.

And the next thing I know, I see her post on Facebook...

"Game recognizes game, playboy."

Ha. That cracks me up. You should use cocky funny humor. That's also another good way on how to be a player. 

Peace out brothers. Go subscribe to the wing girl method Youtube Channel.

Comment below if you plan on using any of these sequences and let me know how it works for you. 

Remember, you must be natural in your game. Model these routines.

And start out small. Just practice being in a seductive state. Work your way up to telling women how they want to be fucked. 

That one requires full self-belief in who you are and owning your sexuality.

See you soon stud.

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